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Foster, Xeon prices and strategies leak

RoadmapChip giant Intel will introduce 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz of its server version of the Pentium 4 - code-named Foster, at $490 and $695 respectively, when it launches them.
Mike Magee, 18 Dec 2000

Pentium III not long for this world

RoadmapThe roadmap we saw towards the end of last week demonstrates Intel's clear intent to eventually displace Pentium III processors with Pentium 4 and Foster technology. And the sooner the better, as far as the firm is concerned.
Mike Magee, 18 Dec 2000

PlayStation 2 upgrade glues games

Sony has denied responsibility for the failure of three PlayStation 2 games to work with the console's most recent revision. It's the software's fault, the consumer electronics giant said.
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2000

VIA centres sights on .13 micron Samuel II

VIA will focus more closely on low-power processors next year in a bid to beat off the blues induced by the global slowdown in PC sales.
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2000

Breathe losses rumoured to be £50 million

Modern urbanist ISP, Breathe, has collapsed with losses of £50 million, according to reports over the weekend.
Tim Richardson, 18 Dec 2000

Mac Rumour Roundup Apple's G4 vs. G3 plan

Apple will ship consumer-oriented iMacs and iBooks with higher clock speeds than its flagship Power Mac machines, according to company documents described over at MacOS Rumors.
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2000

Breathe calls in administrators

Modern urbanist ISP Breathe.net could be about to draw its last breath after it called in the administrators this morning.
Tim Richardson, 18 Dec 2000

Wanadoo in Euro buying spree

France Telecom's Internet unit, Wanadoo, is furthering its European expansion by buying Spain's Indice Multimedia for E360 million ($323 million). Indice has a ten per cent share of the Spanish Internet market. That's on top of the £1.6 billion it's paying for British ISP, Le Freeserve.
Team Register, 18 Dec 2000

$10m super'puter to crunch genetic code

Genetics research firm NuTec Sciences has ordered the largest supercomputer in the commercial world, to date, from IBM. The contract is worth $10 million.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Dec 2000

MS pushes business to Win2k via Win9x price hikes

Microsoft displayed its habitual exquisite timing last week, following up on the profit warning by kicking Windows ME and Windows 98 out of its corporate volume discount purchase plans. Effectively this will make it harder and more expensive for companies to buy the older Win9x software, and will channel them towards buying Win2k instead.
John Lettice, 18 Dec 2000

More email victims at Royal & SunAlliance

Insurance company Royal & SunAlliance has suspended 41 staff for distributing "lewd" Bart Simpson cartoons.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Dec 2000

24/7 Freecall pledges refunds

24/7 Freecall has pledged to refund Net users who've been booted off the service even though they had paid for the service.
Tim Richardson, 18 Dec 2000

Warner Bros/ Harry Potter dispute kicks off again

We thought it was all over, but the argument over the Harry Potter Web site run by 15-year-old Claire Field has kicked off again following her father's anger at media manipulation by Warner Brothers' head of publicity Barbara Brogliatti.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Dec 2000

Reg scores Quote of the Year

Lester Haines, 18 Dec 2000

Intel, Rambus beefing up legal departments

Intel is advertising for more lawyers to work on intellectual property and patents. The list of vacancies at the chip behemoth at HotJobs includes vacancies for an additional four attorneys.
Andrew Thomas, 18 Dec 2000

SAS Web site pulled

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has pulled the plug on a Web site dedicated to the Territorial Army branch of Britain's elite special forces unit, the Special Air Service (SAS).
John Leyden, 18 Dec 2000

Le Freeswerve – c'est magnifique

Le Freeswerve has halved the amount of cash it lost in the last quarter, it reported today.
Tim Richardson, 18 Dec 2000

Monster BT bill man gets reprieve

Remember Nick Everitt? He received a quarterly phone bill in September for £1,465 even though he was dialling a freephone Net access number. The bill, which was 467 pages, reduced his wife to tears.
Tim Richardson, 18 Dec 2000

Armed raiders seize back counterfeit goods

Irish police suspect that dissident Republicans are responsible for an armed hold-up during which counterfeit goods were seized back.
John Leyden, 18 Dec 2000

Sun selects Eazel's Nautilus for Solaris shell

Sun is to bundle Eazel's easy-to-use Linux front end, Nautilus, with its own Unix variant, Solaris.
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2000

eToys warns on revenues

eToys has warned that it won't be filling as many Christmas stockings as previously thought.
Linda Harrison, 18 Dec 2000

France says ‘non’ to US DVD imports

France has effectively banned the import of US DVDs by tightening a 1982 law designed to protect the nation's cinema industry.
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2000

Blue sky flash memory fizz

Flash memory looks set to get cheaper and more reliable if a new manufacturing technique developed by Lucent takes off.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Dec 2000

Baa.com – domain battle decided but case goes on

BAA plc may have secured the ownership of Baa.com, after the domains current owner Tom Bourke settled the domain dispute out of court, but previous owner Michael Lawrie is having none of it and vows to fight the big corporate all the way.
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Dec 2000

Port scans are legal

Kevin Poulsen, 18 Dec 2000

Linux Intel chipset chowdown

HWRoundupOver at Anand's today there is a battle for the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of the land of the penguin. The Intel 815 and BX chipsets face off against VIA's Apollo Pro 133A in thisLinux showdown.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Dec 2000

Kempin, star MS enforcer, gets Ballmer special projects gig

The man who pays the bills at Microsoft is switching over to overseeing "special projects" for company president Steve Ballmer. According to today's Wall Street Journal the switch of jobs for Joachim Kempin, the senior VP in charge of Microsoft's OEM software business, was announced in an internal Microsoft memo a few weeks ago.
John Lettice, 18 Dec 2000

Serious security slip at BTOpenwoe

Due to a serious security lapse, users signing up to BTOpenworld's ADSL service have been invited to send credit card details over an insecure internet connection.
John Leyden, 18 Dec 2000

Gateway turns showrooms into PC supermarkets

Gateway has changed its retail strategy in a last-ditch attempt to shift Christmas stock.
Linda Harrison, 18 Dec 2000

HP worker's fall from plane may have been suicide

A preliminary investigation has concluded that a Hewlett-Packard worker who fell 2,000 feet to her death from a plane last week probably committed suicide.
John Leyden, 18 Dec 2000

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