15th December 2000 Archive

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  • Consumer Profile Exchange could protect privacy

    If Congress would get off its ass, that is

    Media 15 07:32

  • Homechoice loses email

    Checked back of sofa, not there. Must be spammers...

    Media 15 09:59

  • Express sells four Web sites for £1

    Old media shafts newmeejah

    Business 15 10:21

  • Corel Linux sell-off nearly a done deal

    Or might it be buying something instead?

    Software 15 10:29

  • Taiwan snaps at heels of Jap LCD market

    Is that sun rising or setting?

    Business 15 11:02

  • Red Hat shaves loss to $900k

    Revenues up 112 per cent too

    Business 15 11:06

  • Net users are Lunatics

    Moon affects the way we use phones and stuff

    Media 15 12:01

  • United halves newmeejah spend

    The great e-xperiment dies a long and painful death

    Business 15 12:01

  • The Incredible Shrinking Merisel

    Channel Flannel

    Business 15 12:32

  • HP worker ‘missing’ after plane door opens mid-flight

    Search for high-flying purchasing executive

    Bootnotes 15 12:52

  • BTinternet offers 24/7 unmetered Net access

    And you thought the Virgin birth was a miracle

    Media 15 13:25

  • Warner Bros backs down on Harry Potter Web site

    Suddenly Claire Field is the conglomerate's best friend. Funny that...

    Media 15 13:35

  • Korean duo do each other in after suicide site meet

    The site gave them poison advice

    Media 15 13:43

  • EO cans news team

    And jobs go at VNU

    Business 15 13:45

  • Group pitches CD-R, DVD compatibility

    Standard to allow consumer kit to player computer-burned discs

    Business 15 15:05

  • Microsoft hacked in the Balkans

    Pro-Linux graffiti artist exploits 'weakest link'

    Media 15 15:26

  • Corel responds to Linux sale speculation

    The official line is there is no official line. Or something like that

    Software 15 15:38

  • Infineon buys into Ramtron

    FRAM, DRAM, thank you, ma'am

    Channel 15 15:59

  • Toshiba latest victim of US PC slump

    But will get a lift from elevator sales

    Business 15 16:00

  • Claire Swire: wanna know who she is?

    Well click here then

    Bootnotes 15 16:02

  • DRAM makers sit on stocks

    How long can they hold out?

    Channel 15 16:49

  • Thus virus variant is not very scary

    But make sure you're backing up

    Software 15 16:51

  • Don't use such foul language on the site, you wa*kers

    Tut tut tut

    Letters 15 16:55

  • Flame of the Week: we're a bunch of tits

    Well, at least she spelt "tits" right

    Letters 15 16:56

  • Major MS pirate pleads guilty

    He had a $2m business going

    Business 15 16:57

  • Reg staffer cut off by 24-7 Freecall

    Great business decisions of our time

    Media 15 16:59

  • Website combines spam with encryption

    Hide your secrets in rubbish

    Media 15 17:14

  • Shoot 'em up shoot outs and Soltek exclusives

    HWRoundup It's a beauty

    Hardware Roundup 15 17:21

  • Southpark meets Wallace and Gromit

    Shockwave and Atomfilms in broadband e-entertainment orgy

    Business 15 17:25

  • Is the end looming for the Microsoft monopoly?

    There are signs the wheels might be coming off the gravy train...

    Software 15 17:58

  • So, ole Dubya finally finally wins

    And you're still not happy

    Letters 15 17:58

  • Prodigy to fight BT's ‘shameless’ hyperlinks patent lawsuit

    Issues rallying call for others to stand against monster telco

    Media 15 18:14

  • Best of the Rest: Harry Potter, Kevin Warwick, Lara Croft

    Now that would be an interesting three-some

    Letters 15 18:31

  • Readers' Letters filth, filth, filth

    Swear words and Bill Clinton's replacement

    Letters 15 18:34

  • Int'l cybercrime treaty remains horrid

    CoE listens to law enforcement, but few others

    Media 15 19:30

  • BugTraq, @Stake differ on vulnerability reports

    And we think they're both right

    Media 15 22:04

  • Nvidia agrees to buy ailing 3dfx for $112m

    3dfx will lay off most of staff and dissolve

    Business 15 23:32

  • Ellison richer than Gates?

    Bill's shares lose $4.5 billion in one day

    Bootnotes 15 23:34

  • Korean sex-swap op pulls in the hits

    Thousands log on to see what gets lopped off

    Media 15 23:36