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Pentium 4 castrated to keep costs down

Not even Intel could afford to build Willamette aka Pentium 4 as it was originally designed, admitted a senior Intel engineer yesterday.
Andrew Thomas, 16 Dec 2000

AMD denies limiting mobile Duron family

AMD has denied that it is restricting access to socket and chip technology for its family of mobile Durons, and has claimed it is still on target for product introductions in the first quarter of next year.
Mike Magee, 16 Dec 2000

Celeron 800 tips up in Japan

Japan's Akiba Hotline is advertising the new 800MHz Celeron, the first Celery to sport a 100MHz front side bus. The part isn't scheduled for launch until January, but Akiba has a tradition of being the first store on the block with new processors.
Andrew Thomas, 16 Dec 2000

Intel to slash P4 prices 28 Jan

RoadmapThe latest roadmap Intel has showed its customers reveals that it will take the axe to prices of its 1.4 and 1.5 Pentium 4s on 28 January 2001.
Mike Magee, 16 Dec 2000

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