20th December 2000 Archive

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  • BT strong-armed to offer wholesale leased lines

    More tough-talking from the winged watchdog

    Data Networking 20 10:20

  • Red Hat ships 64-bit Linux beta

    First public test release

    Software 20 10:54

  • Beenz meenz job cuts

    When you gotta go, you gotta go

    Business 20 10:56

  • 3dfx staff start job hunts

    Belfast team set up resumé site

    Channel 20 10:57

  • Napster partner urged to curb Nazi song swaps

    Bertelsmann must act to ban racists, demand German authorities

    Media 20 11:19

  • Pentium 4 prices and speeds, January to June

    Here we go again

    Channel 20 11:33

  • Sega to create games for Net appliances

    JV to create network gaming core code

    Software 20 11:47

  • Foundry issues second profit warning

    Networking stock prices dive due to telecoms slowdown

    Data Networking 20 12:02

  • AMD takeover rumour rolls again

    Yup, it's sheer speculation

    Channel 20 12:03

  • Creative cuts sales forecast

    PC slowdown knock on

    Business 20 12:03

  • Meet the Warner Bros: Jekyll and Hyde

    The truth behind the Harry Potter domain bullying

    Media 20 12:41

  • MPs give BT broadband thumbs up

    Monster telco let off the hook

    Data Networking 20 12:43

  • Ballmer tells MS troops to work harder, spend less

    Return to the 'old days' - we must have missed them...

    Software 20 12:56

  • US says cell phones won't kill you

    At least, not yet... probably...

    Data Networking 20 13:15

  • TSMC to chop chip output

    Demand is sliding

    Channel 20 13:19

  • Claire Swire email claims nine more victims

    FSA employees suspended for forwarding explicit communique

    Media 20 14:52

  • Le Freeswerve shares fall on lottery news

    What a balls up

    Business 20 14:55

  • Gameplay loses UK MD

    Bloody careless don't you think?

    Business 20 15:00

  • Railtrack's phone mast frenzy

    Gets in ahead of the 3G rush

    Data Networking 20 15:21

  • OpenBSD exploit gets serious

    Gives crackers server access

    Software 20 15:24

  • Telewest threatens to derail unmetered Net access in UK

    Scrooge is a saint compared to these guys

    Media 20 15:55

  • Vivendi staff get free PC through PeoplePC deal

    US ISP breaks into Euro corporate market

    Media 20 16:43

  • Tualatin a big B-step for Intelkind

    Celerons and the universal mobo

    Channel 20 17:16

  • More pumped up P4 posting

    HWRoundup Some 3DFX motion blur

    Hardware Roundup 20 18:24

  • Security patch distribution – it's trojan time

    Crackers could turn cure into disease

    Software 20 18:39

  • Reg Xmas curry cracker

    A night to remember

    Bootnotes 20 18:44

  • Stealth plan puts copy protection into every hard drive

    And buggers backups, imaging and RAID

    Software 20 19:52

  • How many MS OSes does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Why anti-piracy lockdowns doth make pirates of us all...

    Software 20 19:53

  • Notebook slump hits America

    Vendor panic

    Business 20 21:39

  • eMachines to miss sales targets

    Lingering doom and gloom

    Business 20 21:41

  • Palm laughs in face of PC panic

    Slump! What Slump?

    Business 20 22:42

  • Micron shares tumble

    Meets lower targets

    Business 20 22:46