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Motorola offers Palm an ARMball lifeline

Motorola offered Palm a rope bridge yesterday by announcing new 32-bit ARM-based processors that include elements of the 16-bit Dragonball chips it uses today.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2000

Taiwanese axis beats AMD, Intel to .13 micron

Via and the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) may have had their differences earlier this year but those seem to have been settled behind the scenes.
Mike Magee, 12 Dec 2000

AMD-Intel ‘big willy’ boasts backfire

Computer and chip journalists found themselves the unwilling pawns of the PR wings of both AMD and Intel throughout this year and the end of last, but it looks like their boastful claims have cost the industry dearly.
Mike Magee, 12 Dec 2000

Smackdown! Wrestling site publishes customer logs

Mixing Microsoft's technology brawn with Pro-Wrestling's brains was a disaster waiting to happen, and so it has turned out to be. A poorly-configured NT server run by the US World Wrestling Federation is inadvertently providing transaction records for thousands of customers of the site.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Dec 2000

Register launches VultureFone™

How's this for a Christmas treat? Want to give your mobile phone that Register touch? Then customise your phone with your favourite newssite's Vulture logo.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2000

AOL talks to Sony about PlayStation 2 deal

AOL is talking to Sony about providing access to its online service and the Internet to all those PlayStation 2 users out there. Well, the ones who've managed to get hold of a console, at least.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2000

Car black box privacy threat

Car giant General Motors is facing a lawsuit claiming that it has violated privacy laws by installing black box recorders in its vehicles to record information about speed, braking and seat belt use in the moments leading up to a crash, reports Bloomberg.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Dec 2000

Government drowned by Net demand

A tide of Internet users looking for information on the UK flood situation has shaken the Environment Agency's Web site and caused it to ask its own staff not to use the service if they can avoid it.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

World's smallest wine glass boost for drink drivers

NEC boffins have built a wine glass 200,000 times smaller than normal. 'Why?' might be one immediate response. 'Do the laws of physics allow the formation of a drop of wine that small?' could be another.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Dec 2000

Palm sales to surpass expectations – Bear Stearns

The PC market may be depressed, but demand for PDAs - and those from Palm and Handspring in particular - remains high, according to a survey by US broker Bear Stearns.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2000

Energis would prefer Dutch oven…

Energis has shrugged off reports that Dutch telco KPNQwest has singled it out as a possible takeover target.
Tim Richardson, 12 Dec 2000

Sun denies accounting irregularities

Sun Microsystems has denied rumours that "accounting irregularities" might force it to revise its stated revenues.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2000

PlayStation 2 Web store owner arrested for fraud

Police in Canada yesterday arrested the developer of two Web sites allegedly created solely to rip off potential PlayStation 2 owners.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2000

Compaq shows off PCI-X prototype

The industry got its first sniff of the long awaited PCI-X connection technology yesterday as Compaq released the first prototype computers for testing.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2000

More DDR chipsets coming RSN

Another brace of DDR chipsets are on the way. SiS' 635 and 735 are designed for Intel Socket 370 and AMD Socket A processors respectively. The 635 will also support Intel's forthcoming 0.13 micron Pentium III die shrink, Tualatin.
Andrew Thomas, 12 Dec 2000

Vizzavi frogmarches Brit users to toe Euro line

British Net users are being forced to adopt European Net practices - and all in the name of uniformity.
Tim Richardson, 12 Dec 2000

The deathknell for 3G phones?

