21st December 2000 Archive

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  • Intel to push Rambus hard in 2001

    Has to cos of P4 ramp

    Channel 21 09:35

  • Intel's notebook prices, strategy for 2001

    1.20GHz Tualatins to arrive Q4 2001

    Channel 21 09:59

  • Toshiba, Infineon form FRAM fraternity

    $60m plan to produce commercial chips by 2002

    Channel 21 10:44

  • Cisco IPv6 kit to ship next February

    Will pave way for zillion new Net addresses

    Data Networking 21 10:48

  • More chip vendor woe

    CSM warns of semiconductor glut

    Channel 21 11:04

  • QXL shares going going gone

    How low can you go

    Business 21 11:28

  • Salon.com ‘eliminates’ 25 jobs

    Blood on the floor

    Business 21 11:57

  • UK cop shops to be checked for pirated software

    Top brass to stamp down on computer crime

    Business 21 11:57

  • Mac Rumour Roundup PowerBook G4 goes Nvidia

    Next-gen pro laptop to sport GeForce 2 graphics

    Mac Channel 21 12:11

  • Lucent to restate sales and cut 10,000 jobs

    CEO Schacht schichts on staff

    Data Networking 21 12:37

  • AOL UK inks major distribution deal with Kingfisher

    You won't be able to move for CDs

    Media 21 12:38

  • Intel releases USB 2.0 host interface spec.


    Business 21 13:59

  • Have Net and have not divide grows

    No surprise - young proff men online the most

    Media 21 15:06

  • Lawyer who launched Claire Swire email keeps job

    Disciplined but not dismissed

    Media 21 15:15

  • US wireless auction: what a palaver

    The election saga relived on the airwaves

    Data Networking 21 15:18

  • Dell chops US laptop prices

    Up to 20 per cent cheaper

    Business 21 15:32

  • MPs discover the fun of cyberpranks

    But the Speaker was not amused

    Media 21 16:16

  • Nasty hybrid virus gift unwraps on Xmas day

    Kriz virus/ bymer worm party bundle

    Software 21 17:24

  • Warner Brothers bullying ruins Field family Xmas

    Father takes a few days off work; daughter in tears

    Media 21 17:28

  • BT jumps gun on i-mode trademark

    Registers a dozen versions of Japanese brand in UK

    Media 21 17:31

  • Mobile phone user found in contempt of court

    Woman feels ring sting

    Data Networking 21 17:36

  • T'bird kicks Coppermine butt

    Custom DVD players and mobo action

    Hardware Roundup 21 17:40