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Letsbuyit.com bosses resign en masse

Letsbuyit.com saw its management resign en masse today, while the debt-ridden dotcom said it needed four weeks to sort its finances out.
Linda Harrison, 04 Jan 2001

US Attorney General nominee is pro-privacy

Kevin Poulsen, 04 Jan 2001

Are Microsoft ActiveX controls dangerous?

Microsoft's ActiveX refers to portable, executable COM (Component Object Model) controls for Windows which are both flexible and powerful. Perhaps a bit too powerful, some would say. They run natively on a local machine rather than in a protected environment (sandbox); they can be accepted or rejected, but they cannot be assigned specific restrictions; and they always run with the same privileges as the user. They are, in short, a security gamble.
Thomas C Greene, 04 Jan 2001

Millennium Bug claims more victims

The first victim of the Millennium Bug was the Norwegian high speed train system. But over the last couple of days, other instances of computer systems toppling over have come to light.
Mike Magee, 04 Jan 2001

Intel roadmap shredder in OverDrive™ mode

Chip giant Intel has entered the New Year by hastily revising roadmaps it was showing its customers only three weeks back, in a bid to throttle up its push to the Pentium 4 and shift stocks of existing semiconductors.
Mike Magee, 04 Jan 2001

4C retreats in Copy Protection storm

ExclusiveThe 4C group of computer component makers appears likely to approve modifications to its proposed CPRM content control mechanism, handing a degree of control back to the end user.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Jan 2001

Mac Rumour Roundup G4 Plus slides to summer

Motorola appears to have set back its schedule for the release of the PowerPC G4 Plus in volume quantities - ie. sufficient for Apple to begin shipping Macs based on the chip in earnest.
Tony Smith, 04 Jan 2001

Back on the Helldesk with BOFH

Episode 1BOFH 2001: Episode 1
Simon Travaglia, 04 Jan 2001
Click here for the full BOFH range

BOFH 2K: The kit and caboodle

BOFH Takes the Wind out of Sales Episode 42: Christmas cheer
Team Register, 04 Jan 2001

Bush 2k email guru gets transition team gig

The CEO of ClickAction, the company responsible for the email side of the Bush presidential campaign, has been rewarded by being appointed to the Department of Commerce Transition Advisory Board. George Slayton joins several other technology execs in an advisory capacity for the incoming administration, and will no doubt be in a good position to defend the corner of "permissions-based email marketing" outfits like ClickAction against the privacyniks.
John Lettice, 04 Jan 2001

Global chip sales growth starts to slow

The slowdown in the global semiconductor market began to bite last November, with the industry recording its first month-on-month sales slippage since February 2000.
Tony Smith, 04 Jan 2001

Xbox pics leak out

Well, Xbox's final design was to be launched in one big ole party in Las Vegas this Saturday, but then some naughty people have broken the embargo and printed pics of it before that date. Microsoft is apparently "incandescent" with rage.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jan 2001

BarnesandNoble .com to drive digital publishing

BarnesandNoble.com is planning to extend its digital publishing business and hopes to attract big-name authors by ramping up the royalties paid.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Jan 2001

9to5cafe.com in jobs fry-up

British entertainment outfit 9to5cafe.com cut its workforce by half this morning as the dotcom plague continues to claim victims.
Tim Richardson, 04 Jan 2001

2001: the first distie failures

The new year is barely four days old, and two distributors have already gone into administrative receivership.
John Leyden, 04 Jan 2001

No! No! No! Captain Cyborg is back

Brace yourself - following Kevin Warwick's derisory appearance at the Royal Institute's Christmas lectures, he has gone on another media frenzy.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jan 2001

Win Webmaster and wescue the Web

Lester Haines, 04 Jan 2001

IT budgets not growing so fast, shock horror

A slowdown in IT spending will lead to hard times ahead for technology firms, according to Merrill Lynch.
John Leyden, 04 Jan 2001

LibertySurf on the pull

European ISP LibertySurf has confirmed it is in talks with a number of different operators concerning a possible get-together, it said in a statement to the French bourse yesterday. Since LibertySurf reportedly has bags of cash in its coffers, the discussions are not thought to be concerned with propping up the outfit. Instead, it's understood that the discussions are more about consolidation. A spokesman for the UK operation declined to comment on the Guardian's story that Belgacom, the state-run telco in Belgium, was the most likely candidate for snuggles. Elsewhere, AFX reports a Les Echoes story that LibertySurf is looking to buy prepaid telephone card outfit, Intercall, which called in the receivers at the end of last year.
Team Register, 04 Jan 2001

The Case of the Free Mouse That Wasn't

It's a well-known fact that there's no such thing as a free lunch. What's less commonly understood is that there's no such thing as a free mouse either - particularly if it comes from distributor Ingram Micro.
Tony Smith, 04 Jan 2001

BT to raise £2bn in property sell -off

BT has given assurances that its plan to realise the assets of its properties will not hit the roll-out of broadband services in Britain.
Tim Richardson, 04 Jan 2001

Music to CD-Writers' ears

New technology from AOpen promises to deliver faster CD writing, with fewer errors. Engineers at the company claim the new technique, called JustLink Technology, greatly improves the quality of MP3 audio data.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Jan 2001
Broken CD with wrench

PC Phone Home (but watch those ads)

A quarter of surfers will regularly make phone calls through their PC in five years, a survey claims.
Linda Harrison, 04 Jan 2001

VIA gulps down sales and asks for more

Taiwanese chipmaker VIA Technology has said it will beat sales expectations for 2000.
Linda Harrison, 04 Jan 2001

Confusion delays Cowpland insider trading trial to 2002

Canadian securities market regulators may not get a chance to bring Corel founder and former CEO Michael Cowpland to trial on insider trading charges for at least two years, it has emerged.
Tony Smith, 04 Jan 2001

Pepsi site hacked and smacked

UpdatedPepsiCo's UK Web site has been hacked and an anti-globalisation message and pic posted. Unsurprisingly, the hack wasn't up for long but it was posted to Attrition, so you can see it in all its glory there.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jan 2001

Anand gets the Celery out

HWRoundupMore Celeron investigations over at Anand's. Another review that wonders whether, for the hobbyists at least, Intel's "unhobbled" Celeron was too little, and too late. Performance doesn't get to within 90 per cent of the cheaper Duron, but looking at the wider picture, Intel could have done just enough to stay competitive. Click here for the rest of the info.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Jan 2001

The teenage dotcom millionaire and his ever increasing page impressions

We ran a story on Ben Cohen's new porn search engine on Tuesday and raised an eyebrow as his wibbly wobbly claims of success grew ever more removed from reality.
Kieren McCarthy, 04 Jan 2001

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