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Intel to push Rambus hard in 2001

Roadmap The introduction of the 1.3GHz Pentium 4 at an attractive price point is part of Intel's overall strategy for this to be the mainstream microprocessor by the end of next year.
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Intel's notebook prices, strategy for 2001

Roadmap In Q4 of next year, Intel aims to introduce two Tualatin (.13 micron) notebook chips at 1.20GHz, and a slightly lesser speed.
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Toshiba, Infineon form FRAM fraternity

Toshiba is to team up with Infineon to fund the development and production of Ferroelectric RAM - FRAM - chips for next-generation cellphones.
Cat 5 cable

Cisco IPv6 kit to ship next February

Cisco will begin shipping routers capable of supporting version six of the Internet Protocol (IP) late February 2001 - around six months later than planned.
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More chip vendor woe

Chartered Semiconductor, the custom chip manufacturer, warned yesterday that next year's sales and profits would not meet expectations.
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QXL shares going going gone

Shares in online auctioneer QXL Ricardo hit an all time low yesterday, making it the first British member of an elite gang of dotcoms which have seen their stock lose 99 per cent of their value.
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Salon.com ‘eliminates’ 25 jobs

US media outfit Salon.com has axed 25 jobs - around 20 per cent of its workforce - in a bid to cut costs and steer the outfit to profitability.
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UK cop shops to be checked for pirated software

The UK's police forces are going to be audited see if they're running pirated or unlicensed software. This is because at least one force has been caught running counterfeit copies of MS Office.
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Mac Rumour Roundup PowerBook G4 goes Nvidia

Apple's next PowerBook release, codenamed Mercury, will ship with an Nvidia graphics system and not a part from the company's long-time graphics partner, ATI.
SGI logo hardware close-up

Lucent to restate sales and cut 10,000 jobs

Telecoms equipment manufacturer Lucent plans to restate its fourth quarter sales for a second time and embark on a swingeing $1bn programme of job cuts, according to a report by Bloomberg this morning.
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AOL UK inks major distribution deal with Kingfisher

AOL UK has signed a major distribution deal with Kingfisher that will see the ISP's 24/7 unmetered software CDs available in 2061 stores throughout the country.
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Intel releases USB 2.0 host interface spec.

Intel has published a single, unified spec. that will allow Microsoft, Apple, Red Hat, Sun and other OS makers to support USB 2.0 host controllers.
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Have Net and have not divide grows

The digital divide has grown, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics, despite an overall swelling of the online population in the last 18 months.
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Lawyer who launched Claire Swire email keeps job

The man that sparked off the whole Claire Swire email debacle (and whose ejaculate is yum), Bradley Chait, has been formally disciplined but not fired. His company, City law firm Norton Rose, started disciplinary proceedings against Chait and four other employees soon after the extent of the email became clear.

US wireless auction: what a palaver

It would seem that Xmas panto culture has crossed the Atlantic and set up shop in the mobile market. "US wireless auction a failure", "Oh no it's not", "Oh yes it is".
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Dell chops US laptop prices

Dell has chopped up to 20 per cent off laptop prices in the US.
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MPs discover the fun of cyberpranks

Politicians have been told to stop using the Net to conduct "dirty tricks" campaigns against one another.
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Nasty hybrid virus gift unwraps on Xmas day

A mutation of a dangerous virus could render the computers of infected users inoperable this Christmas.
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Warner Brothers bullying ruins Field family Xmas

Warner Brothers' lawy firm Theodore Goddard, and The Reg are all pretty hard, cynical bastards but we all need to be reminded once in a while that most people aren't.
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BT jumps gun on i-mode trademark

BT has been busy squirreling away trademarks in preparation for Japanese telecoms giant NTT DoCoMo's debut in Europe next year.

Mobile phone user found in contempt of court

Magistrates who took exception to a woman whose mobile phone rang during a court session have fined her £10.
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T'bird kicks Coppermine butt

HWRoundup HardwareOC takes the one-gig offerings from both of the big chip players and takes them both out for a spin, along with a handful of their less speedy friends. First place goes to the Thunderbird in this instance. Click here to find out why.