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Reg readers on the CPRM fiasco

LettersWe're only just beginning to catch up with an avalanche of correspondence on our series of CPRM on ATA stories. This selection was culled before the 4C Entity signalled its willingness to accept a compromise on the issue. However that compromise is in no small part due to the outcry reflected in your letters here.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jan 2001

$300 integrated PCs in sight

PC dealers, hard pressed by ever shrinking margins, are turning to integrated chip sets for succour, and in particular one produced by Taiwanese firm SiS.
Mike Magee, 08 Jan 2001

BBC Watchdog wards off PC helpline gagging bid

Watchdog, the BBC consumer rights show presented by Anne Robinson, the notoriously tough celebrity journalist, beat off an attempt to gag part of last Friday's programme.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jan 2001

Tiscali buys LibertySurf for E900 million

Update:Italian telco and ISP Tiscali has shelled out E900 million (£570 million) in shares for European ISP, LibertySurf, the companies confirmed this morning after suspending shares first thing this morning.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jan 2001

Dabs.com claims record Xmas

David Atherton, owner of online computer retailer Dabs.com, is talking again of IPO, after record Christmas sales, The Sunday Telegraph reports.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jan 2001

Apple seeks success in ‘killer apps’

Solutions, not systems, will win Windows users to the Mac cause and get Apple out of the financial mess it has suddenly found itself in. That's what CEO Steve Jobs is telling staffers and analysts in private, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2001

Police piracy row reseller calls in receivers

Protocol Solutions, the Fareham, UK reseller accused of installing pirated software into the Hampshire Police force, has been forced into receivership after being sued by the police, Silicon.com reports. We'd give you the URL, but Silicon is currently shut - "for essential engineering work" - so here are our two earlier stories on the subject: UK cop shops to be checked for pirated software Hampshire cops caught using counterfeit MS software
Drew Cullen, 08 Jan 2001

Via posts DDR validation results

Via has announced a further stage in the ongoing battle for PC memory, involving Jedec, Rambust and the Seven Dramurai, which means we will probably see its execrable t-shirts start to return to the light of day.
Mike Magee, 08 Jan 2001

MSN kills child porn site – eventually

Sweden's police force this weekend criticised Microsoft for taking way too long to shut down a child porn site hosted by MSN.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2001

Palm to cash in on pay-by-PDA plan

Palm unveiled its scheme to make its PDAs as indispensable as cash and credit cards by turning PalmOS into an e-money platform.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2001

BT scraps Internet Villain sponsorship

High drama has hit Britain's "Internet Oscars" with the withdrawal of former AltaVista UK MD, Andy Mitchell, from the shortlist of "Internet Villains".
Tim Richardson, 08 Jan 2001

Detention without trial looms for Malaysian hackers

Malaysian authorities may apply draconian powers that allow indefinite detention without trial in order to deter hacking.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2001

Iomega admits to reduced revenue, profits

Iomega's Q4 results will show a dip in both revenue and earnings, the company has warned.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2001

PS2 ‘mouth watering prospect’ – EB

Britain's biggest computer games retailer, Electronics Boutique, today reported record sales for December, with like for like sales growth of 15 per cent and overall sales growth of 17 per cent for the five week period ended 30 December 2000.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jan 2001

NYT online blues

The online division of the New York Times was caught unawares by low ad revenues and has had to lay off 17 per cent of its workforce as a result. The job cuts, totalling 69, are reported to be across the board and will save the publisher $6 million. The cuts are needed to reach profitability by 2002.
Team Register, 08 Jan 2001

And so Xbox is ‘launched’

It will hardly come as news to many of you that Bill Gates officially launched Microsoft's gaming console, the Xbox, in Las Vegas on Saturday. And as befitting such an occasion and a place, glitzy faked-up razamatazz was the order the day. Hence Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, lots of excited gibbering, a touch of US-style whooping and Kermit pumping out up-beat soundbites by the second.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jan 2001

