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Gemstar fends off monopoly probe

The Office of Fair Trading has refused to investigate VideoPlus-creator Gemstar for alleged anti-competitive practices, despite two anti-trust cases in the US and complaints of monopolistic behaviour in the UK, Andrew Smith writes.
Our correspondent, 09 Jan 2001

Vendors to turn to channel for Net sales

ASPs, ISPs and eMarketplaces will account for 30 per cent of online channel business by 2004, according to IDC. It predicts that shows that online IT sales to Western Europe end-users will "rise sharply" from $4.8 billion this year (1.7 per cent of the IT spend) to $67.4 billion (15.9 per cent) in 2004.
Drew Cullen, 09 Jan 2001

Broadcom grabs Intel by ServerWorks balls

AnalysisAs we reported yesterday, Broadcom paid over $1 billion for ServerWorks, a company which provides essential chipsets for much of the server and workstation range Intel now supports.
Mike Magee, 09 Jan 2001

Egghead doubts hackers got the goods

Hacked computer e-tailer Egghead.com said it has "evidence which suggests" that its team of security sleuths interrupted the recent cyber break-in while it was going on, a mysterious event which may or may not have resulted in millions of credit card details being compromised.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jan 2001

Be plucks HARP to target hi-fi world

Be unveiled its latest reference platform yesterday, this one designed to provide a way of connection audio equipment to the Net.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2001

Intel offers quick Rambus rebate

Dealers and distributors who are part of Intel's accredited route to market have been notified that there will be price moves on a range of parts probably around 26 January.
Mike Magee, 09 Jan 2001

MP3.com seeks Copyright Office approval

MP3.com yesterday called upon the US Copyright Office to take into account services like its own My.MP3.com in a proposed investigation into the digital music market.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2001

Bumlickycrawlie PC mag fawns over PC World

Some funny behaviour has been going on at PC Format. Its December issue had a one-page feature entitled "PCF investigates PC World", where it claimed the monster computer store was ripping off customers, getting inexperienced salesman to push overpriced RAM and charging up to 33 per cent more for other goods like CD writers and hard discs.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Jan 2001

Intel Ireland full of crack, booze

Focus on FabsOK, we don't mean to suggest there's a drug problem at Intel Ireland, for craic, pronounced 'crack', is Irish for fun, and there's stacks of fun loving Bunny Suiters at Intel's fab in Leixlip, just a little way away from Dublin, in County Kildare.
Mike Magee, 09 Jan 2001

Express Web sites liquidated

Four former Express Newspaper Web sites - which were sold for £1 by its new owners last month - have been placed into liquidation. Express.co.uk, Allaboutparents.co.uk, sportlive.co.uk and companyleader.com were said to be costing the business between £7 million and £8 million a year. Fifty people have lost their jobs.
Team Register, 09 Jan 2001

You Got Fired

A Times journalist was more than a little annoyed when she was informed of her sacking after 13 years as chief cookery writer by an email asking her where and when she wanted her leaving do.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Jan 2001

Sun blocks Compaq's cluster raise

Sun has taken us up on our invitation for it to respond to a document prepared by Compaq which apparently rubbishes its Sun Cluster technology (see this story).
Mike Magee, 09 Jan 2001

AMD looks for love while Intel gets hot and sweaty

AMD has reiterated plans for a new fab, to be built by 2004. The company has clearly put its top creative brains on the team charged with dreaming up the name for this forthcoming facility. So far, it is expected to be called Fab 35.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Jan 2001

London gets e-business adviser

London's mayor is to get an e-business adviser to promote e-commerce and hi-tech businesses in the capital.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jan 2001

Reg reader skydives into history

We greatly value the emails and contributions we receive from you, our readers, but every now and again someone excels themselves. This is why we feel it our duty to flag up one Craig Poxon, based in London.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Jan 2001

Napster and co. violate copyright, users admit

Napster's argument that its music sharing service doesn't violate copyright laws is fooling no one, least of all its users. That at least is the conclusion drawn from a survey of Internet users by market researcher Gartner Group.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2001

