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AT&T porn channel challenged by religious investors

The US Supreme Court may have relaxed regulations restricting porn on cable TV this year, but that can't prevent dissatisfied shareholders from leveraging the Almighty Greenback against purveyors of filth in a free market.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Dec 2000

EMI digital music licensee list grows

Musicbank has become the latest company to license EMI's digital music archive in return for cash and warrants to buy an equity stake in the online business.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2000

Palm creator ‘calls’ Symbian boss in OS' defence

PalmSourceThe creator of the Palm and co-founder of Handspring, Jeff Hawkins, defended the platform's technical deficiencies a knockabout session at PalmSource yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Dec 2000

MEP slams Net purchase tax

A European politician wants purchase tax to be scrapped on all goods delivered over the Net.
Tim Richardson, 14 Dec 2000

RM shuns £300m Northern Ireland contract

RM, the UK's biggest IT supplier for schools, has walked away from a ten-year £300 million contract to supply all the IT for Northern Ireland schools. RM, with JV partner ICL, was the only company negotiating for the deal, which would have been Britain's biggest ever education contract, but said it could not accept onerous penalty clauses demanded by Northern Ireland.
Drew Cullen, 14 Dec 2000

Hard cases for hardcases: Palm debuts Bluetooth kits

PalmSourceWith only five 16-bit fishes, and two not-quite-multitasking loaves of bread, Palm fed its multitude of developers some Bluetooth technology yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Dec 2000

Metallica sues Napster perfume producer

Litigious thrash band Metallica has taken to law again, this time in pursuit of a perfumier.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2000

Self censoring site rating system surfaces

A new rating system for Web sites, designed to protect kids surfing the Net and their nervous parents, was unveiled yesterday.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Dec 2000

Intel stock price cheap? You must be joking

Intel share price equals its historic high, standing at a price/earnings ratio of 30, a tech analyst claims.
Drew Cullen, 14 Dec 2000

Nintendo sets 24m target for next-gen GameBoy

Nintendo has promised to produce 24 million GameBoy Advance handheld game consoles during the product's first year on sale - with one million of them flying through shop doors in the first ten days.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2000

Dotcom Entrepreneur of the Year sacks quarter of workforce

British dotcom consultancy, Rubus - voted CBI Most Promising New Company 1999 - has axed 75 people from it staff.
Team Register, 14 Dec 2000

US DSL market slows

The DSL modem market slowed a little in the last quarter as subscription rates were damaged by a strike at Verizon. However, despite this, the introduction of the DOCSIS certification bolstered the cable modem market enough that shipments increased.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Dec 2000

Bill Gates shot in mock documentary

An independent film that follows a conspiracy surrounding the fictional death of Bill Gates is scheduled to appear on the festival circuit early next year.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2000

Tech firms' top brass work round low pay

Senior staffers at technology companies earn much less than their old economy counterparts, but jack up their remuneration with very generous share option schemes.
Robert Blincoe, 14 Dec 2000

Ofcom: It's about broadband, stupid

AnalysisSo the Government has become the proud single parent of a bouncing new super communications regulatory agency, Ofcom, writes Tom Steinberg.
Our correspondent, 14 Dec 2000

Compaq to OEM TurboLinux

Compaq is to bundle TurboLinux's version of the open source operating system with its Intel-based ProLiant, and perhaps AlphaServer and AlphaStation systems, the company said today - just weeks after touting Red Hat's Red Hat Linux 7 on its Alpha machines.
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2000

IBM ships revamped mainframe

IBM is to begin shipment of its first G7 mainframe, today, as well as an enhanced storage system.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2000

ISP Freecall kicks off 1000 ‘abusers’

Unmetered ISP 24/7 Freecall has axed 1000 users from its service because it claims they "abused" the service.
Tim Richardson, 14 Dec 2000

Women like HP more than men do

Women and men have different brand loyalties when it comes to buying computers, and someone's done the research to prove it.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Dec 2000

AMD, Alliance patch up differences

AMD and Alliance Semiconductor have agreed settlement terms for AMD's patent infringement lawsuit filed in 1996. Alliance and AMD will drop their claims and counterclaims against each other and Alliance will pay AMD an undisclosed sum for past damages.
Andrew Thomas, 14 Dec 2000

BT launches US hyperlinks legal action

BT - which owns the patent to hypertext links - has begun its legal fight to claim back millions of dollars in licensing revenue from US ISPs.
Tim Richardson, 14 Dec 2000

Acer to ditch OEM PC business?

Acer Inc. is considering dumping its OEM PC business.
Linda Harrison, 14 Dec 2000

Asus P4 mobo pees on Intel board

Motherboards, Intel and Asus. It can only be the P4T i850 motherboard, from Asus, for the P4. Sharky checks it out here. He reckons Asus has the Midas touch, so its bound to be scorcher.
Lucy Sherriff, 14 Dec 2000

BAA.com domain battle settled out of court

The legal battle over the ownership of www.baa.com has been settled out of court after its owner, Tom Bourke, was no longer able to afford the heavy legal fees.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Dec 2000
Cat 5 cable

3G's rubbish

We all knew that it was going to be a wait for 3G mobile phones, but according to projections shown to us today by Citrix, it may be a longer one than anyone thought.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Dec 2000

FTC blesses AOL/Time Warner nuptials

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Thursday finally approved the proposed $111 billion merger of America Online and Time Warner after reaching a settlement purportedly requiring the vast, resulting media combo to keep its broadband pipes open to competing ISPs.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Dec 2000

Yummy Claire: we try to clear up this mess

Well, good lord, the Great Claire Debate of 2000 (see: Is this the greatest ever email hoax?). We spent most of yesterday trying to get to the bottom of the whole affair while being continually bombarded with sightings, extra "info", outright lies and accusations of stupidity. You, the readers, provided us with just over 400 emails, 30 of whom claimed to be from Claire and five of which were useful. But thanks anyway.
Kieren McCarthy, 14 Dec 2000

Compromise sought in Windows bug copyright saga

The moderator of a security mailing list BugTraq has won the backing of its readers in insisting that Microsoft, and another vendor, @Stake, allow him to post advisories on security problems in full.
John Leyden, 14 Dec 2000

Xmas panic means PC fire sales

IT giants are virtually giving away products in the scramble to fill American Christmas stockings.
Linda Harrison, 14 Dec 2000
Stack of dollars. photo by shutterstock

Mighty Microsoft to miss sales targets

Mighty Microsoft today cut earnings and revenue forecast for its fiscal second quarter by five to six per cent. It also lowered estimates for full fiscal 2001 by a similar amount.
Linda Harrison, 14 Dec 2000

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