FBI forms cracker posse

The FBI has recruited IBM and more than 500 other US companies to a scheme designed to combat cybercrime.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2001

The maths prof., free speech and encryption

We recommend you check out a very interesting article at legal news site Gigalaw, which looks at the storm a mathematics professor stirred up with a new encryption program.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Jan 2001

MS anti-trust appeal looms

Wake up! Wake up! The Microsoft anti-trust case is starting up again after a six-month hibernation. Here's the story so far: District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson listened to unfeasibly large amounts of evidence from October 1998 to June 2000 with a few breaks in between.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jan 2001

RedHotAnt denies end is nigh

RedHotAnt (RHA) has denied it is winding down the flat-fee ISP despite refusing to accept any new customers.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jan 2001

Lawyers look to EMI after Musicmaker collapse

'Big five' music company EMI has denied allegations that its decision to cash in its 36.5 per cent stake in Musicmaker.com less than a month before the online venture failed may have precipitated that collapse, claiming that the two facts are entirely coincidental.
Tony Smith, 08 Jan 2001

Hardware Land reviews Duron 850 to death

HWRoundupSo, the game of one-upmanship continues between Chip and Chimpzilla. Intel releases the Celeron 800MHz (with its shiny new FSB) and before we can all blink AMD comes out with the Duron 850.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Jan 2001

GUS buys Breathe for £1.4m

The Great Universal Stores plc (GUS) - the outfit behind catalogue retailer Argos - has bought the assets and technology of failed ISP Breathe.com for £1.4 million.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jan 2001

Hollywood, software groups push DoJ copyright busts

Music bootleggers and software crackers tired of wading through the entire United States Code to see if they're about to break the law, or incur daunting criminal liabilities in excess of the potential value of their planned activities, may now consult a handy reference guide on line.
Thomas C Greene, 08 Jan 2001

CPS2 arcade encryption smashed

A group of gaming enthusiasts called the CPS-2 Shock Team claims to have broken the encryption on the CPS-2 arcade board from Capcom.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Jan 2001

What's really going on at Zy.com

On Friday we tried to find out what on earth was happening Zy.com. An ad had appeared in the FT saying it was in the hands of administrators and the site was up for sale. Five hours and about 15 phone calls later we were none the wiser as no one would talk. We pointed this out in an article.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jan 2001

Broadcom buys ServerWorks

Chip giant Broadcom is to buy server chipset maker ServerWorks in a $975 million deal.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jan 2001

How the Xbox controller was created

Thanks to the reader who emailed us this link on gaming site Hloz.com (Hyrule the land of Zelda, if you must know). It shows the intricate thought processes that went into creating the Xbox's "innovative" controller. It also neatly agrees with our summary of it.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Jan 2001

NetZero wins round one in patent suit

US ISP NetZero has got a temporary restraining order against rival Juno Online Services as part of their ongoing spat over online ads.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jan 2001

NSA preps Spook Linux 0.1

The ultra-secretive US spy agency, the National Security Agency (NSA), has released a prototype for an ultra-secure version of the Linux operating system.
John Leyden, 08 Jan 2001

HP parades Spring 2001 line-up

Hewlett-Packard has spruced up its Pavilion range of consumer PCs and notebooks.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jan 2001

Website names not shames New York drivers

New York drivers have laughed in the face of a bid to name and shame them on the Net.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jan 2001

HP in clone inkjet cartridge US ban bid

Hewlett-Packard has filed a patent-infringement complaint with the ITC, the US trade regulator, over cut-price clone inkjet cartridges imported into America. The company says that two products, intended to replace HP 51626A and HP 51629A cartridges, contravene six patents it holds.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jan 2001

Kozmo dumps Houston and San Diego

Silicon Alley delivery dotcom Kozmo has ditched its Houston and San Diego businesses and cut around five per cent of workers.
Linda Harrison, 08 Jan 2001

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