A Finnish professor reckons he has the means by which to make 3G phones obsolete, making a mockery of the billions spent on the spectrum licences for the next-generation phones.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

Voodoo 4 or 3 cash dilemma

You want Anand's take on the new Intel manufacturing stuff? Click here. And he even managed to restrict himself to a mere seven pages.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2000

Computer games cripple kiddies

Not content with wasting the health service's time by jamming their heads into saucepans and falling out of trees, kids have found a new way of damaging themselves - and all in the safety of their own homes.
Lester Haines, 12 Dec 2000

Nasa backs project to develop crash-proof computers

IT industry heavyweights have this week signed up to work on Nasa-backed research project whose bold aim is to make computer crashes a thing of the past.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2000

World's largest Linux supercomputer to sniff out oil

Petroleum company Shell will use what it reckons will be the world's largest Linux-based supercomputer to help ensure the West doesn't run out of gasoline just yet.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2000

Chinese chap's cancer chronicle cheated censor

A Chinese man, who published excerpts of his diary online describing his last months alive, has died of cancer.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2000

Reg to fight for Harry Potter ‘cybersquatter’

Following our story on Friday regarding 15-year-old Claire Field, who was served with a legal letter from Warner Brothers ordering her to hand over her www.harrypotterguide.co.uk domain, we have been inundated with angry readers pledging their support.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

Apple, Sun, Cisco et al to set streaming media standard

A bunch of famous companies and a not-so-famous one today unveiled the latest in a very long line of industry bodies to develop a set of open standards, in this case streaming live audio and video over the Net.
Tony Smith, 12 Dec 2000

Linux lacks P4 support – nobody at all dead

Most current Linux distributions don't run on the Pentium 4, but it's nobody's fault, and nobody much cares. Intel itself confirms that only Red Hat and TurboLinux will install on the P4, but rather than this being a case of rival distributions being starved of vital technical information by Chipzilla, it seems the other outfits got the info, but didn't reckon the P4 was worth catering for from a commercial perspective, right now.
John Lettice, 12 Dec 2000

Net anonymity project piles in

An ambitious technical effort to guarantee anonymity on the Internet has reached an important milestone.
John Leyden, 12 Dec 2000

Govt announces creation of super comms regulator

UpdatedThe British Government has unveiled plans to shake-up the media and communications industry with the announcement of an all-powerful, all consuming, super regulator.
Tim Richardson, 12 Dec 2000

Rudest words in Britain

It is the time of year again for the Broadcasting Standards Commission to release a list of rude words, in the order of how offensive we Brits find them.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2000

Anti-WalMart domain win claimed as sea-change

WIPO has ruled against a huge conglomerate! We know, unbelievable as it may seem, it's true. Kenneth J. Harvey is officially entitled not to have his www.wallmartcanadasucks.com taken off him and given to a faceless organisation. The judges did slap Ken's wrist however, calling him childish and unfair.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

AOL spammer pleads guilty to forgery

A man who spammed millions of AOL subscribers with pornography and get-rich-quick schemes has pleaded guilty to second-degree forgery in a US District court.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Dec 2000

Is this the greatest ever email hoax?

UpdatedEmail is an amazing medium - people can communicate with hundreds of others with enormous speed and information can be disseminated faster, across more of the planet than ever before. Amazing. However, it can also be abused - and if you're a smart lawyer, to great effect.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

Yummy Claire gets in touch with The Reg

Well, following on from the Claire swallowing saga that is currently doing the rounds on email, we have found two so-called responses from Ms Swire herself.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

MobShop UK goes titsup.com

Another British dotcom has decided to give up the ghost rather than tough it out in an increasingly difficult marketplace.
Tim Richardson, 12 Dec 2000

Online hack exceeds call of duty in sex report

A Hong Kong hack has set a worrying precedent in online journalism by going way beyond the call of duty for an "investigative" report on the sex trade.
Linda Harrison, 12 Dec 2000

Captain Cyborg spouts rubbish on CNN

Strewth, Kevin Warwick has popped up again spouting his chip gibberish. He's done well this time and made it to CNN. A natural movement towards the US perhaps where "pioneers" such as himself tend to get an easier time of it.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

Paxman vs Warwick: Radio 4 special

Ole Captain Cyborg, Kevin Warwick, got more than he bargained for on Radio 4 yesterday morning. Leaping at another opportunity for publicity, he went on the Start The Week programme and was faced by rottweiler interviewer Jeremy Paxman.
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 2000

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