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W2K for Alpha lurks in MS cubicles

Compaq and Microsoft have once more gone out of their way to deny that they will launch a version of Windows 2000 Pro for the Alpha chip platform, but the software does exist.
Mike Magee, 26 Dec 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

China slashes telecoms costs

China is to cut the cost of using telecoms services by 50 per cent, according to reports from the country's capital.
Tim Richardson, 26 Dec 2000

Egghead.com hacked

Seattle-based technology etailer, Egghead.com, has had a miserable Christmas after admitting it was hacked late last week.
Tim Richardson, 26 Dec 2000

UK Govt to investigate BT

The British Government is to investigate BT amid concerns the monster telco has failed to respond sufficiently to moves to open up its network to competition.
Tim Richardson, 26 Dec 2000

PC Vendor Bender

The year 2000 will not be remembered as a golden year for the PC industry. Manufacturers struggled to get over Y2K order slumps at the start of the year, only to be greeted at the end of it with another sales slowdown - in the quarter when they expected to do the briskest business.
Linda Harrison, 26 Dec 2000

The insane domain name game

Madonna, Sting, Microsoft, William Hague - they've all had brushes with "cybersquatters" this year and survived.
Linda Harrison, 26 Dec 2000

Dotcom worker's rampage leaves 7 dead

UpdatedAn employee of Internet consulting outfit Edgewater Technology went berserk in the Boston-area office on Boxing Day and shot dead seven of his co-workers.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Dec 2000

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