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Bill Clinton relaxes supercomputer exports

The White House announced Wednesday that it would ease export restrictions on high-speed supercomputers, expanding the list of nations to which US companies can ship powerful systems without obtaining prior approval from the Department of Commerce. Because supercomputers are vital to nuclear weapons design and other military …
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Xbox future may depend on Rambus lawyers

The Microprocessor Report seems to have developed pretty sharp teeth in the 21st Century.
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Intel's roadmap changed again?

Reports on German and some US newswires are suggesting that Intel may be bringing forward the launch of some of its mobile processors in a bid to scotch competition from AMD and Transmeta.
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Intel revamps ‘Mystery Shopper’ plan

"Do I buy a Pentium III or a Pentium 4?"
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Notebook makers expect strong growth this year

Taiwan's notebook manufacturers are sticking to their predictions of high, double-figure growth in shipments for 2001 despite the dip in demand for desktop PCs.
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Was Apple going to launch iMacs with CD-RW?

Apple has hastily revised the system requirements for its Disc Burner software, a key component of its consumer-oriented iTunes MP3 virtual hi-fi software.
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Europe warms to spam ban

Lobbyists for the European Internet industry believe their campaign for a ban on spam is gaining momentum.
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Sharp to push low power flat panels

Sharp has revealed that a new, low power, flat-panel display will go into production early next year.
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Mobile phone brings down Slovenian airplane

According to Reuters, a Slovenian airplane had to make an emergency landing on Tuesday because a ringing mobile phone had corrupted an electronics system and caused a fire-on-board light to switch on.
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Hello Slovenia – London calling

We're sending a big sloppy Reg kiss to our readers in Slovenia - all 1,896 of 'em (according to our December stats). This number puts them 35th in the Vulture Central readership league table, ahead of Russia and Mexico, but sadly lagging behind that hotbed of IT, Kazakhstan.
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Nuke plant worker faces hacking charges

A worker at a top secret US nuclear weapons research facility has been arrested on charges of computer hacking and witness interference.
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AltaVista Inc to settle FIG court case?

Update AltaVista Inc could be ready to settle its £215 million dispute with The Free Internet Group (FIG) within the next week, according to New Media Age.
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Investors braced for weak ATI Q1 results

Canada's answer to Wall Street has given ATI the thumbs down - at least as far as the 3D graphics company's next-but-one set of quarterly results go.
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California power crisis sends Intel Bunnypeople east

Intel's frisky, hard-working Bunnypeople may be given maps of the Rocky Mountains and sent East. According to CEO Craig Barrett, California's energy crisis could force Intel to move some of its manufacturing operations out of its home state.
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More text message hell

And so the SMS madness continues. A crazed husband went on a three-month intimidation spree of his estranged wife using threatening text messages to get his point across.
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Expedia fails the IT test

Online travel agency Expedia.co.uk is having a spot of bother with its technology.
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Chip sales to grow by ten per cent in 2001 – Motorola

Motorola - the world's sixth largest chip maker, according to Dataquest - reckons the global chip business is slowing right down, decelerating from growth of 36 per cent last year down to 10-15 per cent in 2001.
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Wannabe porn stars get jobs site

Wannabe porn stars now need look no further than the Net to get their credentials noticed.
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Quantum crypto one step closer

Boffins at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara) have made a breakthrough in quantum cryptography, and put together a gadget that is capable of emitting a single photon.
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Flame of the week Linda Harrison is a commie

Poor old Linda Harrison. This hard-working hack slaves day and night over a hot PC, just to earn a crust, and this is the thanks she gets:
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TDK turbos CD-RW drives

TDK is planning to release its first products, a new family of CD-RW drives - based on MultiLevel recording technology later this year.

Orange turns green

Just a small thing. While trying to get through to Orange about a different story, we couldn't help but notice that not one of its corporate Web sites is working (and it has a few). The phones still work and that's how we came to find out that the company's internet servers are also kaput.
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MP3 creators ready ‘son of MP3’

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute and French consumer electronics company Thomson are working to extend the MP3 music format in a bid to catch up with the audio quality and level of compression offered by Microsoft's Windows Media Player audio technology.

UK mobile firms shaft free SMS market for own greedy gains

No sooner had we mentioned the fact that UK mobile phone companies plan to start charging each other 3p per text message than the founder of a free SMS company SMSboy, Shakil Khan, was on the blower.
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Chipset championships and cooler madness

Could there be a new contender in the chipset market? Over at Dr Tom's, Patrick takes a peek at the SiS730 from SiS. Probably not any real threat to the KT133, he reckons the 730 is nonetheless a useful addition to the budget end of the market. Click here for the full review.
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DDoS attacks threaten Net's last commercial-free zone

Recent media coverage of massive, crippling DDoS attacks against Undernet, one of the largest IRC (Internet relay chat) networks, indicates the mere tip of an iceberg. In an informal survey of IRC administrators from Undernet, IRCNet, EFnet, and AustNet, we've learned that DDoSing kiddiots have been gobbling up enough bandwidth to make the entire project too expensive to maintain.
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Rat-killers use GPS

The technology which helped allied soldiers find their way around during the Gulf War is being applied to the rather more mundane task of tracking rat extermination efforts in Bradford.
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You're hilarious, Intel tells CPRM campaigners

There's a delicious Chinese idiom that's a variation of the English expression 'blame the messenger'. "When the finger points at the moon," say the Chinese, "the idiot points at the finger." This seems to form the heart of Intel's damage limitation strategy, as it tries quell public concern about the incorporation of CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) into the ATA specification used by hard disk drives.

Cisco woe as HP's Fiorina joins board

The outlook for networking giant Cisco took a gloomier turn yesterday after the publication of a pessimistic report by an analyst and an admission by its chief executive John Chambers that the current quarter is "a little bit more challenging" than expected.