10th January 2001 Archive

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  • Dixons smiles on camcorder sales

    Laptops popular too

    Business 10 09:51

  • Microprocessor Report slams Intel P4

    The times, they are a'changing...

    Channel 10 10:32

  • Big Blue intros digital Thinkpad

    But we're not supposed to know...

    Business 10 11:04

  • Capellas waves Compaq's Heil off

    Enterprise market head has boldly gone

    Business 10 11:15

  • Net dating agencies get hitched

    Match made in Heaven?

    Business 10 11:17

  • Crusoe mini-notebook lands in Japan

    Where's Lernout & Hauspie when you need 'em?

    Business 10 11:29

  • Apple's digital dreams waft past consumers

    Great technology, but why restrict it to the high end?

    Mac Channel 10 11:41

  • Hermit says Delphi no Oracle

    Funny things happen on way to forum

    Media 10 12:32

  • Microsoft preps Napster clone

    A hi-tech R&D project today - tomorrow ze vorld...

    Software 10 12:55

  • Liz Hurley tries to sue domain name company

    Because if you're rich and famous the world should revolve around you...

    Media 10 12:59

  • Open source pioneer cuts staff

    De-Zelerates towards break-even

    Software 10 13:01

  • Boots hacked

    More embarassing than buying haemorrhoid cream

    Media 10 13:05

  • eBay promotes spam to users

    It reckons opting opt of spam is a 'mistake'

    Media 10 13:10

  • Lego builds links to MSN, games for Xbox

    It's not the toy it was...

    Business 10 13:15

  • FIC mobo wins AMD seal of approval

    First board to be accredited

    Business 10 13:18

  • SMS can get you in trouble with the law

    You're nicked, son

    Data Networking 10 13:33

  • Changing lightbulbs the Whistler, Win98 and Linux way

    Multiple OS scenarios in the legacy-free near future

    Software 10 13:36

  • Chipset spectre rattles Intel's P4

    Erratumnotbug still needs fixing

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Intel's 12-incher starts to throb

    Tualatin rests on Chandler success

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Pentium 4 Foster may sink the Itanic

    Willamette team seems to win the day

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Pentium 4 high risk strategy for Intel

    The thrashing of the Pentium 4?

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Millennium ends with Rambus whimper

    ITC complaint null and void

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Compaq Alpha makes 1GHz target

    With days to spare

    Channel 10 13:38

  • 1GHz PIII notebook uses desktop chip

    What's the battery life like

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Intel denies Rambus legal action – at last

    Despite what UBS Warburg said

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Chip champs chomp bitter pill

    Bit of market gloom, Intel loses market share

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Samsung tipped to grab over half Rambus market

    Demand is alive and well, Koreans claim

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Intel confirms early arrival of P4 at 1.3GHz

    It's probably not a swallow, but it is swift

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Intel steps up P4 ad campaign

    Blue Man gets re-vamped look

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Celeron gets ‘go faster’ stripes

    800MHz version with 100MHz bus

    Channel 10 13:38

  • Rambus trousers Mitsubishi DDR deal

    Oh how the Dramurai are crumbling

    Channel 10 13:39

  • AMD notebooks face uphill struggle

    Tier one vendors mostly plump for Intel

    Channel 10 13:39

  • NSA runs best fab in world

    Forget Dresden, Chandler or Leixlip

    Channel 10 13:39

  • Mick Fleetwood digs The Reg

    We need his love so bad

    Bootnotes 10 13:41

  • Clinton Admin goes out in a blaze of cyber-terror

    Net crashing, zombies rising, sky falling, privacy assaulted, copyrights dying....

    Media 10 13:41

  • The Reg brings you more top notch Net Lit

    An End to Hunger by China Miéville

    Register Full Coverage 10 13:41

  • Fishy porn search engine launched by teenage dotcom millionaire

    Is Mr Cohen telling porky pies (again)?

    Media 10 13:41

  • Teen cracker ‘Coolio’ enters guilty pleas

    Faces nine months in chokey

    Media 10 13:41

  • eBay users hit by fake email scam

    While offline traders threatened with expulsion

    Media 10 13:41

  • Super Bowl is dotcom kiss of death

    Seven advertisers slain in one year

    Media 10 13:41

  • Tandy online: dead in the water?

    They'll be back tomorrow. Honest

    Media 10 13:42

  • Go airline website hijacked

    These people want their eyes poking out

    Media 10 13:42

  • Hacker meltdown fails to materalise

    But there's still concern over spread of DDoS agents

    Media 10 13:42

  • The Net is a commercial failure: study

    Just in case you hadn't noticed

    Media 10 13:42

  • Nintendo laughs off talk of swallowing Sega

    $2bn buyout denied

    Business 10 13:44

  • Network Associates warns of $140m loss

    Three top execs head for the hills

    Software 10 13:44

  • Letsbuyit.com teeters over debt abyss

    Stares Titsup.com in the face

    Media 10 13:44

  • Bull says accounting error rumours are, er, bull

    Speeds divestment

    Business 10 13:44

  • Priceline founder jumps ship

    Shouldn't it be women and children first?

    Business 10 13:44

  • Qualcomm to invest in VIA?

    VIA not talking

    Business 10 13:44

  • Ferrero milks chocolate ad

    Not dead, just dubbed

    Bootnotes 10 13:44

  • Letsbuyit shares go down the toilet

    After suspension lifted

    Business 10 13:44

  • IT budgets blown on lawsuits

    Legal action accounts for 15% of spend

    Business 10 13:44

  • Boo.com's buyer becomes takeover target

    Fashionmall valued at $52m

    Business 10 13:44

  • Sega to ditch console biz?

