4th January 2001 Archive

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  • Letsbuyit.com bosses resign en masse

    Dotcom asks for four week reprieve

    Business 04 00:47

  • US Attorney General nominee is pro-privacy

    Ashcroft defied the FBI on key escrow

    Media 04 01:36

  • Are Microsoft ActiveX controls dangerous?

    Well, yes and no...

    Software 04 06:17

  • Millennium Bug claims more victims

    Soda fountains, mobile phones and jurors

    Software 04 09:06

  • Intel roadmap shredder in OverDrive™ mode

    Pandemonium reigns in Satan Clara

    Channel 04 09:35

  • 4C retreats in Copy Protection storm

    Users to get final say on CPRM plans?

    Business 04 10:02

  • Mac Rumour Roundup G4 Plus slides to summer

    Still within Motorola's broad schedule though

    Mac Channel 04 11:14

  • Back on the Helldesk with BOFH

    It's Y2k plus one, and he's back...

    BOFH 04 11:58

  • BOFH 2K: The kit and caboodle

    That was the year that was... in full

    BOFH 04 11:58

  • Bush 2k email guru gets transition team gig

    'Permissions-based' email saved from privacyniks?

    Media 04 12:07

  • Global chip sales growth starts to slow

    November's world semicon sales down two per cent on October's

    Channel 04 14:09

  • Xbox pics leak out

    Sourced to ZD rag

    Business 04 14:19

  • BarnesandNoble .com to drive digital publishing

    But does the public really want it?

    Media 04 14:27

  • 9to5cafe.com in jobs fry-up

    You want chips with that?

    Business 04 14:30

  • 2001: the first distie failures

    Channel Flannel

    Business 04 14:36

  • No! No! No! Captain Cyborg is back

    Starts all over again

    Bootnotes 04 15:13

  • Win Webmaster and wescue the Web

    10 copies up for grabs

    Bootnotes 04 15:18

  • IT budgets not growing so fast, shock horror

    America slowing

    Business 04 15:33

  • LibertySurf on the pull

    Flashes a bit of leg

    Business 04 15:35

  • The Case of the Free Mouse That Wasn't

    Distie blunders

    Business 04 16:03

  • BT to raise £2bn in property sell -off

    Broadband future safe, we're assured

    Business 04 16:09

  • Music to CD-Writers' ears

    A-Open touts faster tech

    Business 04 16:14

  • PC Phone Home (but watch those ads)

    Huge opportunity!

    Data Networking 04 16:17

  • VIA gulps down sales and asks for more

    Says will beat 2000 estimates

    Business 04 17:22

  • Confusion delays Cowpland insider trading trial to 2002

    Who's responsible? The other guy, both parties claim

    Business 04 18:00

  • Pepsi site hacked and smacked

    Not for very long though

    Media 04 18:01

  • Anand gets the Celery out

    How many overclockers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Hardware Roundup 04 18:04

  • The teenage dotcom millionaire and his ever increasing page impressions

    Creative thinking

    Media 04 18:10