26th December 2000 Archive

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  • W2K for Alpha lurks in MS cubicles

    It will never see the light of day

    Software 26 11:39

  • China slashes telecoms costs

    Season of goodwill and all that

    Data Networking 26 12:35

  • Egghead.com hacked

    Shell ripped off and soldiers dipped into runny yolk

    Media 26 12:38

  • UK Govt to investigate BT

    Have the turkeys finally come home to roost?

    Media 26 12:38

  • PC Vendor Bender

    Crap year all round for Top Five

    Business 26 20:08

  • The insane domain name game

    Harry Potter, Cybersquatter

    Media 26 20:19

  • Dotcom worker's rampage leaves 7 dead

    Garnished wages may have been the trigger

    Media 26 21:00