12th December 2000 Archive

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  • Motorola offers Palm an ARMball lifeline

    But will it roll here in time?

    Channel 12 08:07

  • Taiwanese axis beats AMD, Intel to .13 micron

    Scary Taiwanese firms kiss 'n' make up

    Channel 12 08:46

  • AMD-Intel ‘big willy’ boasts backfire

    Megahurts madness badly rebounds

    Channel 12 09:32

  • Smackdown! Wrestling site publishes customer logs

    Who said e-commerce systems had to be dull?

    Media 12 10:20

  • Register launches VultureFone™

    Registerise your mobile phone!

    Register Links 12 10:24

  • AOL talks to Sony about PlayStation 2 deal

    Wants to bundle Net access with Sony's new console

    Media 12 11:15

  • Car black box privacy threat

    Don't upset your motor - it might see you in court

    Business 12 11:42

  • Government drowned by Net demand

    Environment Agency spluttering under weight of users

    Media 12 11:43

  • World's smallest wine glass boost for drink drivers

    But can you get a drop of wine small enough to fit in it?

    Business 12 11:44

  • Palm sales to surpass expectations – Bear Stearns

    The PC market is down, but PDAs are on the up

    Business 12 12:06

  • Energis would prefer Dutch oven…

    ...ahead of advances from KPNQwest

    Business 12 12:11

  • Sun denies accounting irregularities

    Rumours and analyst reports hit share price

    Business 12 12:27

  • PlayStation 2 Web store owner arrested for fraud

    Mounties swoop as PS Two scams continue

    Business 12 12:42

  • Compaq shows off PCI-X prototype

    But pathway speed only 100MHz

    Business 12 12:44

  • More DDR chipsets coming RSN

    SiS goes for AMD and Intel support

    Channel 12 12:49

  • Vizzavi frogmarches Brit users to toe Euro line

    L'outfit gone barking mad

    Media 12 13:07

  • The deathknell for 3G phones?

    Not bloody likely

    Data Networking 12 13:10

  • Voodoo 4 or 3 cash dilemma

    HWRoundup Socket A OC masterclass

    Hardware Roundup 12 13:48

  • Computer games cripple kiddies

    Nippers struck down by RSI and stigmata

    Business 12 13:49

  • Nasa backs project to develop crash-proof computers

    This can't be in the interest of IT industry

    Business 12 13:52

  • World's largest Linux supercomputer to sniff out oil

    Shell shells out on Big Blue bloodhound

    Business 12 15:09

  • Chinese chap's cancer chronicle cheated censor

    But sadly he's dead

    Media 12 15:12

  • Reg to fight for Harry Potter ‘cybersquatter’

    We won't have huge companies bullying young girls

    Media 12 16:31

  • Apple, Sun, Cisco et al to set streaming media standard

    But so is Microsoft... But so is RealNetworks...

    Media 12 16:41

  • Lancashire louts nick Reg stories

    Regional paper rips us off

    Bootnotes 12 16:43

  • Linux lacks P4 support – nobody at all dead

    And be honest - were you really straining at the bit?

    Channel 12 16:49

  • Net anonymity project piles in

    Virtual ski masks comin at ya

    Media 12 17:15

  • Govt announces creation of super comms regulator

    Winged watchdog Oftel to be put down

    Data Networking 12 17:23

  • Rudest words in Britain

    Wash your keyboard out with soap and water

    Bootnotes 12 17:48

  • Anti-WalMart domain win claimed as sea-change

    But it's nothing of the sort. Sadly

    Media 12 18:11

  • AOL spammer pleads guilty to forgery

    Porn and trash merchant to get comeuppance

    Media 12 18:15

  • Is this the greatest ever email hoax?

    The tale of Claire Swire, swallowing and the new boy at Norton Rose

    Bootnotes 12 19:18

  • Yummy Claire gets in touch with The Reg

    There seems to be more than one. Gulp.

    Bootnotes 12 19:18

  • MobShop UK goes titsup.com

    Of its own accord, mind

    Bootnotes 12 19:19

  • Online hack exceeds call of duty in sex report

    Get that man a cigarette

    Bootnotes 12 19:20

  • Captain Cyborg spouts rubbish on CNN

    When will the mainstream media turn their brains on?

    Bootnotes 12 19:22

  • Paxman vs Warwick: Radio 4 special

    Guess who comes off best

    Bootnotes 12 19:22