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MS using the old Blue Screen to sell Win2k

A two-page Microsoft ad in the 6 February issue of PC Magazine proudly features the classic Win9x & NT blue screen of death bordered by a dotted line and scissors icon, next to a boxed suggestion that one should cut the familiar screen out and save it for old times' sake after upgrading to Win2k Pro.
Thomas C Greene, 17 Jan 2001

Martha ‘Most Overrated Businessperson’ in UK

Martha Lane Fox is Britain's "Most Overrated Businessperson", according to a nation-wide survey of 1000 office workers by Web site business365.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2001

RedHotAnt refuses to talk to Trading Standards

Directors at RedHotAnt refused to open the door to Trading Standards officials yesterday after the inspectors visited the company in response to complaints about the failed ISP.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2001

Next-gen iMacs to hit 700MHz

Mac Rumour RoundupNo sooner did news of Apple's declaration that the current iMac line has reached the end of its sales life than hints of what the next machines will contain.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2001

MS and Amazon advertise on Islamic Resistance site

Microsoft and Amazon have been caught advertising on a Hizbollah-backed Web Lebanese Web site. Both companies protest that, er, they didn't know, and have had the advertising pulled.
John Lettice, 17 Jan 2001

Porn probe at Ford plant

Three workers have been suspended at Ford's largest UK factory on suspicion of downloading porn from the Internet.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2001

First Tuesday going for a song

First Tuesday, the networking organisation which gets dotcoms together with VC cash, is up for sale and could be got for a knock down bargain price of £2 million. It was bought for around $50 million (£36 million) six months ago.
Robert Blincoe, 17 Jan 2001

Handspring sales up 630 per cent

PDA maker Handspring vaulted over Wall Street expectations when it posted its latest quarterly fiscals last night.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2001

StepStone sets precedent with hyperlink ban

Online job site StepStone has obtained an injunction against German rival OFiR which prevents it from linking to StepStone pages. The injunction was granted thanks to new European database laws that essentially assume data to be copyrightable.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

Infidels deface Iranian presidential site

A team of script kiddies have invited a possible fatwah by defacing the Web site of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2001

RIP not a problem thanks to police stupidity

Well, the RIP Act may be Draconian but we shouldn't worry at the moment because the police haven't got a clue what they're doing. That at least is what representatives of the ISP Association said at a forum in the House of Lords yesterday.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

Ginger in action!

We've been sent an undercover movie of Ginger in action by Reg reader Dermot O'Connor. Labelled TOP SECRET, Dermot has uncovered the truth behind the standable carpet sweeper. Click on "I want to believe!" and you too can see the incredible technological revolution, patented by Dean Kamen and blinkedly hyped by the press.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

PC industry needs to ‘consolidate or die’

The PC industry will remain an unattractive investment segment, unless there's some serious consolidation, according to Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff.
Drew Cullen, 17 Jan 2001

Police to investigate RedHotAnt?

Trading Standards officials at Kent County Council are due to meet with police later today to discuss whether to take any action against RedHotAnt.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2001

Users weep at RedHotAnt's demise

RedHotAnt has got it customers to write the ISP's obituary, according to farewell messages published on its Web site.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2001

Police swoop on more Net child pornographers

Police have arrested 13 people in relation to child porn and seized 27 computers in the largest raid seen so far in the UK. The suspected paedophiles were nabbed by the Met following a huge operation involving 13 forces.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

MS Whistler copy protection climb down begins – in Germany?

With Whistler Microsoft plans to introduce a new form of copy protection involving compulsory registration and resulting in 'single use' software. But there are signs of revolt among the troops - at least in Microsoft Germany.
John Lettice, 17 Jan 2001
Cat 5 cable

Mobile phone suspected in plane crash inquiry

Investigators are exploring the possibility that mobile phone use may have been behind the crash of a light airplane, which killed ten people.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2001

Mesh hit by dim computer thieves

Computer thieves hit Mesh Computers last night and swiped its office admin PCs.
Robert Blincoe, 17 Jan 2001

Epox mobo rox

HWRoundupEPoX, clearly dejected after recent reviews from HardOCP, put together a board even Kyle could love. Quoth Mr. Bennett: "EPoX has done a bang-up job on the 8KTA3. This is the third KT133A board we have had the pleasure of testing, and I have to say it is certainly a board you will want to look at when and if you go to buy yourself an upgrade any time soon." So, have a look at the rest of the review to find out what EPoX pulled out of the hat to win such high praise.
Lucy Sherriff, 17 Jan 2001

More corporate domain name bullying

The clean sweep of fat, rich companies in domain name ownership (thanks mostly to WIPO) has given them unjustifiable confidence in their own omnipotence. How else could you explain the fact that American cable company QVC believes it has the right to the URL www.n7qvc.com.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

France to tax recordable media

The French government is to slap a levy on recordable digital media to help compensate artists for the potential use of tapes, CD-Rs, Flash cards, recordable DVDs and the like to duplicate their works without permission.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2001

Maggs departure revives Palm-Symbian prospects

Could the Palm/Symbian dream ticket be on? Giga analyst and VP Rob Enderle stoked rumours today that Palm is again shopping for a new operating system, the very day after the company announced that its CTO Bill Maggs was leaving the company. Maggs had emerged as Palm's most prominent opponent of a technology alliance with Symbian.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jan 2001

Oftel calls summit to discuss LLU apathy

The winged watchdog has called an emergency meeting for tomorrow to discuss ongoing problems with the roll-out of local loop unbundling (llu) in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2001

Internet baby-buy saga goes on

The incredible story of the twin baby girls advertised over the Internet, nabbed and driven across America and then finally brought to the UK (with their third set of parents) is still going on.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

Warning issued over Windows Media Player 7 bug

Veteran bug hunter Georgi Guninski has identified a potentially serious security vulnerability affecting Microsoft Windows Media Player 7 "skins", which control the look and feel of the application.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2001

How the hell does the Govt meet all its cybertargets?

The Cabinet Office has been heartily slapping itself on the back for not only meeting targets for e-government but surpassing them. Now, 40 per cent of all government services are online - set to rise to 75 per cent by next year. And the Office for National Statistics says that one in five adults with Internet access use it to get access to government services and information.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 2001

P4 volumes to ramp up Q3 2001 – Intel

Intel doesn't expect Pentium 4 take off until the second half of the year, the company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2001

What Whistler looks like

A reader directed us to a large gallery of Whistler (Beta 2?) build 2410 screen shots at the Savage News Web site.
Thomas C Greene, 17 Jan 2001

‘Mad’ Maggs to quit Palm

The ever-entertaining Bill Maggs is to quit Palm Computing, leaving the company in search of a new Chief Technology Officer. Maggs had spent less than a year in the hot seat.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jan 2001

Mobile phones: now it's eye cancer

Prolonged mobile phone use can make you go blind, a German report claims.
Linda Harrison, 17 Jan 2001

Redhat worm touts instant noodles

Kevin Poulsen, 17 Jan 2001

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