VA Linux IPO – something fishy?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating how certain investment firms managed to obtain a disproportionately large share of VA Linux's IPO.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2001

Turkish police nick cybercafe kids

Turkish police have arrested 130 kids for the heinous crime of visiting cybercafes.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jan 2001

Geeks garbling Greek, heirs to Aristotle complain

The Greek language is threatened with corruption thanks to the use of the Internet and computers, according to a gaggle of Greek intellectuals, who have written to their government urging it to stem the erosion of their mother tongue.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2001

Silicon.com grounded by burglars

IT news site Silicon.com should be up and running again by teatime today after vital equipment was stolen at the weekend.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jan 2001

Xerox poo-poos bankruptcy claims

Troubled Xerox today denied it is planning to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, despite hiring a New York investment firm specialising in bankruptcies.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2001

Porn case heralds UK cyber court

The first case of the Internet being used in a court case will start tomorrow. Kingston Crown Court will wire up jurors, witnesses, barristers and the judge to give an indication as to how porn is moved over the Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Jan 2001

IC24 terminates ‘free’ Net access offer

IC24 has yet to confirm whether it is to extend its offer of limited unmetered Net access beyond the end of January.
Tim Richardson, 09 Jan 2001

The PC is not dead

Despite the recent slow down in the PC market, AMD and Intel both remain optimistic its prospects, with AMD claiming the market is healthy and growing at a good rate.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Jan 2001

Hard times to come for the hardware reviewers

It has become increasingly apparent that there are more Web sites than there are advertisers. This state of affairs has only one logical conclusion: there will be a shakeout, and only the strong will survive.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Jan 2001

Hawaiian Airlines hacked my Web site – pilot

An American airline will have to answer charges that it illegally gained access to one of its own pilot's Web sites which criticised its management, a Federal appeals court has ruled.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2001

Windows is most-hacked Web server

Microsoft has consolidated its lead as the Web server platform most vulnerable to hackers.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jan 2001

Pentagon hacker ‘Analyzer’ pleads guilty

Kevin Poulsen, 09 Jan 2001

Site offers soccer coats for pets

An Internet site has being set up which offers to kit out dogs in the colours of an owners' favourite football team.
John Leyden, 09 Jan 2001

US Supremes decline Net academic-freedom appeal

The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal by six university professors objecting to a Virginia law which prevents public employees from using state-owned computers to access sexually explicit content on the Internet, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jan 2001

MacOS X to ship 24 March

UpdatedApple's next-generation operating system, MacOS X, will ship on 24 March, one month later than expected.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2001

Moto G4 Plus makes it to latest Power Mac line-up

UpdatedApple has decided two brains are no longer better than one and ditched its dual-processor desktop Mac configurations in favour of single-CPU machines - but trade off is that of these computers (well, some of 'em) are based on Motorola's eagerly awaited G4 Plus chip.
Tony Smith, 09 Jan 2001

Novell stings pirate for $600,000

Novell has won more than $600,000 from a Californian software pirate who auctioned fake goods online.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jan 2001

DRAM 64Mb slips under $3

DRAM memory prices continued to freefall in the first week of 2001, slipping under $3 per chip.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jan 2001

Computer Associates shows its true colours

We ran a story last week covering Computer Associates' (sorry, CA's) new corporate branding. Yes, one of the world's most unfriendly companies had transformed itself into a "friendly, open, trusted" organisation simply by using lower-case letters and some pastel colours.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Jan 2001

Xerox denies bankruptcy story

Xerox is contradicting a report in Tuesday's New York Post claiming that it retained New York investment firm Blackstone Group to help it manage an impending bankruptcy.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jan 2001

Security guard hacks nuke plant

A security patrolman is believed to have hacked his way into computer networks at the Bradwell nuclear reactor in Essex near London and to have altered and deleted information, the Guardian Unlimited reported Tuesday.
Thomas C Greene, 09 Jan 2001
Windows Logo

Microsoft launches couch-potato geek chic

Microsoft has teamed up with La-Z-Boy to come up with the ultimate gift for the couch potato geek.
Linda Harrison, 09 Jan 2001

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