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Intel P4 bandwagon starts to roll

Big UK superstore PC World today backed Intel's megapush to make the Pentium 4 this year's processor of choice with a series of large advertisements in the national press promoting the platform.
Mike Magee, 07 Jan 2001

AMD ups ante with 850MHz Duron

In the endless game of tit-for-tat between AMD and Intel, the former company will intro a Duron tomorrow at 850MHz, which is set to again lower prices on entry level machines.
Mike Magee, 07 Jan 2001

The Internet Villain Awards

The former head of AltaVista UK - the ISP that never was - has been honoured by his peers.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2001

Microsoft hacker fired

The hacker who made Microsoft look foolish in November by breaking into its servers through a known security hole has been fired by his company Getronics.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Jan 2001

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