27th December 2000 Archive

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  • Those Xmas draw results in full

    A bulging sack of lucky readers

    Bootnotes 27 04:01

  • MS to go all out with US Xbox rollout – Europe waits till 2002

    Not shipping to meet customer needs. It's the way they tell them...

    Business 27 11:08

  • How Dubya can spring MS from the DoJ rap

    The bad stuff goes on appeal, then they cut a painless deal, we reckon

    Software 27 11:10

  • What PC should I buy next?

    This is a very sticky, tricky wicket

    Business 27 11:16

  • Win2k for Alpha alive, well, and loose on the Web

    Never say never...

    Software 27 12:07

  • Choc giant heavies ‘kinder’ charity

    Ferrero snatches candy from baby

    Media 27 13:04

  • Internet.com buys up EarthWeb sites

    100 jobs down virtual plughole

    Media 27 23:51

  • US gets heavy with suspected eBay scamsters

    Punters say they sent money, but never received goods

    Media 27 23:52