    Share price rises ten per cent on rumour

    Business 10 13:45

  • How to overclock your graphics

    We scour the sinks for sights

    Hardware Roundup 10 13:45

  • Dell jumps gun on 1.3GHz Pentium 4

    A mistake, or is Intel pushing harder?

    Business 10 13:45

  • Alien hunters devise world's smallest microphone

    Can hear a single cell growing

    Business 10 13:45

  • Lab rats wanted! MS seeks Xbox testers

    Must be willing to bang head for food...

    Software 10 13:45

  • IBM touts fastest Unix workstation

    Faster than the Sun

    Business 10 13:45

  • Notebook price wars to flare up in 2001

    What you'll get for your money, and when

    Channel 10 13:45

  • Intel chugs into MP3, consumer space

    When is a product not a product?

    Business 10 13:45

  • Dr Tom's hard drive hand jive

    HWRoundup CD Rewriter coaster burning

    Hardware Roundup 10 13:45

  • Mysterious monolith appears in Seattle park

    2001: An Open-Space Oddity

    Bootnotes 10 13:45

  • Internet hermit plans to tie the knot

    DotComGuy to wed chatroom sweetheart

    Media 10 13:45

  • Yahoo! auction revamp: racism out, charges in

    Is this the first sign of a mature Internet?

    Media 10 13:45

  • Microsoft tentacles squirm deeper into software hosting

    Redmonda locuta est; causa finita est

    Software 10 13:46

  • Celtic fringe gets support from Opera browser

    Welsh Assembly, Sinn Fein rejoice...

    Software 10 13:46

  • Put brakes on Windows upgrade escalator, Gartner urges MS

    Whistler to kill off NT, Blackcomb Win2k?

    Software 10 13:46

  • NSA coughs up secret TEMPEST specs

    Persistence pays off

    Software 10 13:46

  • Millennium bug stalls Norwegian trains

    We told you it started today

    Software 10 13:46

  • Diablo II hacked and cracked

    Months of game-playing down the toilet

    Software 10 13:46

  • Virus infection rates soar

    One in 700 emails now contains malicious code

    Software 10 13:46

  • CA is 'friendly, open, trusted'

    Who's it trying to kid?

    Bootnotes 10 13:46

  • Microsoft race discrimination suit attracts more plaintiffs

    Judge Jackson presiding?

    Software 10 13:46

  • Apple limbo dances with hardware prices

    Chops up to $1100 off servers

    Mac Channel 10 13:47

  • The clog poppin' Darwin awards for 2000

    The stupid people, and how they die

    Bootnotes 10 13:47

  • Register wins Sunday Times award

    It hasn't arrived at Vulture Central yet though

    Bootnotes 10 13:47

  • Saddo alert – New Year's Eve shoppers

    Who was a spender instead of going on a bender

    Bootnotes 10 13:47

  • We've got brain cancer and we want your money

    Vodafone et al face billion dollar suit

    Data Networking 10 13:48

  • BT denies Govt investigation

    Oh, and Sir Pete has a pop at 3G payouts

    Data Networking 10 13:48

  • Quit smoking with your mobile phone

    If one doesn't kill you, the other will

    Data Networking 10 13:48

  • AOL and BT triumph with ad turkeys

    Legal, decent, honest and rubbish

    Data Networking 10 13:48

  • Top cop wants crackdown on mobile phone mugging

    Simple SIM card swaps to blame

    Data Networking 10 13:48

  • Oftel announces final cost of local loop

    Jury still out on what this means for industry

    Data Networking 10 13:48

  • P4 Mihocka has attacks on him shocka

    Everything not as it seems

    Letters 10 13:48

  • Nothing much happened in the year 2000

    Two days to the millennium Hogmanay

    Hardware Roundup 10 13:48

  • CNet suckered by CPRM spin

    Leaves brain in jar

    Business 10 13:48

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about CPRM, but ZDNet wouldn't tell you…

    Our handy FAQ

    Software 10 13:48

  • An End To Hunger – page 2

    By China Miéville

    Register Full Coverage 10 13:49

  • An End To Hunger – page 3

    by China Miéville

    Register Full Coverage 10 13:49

  • An End To Hunger – page 4

    by China Miéville

    Register Full Coverage 10 13:49

  • Vandals behind spread of Hybris worm named

    Users blitzed by malicious code via email

    Software 10 15:40

  • Xerox mortgages leases for $435m

    Debt relief

    Business 10 16:02

  • Compaq, Intel buy into Stratus

    Intolerant to a fault

    Business 10 16:37

  • Silicon wafer plant opens in Swansea

    Jobs for the boyos

    Business 10 16:40

  • Intel, Compaq, DB invest $115m in Stratus

    A W2K server that won't fall over

    Channel 10 17:01

  • DDR – BX Boards spells it out

    The devil is in the details

    Channel 10 17:27

  • Child porn ring smashed

    Seven plead guilty

    Media 10 17:33

  • UK beats on mobile phone muggings

    Straw invites phone chiefs around for tea

    Data Networking 10 17:35

  • Intel, ATI settle lawsuit with patent exchange

    What goes around comes around...

    Channel 10 17:45

  • Express e-staff gear up for legal challenge

    Dotcom life gets ugly

    Media 10 17:49

  • CPRM for HDs may be kicked into touch – Latest

    Hedrick's compromise, Take Two

    Business 10 19:53

  • Castrol frames car sites – publisher sues

    'Calculated and flagrant'

    Media 10 19:57

  • MS slates Q3 for MacOS X Office

    Upgrade offer

    Mac Channel 10 20:48

  • German police in Napster child porn probe

    Theory or practice?

    Media 10 23:29