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Thousands of PS2s land in Essex

The Playstation 2 shortage is about to be eased as electronics retailer, Dixons, has flown in "some thousands" of new machines.

Is this the crappiest ever survey?

The word "survey" comes just behind "fire" and "bomb" in its power to make you dive for cover. But the Nielson Norman Consulting Group has outdone itself when it comes to hard conclusions based on flimsy evidence.
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Chipzilla's 800MHz Celeron gripped and sorted

Chipzilla's newly announced 800MHz Celeron gets ready for a close up over at Sharky's. Having finally made the switch to a 100MHz system bus, can Intel offer some resistance to the Duron? The short answer is no, it can't. Although the guys at Sharky's reckon it was a bit nifty for overclocking, it wasn't as fast as AMD's 800MHz cometition and it is noticeably more expensive. However, it still rated a seven out of ten, so check the review out here.
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Tandy is dead. Long live Tandy

We ran a story yesterday querying whether Tandy's online strategy had been pulled but the situation is far, far worse. At first, we couldn't, wouldn't believe it when reports came in that not only had Tandy's Web site been dead for several months but also huge numbers of Tandy shops have been shut down.
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Analysts slash IBM, Intel and Dell sales estimates

The gloom that has been surrounding the IT industry of late has deepened with the publication of analyst reports that take a pessimistic view on the prospects of leading technology companies.
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Another chip survey proclaims $200bn sales in 2000

You wait all your for a chip survey then you get two of 'em. Yesterday we gave you Dataquest's line, today its the turn of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).
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eToys to shut doors in Europe

eToys has warned it is to shut its doors in Europe, just 14 months after it started the business.

Heard the one about the Cyber-Pub?

Futurologists are predicting that wireless technology could soon make its way into that most hallowed of journalistic haunts: the Pub.
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Micron, Crucial step up cheap DDR plan

Micron's subsidiary Crucial, which sells memory upgrades, said today that it is offering a PC1600 DDR upgrade and is promoting the fact by selling that at the same price as SDRAM PC-133 modules.
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Evil spammers jailed for two years

Two Los Angeles men are to go to jail for their part in a bulk email scam which duped 12,000 people and severely impacted upon the operations of several, large US ISPs.
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Dotcom Death Race 2000

More than 200 dotcoms bit the dust last year, with up to 15,000 jobs lost worldwide.
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India hires teenage hack crack squad

India is to unleash a hit squad of teen hackers to fight cybercrime.