3rd January 2001 Archive

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  • Thousands of PS2s land in Essex

    On Antonov transport planes, no less

    Business 03 15:00

  • Is this the crappiest ever survey?

    And surprise, surprise, it's about WAP

    Data Networking 03 16:24

  • Chipzilla's 800MHz Celeron gripped and sorted

    HWRoundup Award ceremonies, backup power supplies and other silicon stuff

    Hardware Roundup 03 16:28

  • Tandy is dead. Long live Tandy

    Carphone Warehouse kills much-loved brand

    Business 03 16:59

  • Analysts slash IBM, Intel and Dell sales estimates

    Hard times ahead

    Business 03 17:01

  • Another chip survey proclaims $200bn sales in 2000

    Trade body gives its upbeat market view

    Channel 03 17:18

  • eToys to shut doors in Europe

    UK site dies on January 19

    Business 03 17:25

  • Heard the one about the Cyber-Pub?

    Futurologists set their sights on drinking dens

    Data Networking 03 17:31

  • Micron, Crucial step up cheap DDR plan

    Time for them to get cheaper

    Channel 03 18:04

  • Evil spammers jailed for two years

    50 million email blitz

    Media 03 18:39

  • Dotcom Death Race 2000

    £1.5bn venture cap cash down the drain

    Business 03 21:25

  • India hires teenage hack crack squad

    To catch a hacker

    Media 03 21:30