16th January 2001 Archive

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  • Catch a hacker, win a book

    Honeynet Project wants YOU

    Media 16 05:10

  • Compaq bankrolls Taiwan's PC biz

    Tough deals keep cash flowing

    Business 16 08:06

  • AltaVista faces High Court hearing Friday

    Yes, m'Lud

    Media 16 08:25

  • Can Intel pump up Tualatin volume?

    On the horns of a fab dilemma

    Channel 16 08:27

  • Zen Buddhism could swing Rambus case

    As a pin dropped, did the penny?

    Channel 16 09:12

  • RedHotAnt gets squished?

    It doesn't look good

    Media 16 09:20

  • Tosh to mass produce video chips for mobiles

    Video messaging, the next big craze

    Channel 16 10:51

  • Memory chips make Samsung $4.6bn

    Slight end of year slump, though

    Business 16 11:34

  • SGI to wander into WAP

    Signs up Singapore mobile comms company to help

    Data Networking 16 12:05

  • Motorola to axe 2500 jobs at phone plant

    The cost cutting starts here

    Business 16 12:35

  • The RealPlayer Comet Cursor crashing saga

    All to do with failed Net access attempts

    Software 16 13:35

  • Blaggers grab £150k worth of memory from Newbury distie

    Rombyte turned over

    Business 16 13:54

  • 3Com confirms job cuts

    Will decide next month who's to be axed

    Business 16 14:05

  • Cash Register goes crash


    Site News 16 14:43

  • Emusic.com axes third of workforce

    It's all Napster's fault, apparently

    Business 16 14:49

  • Oven.com pilot light goes out

    Another one goes titsup.com

    Media 16 14:49

  • Swedish dotcom exits UK


    Business 16 14:49

  • CoShopper in talks to buy Letsbuyit.com

    Who said the Swiss were boring?

    Business 16 14:49

  • BT pays £4.64bn for Viag

    Takes up option

    Business 16 14:49

  • Yahoo! slashes forecasts

    Bad ad times

    Business 16 14:58

  • AOL and Time Warner deal done

    Look, we know you know but it's one of those stories we just have to do, OK?

    Business 16 14:58

  • Colt gets new chief

    And Vodafone's Gent gets jam on his bonus

    Business 16 14:58

  • LookSmart chops third of staff

    Dotcom war claims more casualties

    Business 16 14:58

  • Tiscali fave to buy LineOne

    And some Net firms get VC cash shock!

    Business 16 14:58

  • Martha Lane Fox denies bailing out Lastminute investor mates

    But there's probably a few who need the cash

    Business 16 14:58

  • MobShop ditches consumer biz

    Group buying is dying

    Business 16 14:58

  • Shareholders approve Freeserve sale

    Was there ever any doubt?

    Business 16 14:58

  • CNN chomps on Web staff

    So the Internet was all hype after all

    Business 16 14:58

  • Dotcom value drops 88% in 2000

    Average bubble economy share cost $7.33 at year end

    Business 16 14:58

  • AltaVista Inc cans IPO plans

    Could be worse

    Business 16 14:58

  • UUNet still pole-axed

    Dazed and confused

    Media 16 15:38

  • SA college fuming over $500k anti-piracy sting

    Claims it tipped BSA off

    Business 16 15:43

  • Cable steals a march on ‘Windows-only’ DSL

    TeleWest adds Mac support to BlueYonder

    Data Networking 16 16:19

  • HP waggles 1.75-incher

    Skinny server contest hots up

    Business 16 16:24

  • SMS madness: police and bullies get in on the act

    What's wrong with old-fashioned violence?

    Data Networking 16 16:49

  • AMD signs Swedes to build better SledgeHammer sim

    Transmeta passes on deal, suggests alternative...

    Channel 16 16:55

  • NTL to kill Irish TV/Internet roll-out?

    It's an expensive business this Internet

    Media 16 17:10

  • UK Govt throws £500m at NHS Net dream

    A fully operational computer system by 2005. Yeah, right

    Media 16 18:05

  • Dr Tom's self build budget PC bonanza

    Selling Random Billing MegaCorps the dummy

    Hardware Roundup 16 18:10

  • Hacker fighting club launched by IT bigwigs

    MS, Oracle, Intel et al share security secrets

    Business 16 18:29

  • Caldera debuts do-it-all package manager

    We are not Tivoli. Phew

    Software 16 21:20

  • Intel warns of tough times in Q1

    Completes record year

    Business 16 23:55