11th January 2001 Archive

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  • Bill Clinton relaxes supercomputer exports

    PC clusters make regs pointless

    Media 11 03:45

  • Xbox future may depend on Rambus lawyers

    Hubble, bubble, double data rate trouble

    Channel 11 08:08

  • Intel's roadmap changed again?

    Notebook intros may be advanced

    Channel 11 08:26

  • Intel revamps ‘Mystery Shopper’ plan

    Is this artificial intelligence or fuzzy logic?

    Channel 11 09:33

  • Notebook makers expect strong growth this year

    Others are more cautious

    Business 11 11:45

  • Was Apple going to launch iMacs with CD-RW?

    It sure looks like it

    Mac Channel 11 12:08

  • Europe warms to spam ban

    Can't you just hear those pennies dropping?

    Media 11 12:24

  • Sharp to push low power flat panels

    Moving away from mainstream displays

    Business 11 12:48

  • Mobile phone brings down Slovenian airplane

    Brown pants in the Balkans

    Data Networking 11 12:53

  • Hello Slovenia – London calling

    Republic baulks at Balkan slur

    Bootnotes 11 14:44

  • Nuke plant worker faces hacking charges

    Second hacker encounter for Los Alamos

    Media 11 15:07

  • AltaVista Inc to settle FIG court case?

    Maybe, maybe not - but that's brinkmanship for you

    Media 11 15:08

  • Investors braced for weak ATI Q1 results

    Outlook for Q2 doesn't look too good either

    Business 11 15:09

  • California power crisis sends Intel Bunnypeople east

    Cannot fab on booze and craic alone

    Channel 11 15:40

  • More text message hell

    What would Hitchcock have made of it?

    Data Networking 11 15:42

  • Expedia fails the IT test

    Can't buy, won't buy

    Media 11 15:43

  • Chip sales to grow by ten per cent in 2001 – Motorola

    Well down from 2000's 36 per cent

    Channel 11 16:03

  • Wannabe porn stars get jobs site

    Meanwhile, sordid secrets of balloon fetishist world revealed

    Media 11 16:26

  • Quantum crypto one step closer

    Boffins rig single photon emitter

    Business 11 16:29

  • Flame of the week Linda Harrison is a commie

    Soldier of democracy sees red

    Flame of the Week 11 16:33

  • TDK turbos CD-RW drives

    Threefold increase in speed and storage

    Business 11 17:16

  • Orange turns green

    Web sites? What Web sites?

    Data Networking 11 17:18

  • MP3 creators ready ‘son of MP3’

    MP3 Pro to give CD quality audio in files half as small as MP3

    Software 11 17:19

  • UK mobile firms shaft free SMS market for own greedy gains

    Bit naughty really

    Data Networking 11 17:20

  • Chipset championships and cooler madness

    HWRoundup And what's so special about the AD11? We still don't know

    Hardware Roundup 11 18:07

  • DDoS attacks threaten Net's last commercial-free zone

    IRC in jeopardy

    Media 11 18:28

  • Rat-killers use GPS

    Who said case studies were boring?

    Data Networking 11 19:45

  • You're hilarious, Intel tells CPRM campaigners

    We're not laughing

    Business 11 19:48

  • Cisco woe as HP's Fiorina joins board

    Is she advising on how to handle missed profit targets?

    Data Networking 11 20:56