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BT strong-armed to offer wholesale leased lines

The grinding wheels of regulatory bureaucracy have ruled today that BT must allow rival telcos to compete.
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Red Hat ships 64-bit Linux beta

Red Hat today released the first public beta version of its upcoming 64-bit Linux distribution for Intel's IA-64 architecture.
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Beenz meenz job cuts

Online loyalty Web currency outfit beenz.com has axed 25 jobs in the US and is looking for a further 18 volunteers in the UK.
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3dfx staff start job hunts

Enterprising 3dfx staffers have already begun touting their services to potential employers through a new Web site - x3dfx.com (geddit?!?)
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Napster partner urged to curb Nazi song swaps

German media giant Bertelsmann has said it will co-operate with the country's Constitutional Protection Office to eliminate neo-Nazi songs from Napster - but it's not sure what it can really do to help.
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Pentium 4 prices and speeds, January to June

Roadmap We must have more pints of cider with our buddies.
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Sega to create games for Net appliances

Sega is looking to the emerging Internet appliance market as a new games platform as the company struggles to make its way in the PlayStation 2 era.

Foundry issues second profit warning

Shares in US networking equipment maker Foundry Networks almost halved in value yesterday after it issued a second profit warning.
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AMD takeover rumour rolls again

Consider this. AMD share's price closed on Wall Street last night at $15.375.
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Creative cuts sales forecast

Sound card supremo Creative Technology has lowered its Q2 sales forecast because its big PC vendor customers are buying less.
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Meet the Warner Bros: Jekyll and Hyde

Warner Brothers' stated approach to Harry Potter fan Web sites is in direct contradiction to what is really happening. Not only that but our suspicion that it believes it has a right to any domain containing any reference to Harry Potter has been confirmed. And it doesn't even look at people's sites before firing off threatening legal letters.

MPs give BT broadband thumbs up

It was billed as the big showdown - a chance to humiliate BT publicly in front of an audience of influential parliamentarians. Rival telcos lined up in front of the trade and industry select committee yesterday to recount tales of sharp practise, dirty tricks, foot dragging and obstructive behaviour concerning local loop unbundling (LLU).
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Ballmer tells MS troops to work harder, spend less

Microsoft president Steve Ballmer is planning cutbacks - maybe. In a 4,000 word memo to staff leaked to CNet,* and followed up by a company-wide webcast on Tuesday, Ballmer called for a return to "the kind of cost-conscious culture that marked Microsoft's earlier years," and said investment would be scaled back from the original 2001 plan.

US says cell phones won't kill you

There is no link between mobile phone use and brain cancer, at least in the short term, according to a study of a group of brain cancer patients in the US.
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TSMC to chop chip output

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) is chopping chip production in Q1 of 2001 due to slowing demand.
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Claire Swire email claims nine more victims

Nine members of staff at the Financial Services Authority have been suspended because they forwarded the now infamous Claire Swire email. They may also lose their Christmas bonuses.
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Le Freeswerve shares fall on lottery news

Le Freeswerve was quick out of the blocks this morning to announce it would be working with lottery operator, Camelot, as the sole provider of national lottery tickets online.
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Gameplay loses UK MD

Multiplatform games outfit Gameplay has lost its UK MD and replaced him with a triumvirate of executives.
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Railtrack's phone mast frenzy

Plans to deploy over 5000 new mobile phone masts have been unveiled by Marconi and Railtrack, as part of their new joint venture, Euromast.
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OpenBSD exploit gets serious

An esoteric buffer overflow bug in OpenBSD has been upgraded in importance after it was discovered that, in certain conditions, it could allow a cracker to gain remote access to a server.
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Telewest threatens to derail unmetered Net access in UK

Telewest has warned it will take legal action against Oftel unless it makes changes to the introduction of the wholesale unmetered Net access product, FRIACO.
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Vivendi staff get free PC through PeoplePC deal

Vivendi is to stick a PC with Internet access into every employee's home through a deal with US ISP PeoplePC.
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Tualatin a big B-step for Intelkind

Roadmap One slide of the lastest Intel roadmap the mole showed us before he scurried off into the streets of the West End yesterday, told tales of Tualatin.
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More pumped up P4 posting

Well, we thought they'd stopped coming in, but One2Surf has posted a review of the P4. It couldn't go by without a mention, so if you want to get yet more info on Chipzilla's fourth P, go here.
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Security patch distribution – it's trojan time

The way operating system vendors issue security patches is insecure, in many cases, and could let crackers exploit this to trick users into loading trojan horses onto their systems.
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Reg Xmas curry cracker

Vulture Central yesterday celebrated a cracking year in the traditional style - papadoms, beer and good cheer. Witty conversation and revelry were the order of the night as delirious hacks worked their way through an enormous quantity of pilau rice and Kingfisher lager.
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Stealth plan puts copy protection into every hard drive

Exclusive Hastening a rapid demise for the free copying of digital media, the next generation of hard disks is likely to come with copyright protection countermeasures built in.
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How many MS OSes does it take to change a lightbulb?

In Microsoft's vision, the PCs of the future are easier to use, harder to break, and their software is difficult (preferably impossible) to pirate. One of the problems with this, from the user's point of view, is that these PCs will tend to be much more constrained environments, achieving Microsoft's notion of simple (Windows) computing, but sabotaging the techie's desire to fiddle around with the stuff and break it.
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Notebook slump hits America

Notebook PC makers could be in for an even worse time than their desktop PC counterparts.
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eMachines to miss sales targets

eMachines has joined the barrage of revenue warnings spewing from the IT industry this festive season.
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Palm laughs in face of PC panic

Palm gloated over its fourth straight quarter of triple digit sales growth today.
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Micron shares tumble

Micron Electronics met lowered estimates for its first fiscal quarter today, while its share price tumbled.