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AMD has wobbly Q4, but damn fine year

AMD had a record year in 2000, clawing - by its own estimates - three percentage points in unit share for the PC processor market.
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Apple posts $247m loss, $1bn sales as planned

Apple lost $247 million in the three months to 30 December 2000, in line with the company's earlier predictions.
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IBM enjoys 28% Q4 profit jump

IBM enjoyed a healthy fourth quarter, and in contrast to its rivals HP and Compaq, reckons it is going into 2001 with "momentum" and "confidence".

UK mobile networks connect 95% of the time

The four mobile networks manage to connect 95 per cent of calls, according to a survey by the operators and Oftel.
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NTL ups cost of Net access by 50 per cent

NTL has increased the cost of its unmetered Net access service by 50 per cent blaming increased costs for the price hike.
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Letsbuyit.com very very nearly titsup.com

Flawed online bulk buyer Letsbuyit.com needs £50 million by tomorrow or it will join the most illustrious of the titsup.com companies.
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Sun low-end aim to displace Wintel from data centre

Sun Microsystems has announced two lower-end server lines which are positioned against low-end Wintel and Lintel (Linux-Intel) systems in the internet data centre.

Viatel slashes workforce by 30 per cent

Viatel is to axe around 650 jobs - a third of its workforce - as it pulls out of unprofitable consumer telco services in Europe.
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Computacenter shares jump

Computacenter shares advanced 57.5p to 447.5p, up 14.7 per cent, yesterday. The rise, which made it the FTSE350's fifth best performer on the day, comes a couple of days after an HSBC broker note upgraded the stock from 'add' to 'buy'.
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We know how the Govt meets its cybertargets

Yesterday it was widely reported by the UK media that the government had not only met its targets for e-government but had actually surpassed them. Forty per cent of government services were now online, we were told and one in five adults (with Internet access) use the Net to access government services.
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Old economy firms feel dotcom sting

The excitement for getting into e-business has left a couple of old economy businesses with a bloody nose.
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AltaVista to become only Net search engine

AltaVista may have a crap search engine (did we say that?) but in these days of corporate-owned Internet that doesn't matter. It's patents and lawsuits that decide what we can get on the global "free-market". And if it's patents you want, AltaVista has got a few. Thirty-eight in fact, and more on the way.
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Online lap dancing guide – by Peter Stringfellows' girlfriend

We were forwarded the homepage URL of strip club owner Peter Stringfellow's girlfriend, Lucy Carr, with the catch line "check this out - v.sad". And sure enough, it is a terrifying insight into the world of a fit but not so bright lap dancer who is currently going out with a hirsute, aging stripclub owner. And, of course, we love it.
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Further blackouts likely as Californian power crisis deepens

California faces a further round of rolling blackouts today as the state struggles to meet demand for electrical power.
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Intel preps slimline chip for slimline notebooks

Intel is designing from the ground-up a new mobile CPU aimed directly at the ultra-thin notebook market.

Oftel broadband summit ends

The summit called by Oftel to try and establish why telcos apparently have not embraced local loop unbundling has ended.
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Brits jump online

More than 11 million people use the Internet at home in Britain - an increase of three million compared to a year ago - according to Internet monitoring company NetValue.
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BT's gibberish payment guide could cost you £193

BT has got a telling off from the Plain English Campaign for using 'absolutely incomprehensible' language in its bumf offering 36 ways to pay one bill.
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McCarthy email solution ‘brilliant’

The solution to RIP, email sackings and Big Brother
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The true story of Xmas

'Xmas' is offensive, Christian claims
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Australia v USA – The gloves are off

Reg style wins plaudits
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Lukewarm tea – the litigious truth

California cuppa crisis
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UK vultures endangered species

First it was red squirrels, now apparently native UK vultures are under threat. Graham Cobb explains:
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Nebraska school invites email deluge

Some school kids in Nebraska got an unexpected lesson about the speed of communications in the 21st Century, after their teacher started an email chain letter that has elicited over 115,000 responses so far. We reckon it's just the start and they're going to get snowed.
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The Reg is ill

Currently Linda, Tim, Lucy, John and Mike are ill, mostly from flu. Some are bravely tapping out muculent stories in between naps, some aren't. The Register has not been faced with an epidemic before and so there was no plan for dealing with it.
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easyEverything opens un caff dans Paris

easyEverything is to open its first cybercafé in Paris tomorrow making it France's largest Internet café.
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Boffins triple mobile network capacity

US scientists have developed a way of potentially tripling the amount of data that can be carried by mobile phone networks.
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1.4GHz squeezed out of a 1.2GHz Athlon

HWRoundup A nice little tidbit for you from OCWorkbench today. On the frontpage they have an overclocking record: Maku has squeezed nearly 1.4GHz out of a 1.2GHz Athlon using ASUS A7M266. Not too shabby, we think you'll agree.
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The latest work email, Net problems

It's a big modern topic (look out for the sociolologists): email, the Internet and how they fit into the modern working environment. Plenty of complex issues abound, particular because of email's unique properties - bolstered by the RIP legislation.
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Early birds catch Davinia worm

Even though the 'Davinia' worm has done far less damage than was first feared, anti-virus experts warn it exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Office that most users have left open.