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Those Xmas draw results in full

While you're tucking into the last of the turkey and mince pies, spare a thought for those who are less fortunate than yourselves - nurses, railtrack employees and the Vulture Central competitions department.
Lester Haines, 27 Dec 2000

MS to go all out with US Xbox rollout – Europe waits till 2002

The Xbox won't make it to Europe until Q1 2002, Microsoft has announced, and although it will be rolled out in the US and Japan in fall 2001, it seems highly likely that the company will put the bulk of its manufacturing and marketing efforts into achieving a spectacular US rollout for the 2001 holiday season.
John Lettice, 27 Dec 2000

How Dubya can spring MS from the DoJ rap

America having now decided (sort of), a decision on the Microsoft matter now looms for President-elect Bush. According to yesterday's New York Times Dubya is tilting in the direction of easing up on Bill and his merry men, but we don't think this is the sound of the other shoe dropping we've been expecting for a while now.
John Lettice, 27 Dec 2000

What PC should I buy next?

Buyer's GuideOn Yuleday, we had a call from a relative who also happens to be a Register reader. It's time for him to upgrade his Packard Bell PC, a machine which came with a stonking 16Mb of memory when he bought it a couple of years back for around one thousand nicker.
Mike Magee, 27 Dec 2000

Win2k for Alpha alive, well, and loose on the Web

Win2k for Alpha is alive, as well as can be expected under the circumstances, and escaped into the wild some time back. Despite our confident assertion yesterday that Windows 2000 Professional for Alpha build 2128 was firmly under lock and key, it appears to be available for download.
John Lettice, 27 Dec 2000

Choc giant heavies ‘kinder’ charity

When chocolate giant Ferrero came up with the Kinder Surprise egg, they were on to a winner. The combination of cocoa powder and plastic toy is guaranteed to sent any child running uncontrollably around the living room with excitement.
Lester Haines, 27 Dec 2000

Internet.com buys up EarthWeb sites

Internet.com has agreed to buy fellow New York dotcom EarthWeb's assorted collection of tech content Web sites.
Linda Harrison, 27 Dec 2000

US gets heavy with suspected eBay scamsters

US authorities have arrested one man and indicted another suspected of fleecing customers on eBay.
Linda Harrison, 27 Dec 2000

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