11th December 2000 Archive

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  • Woundup New skins for WMP7, IE6 beta due?

    And the 'give us back our boot disks' campaign triumphs...

    Software 11 Dec 08:06

  • Liquid Audio wants Scour.com tech

    Keen to Napsterise its digital music system

    Media 11 Dec 09:01

  • New Intel processor prices

    The only way is down

    Channel 11 Dec 09:05

  • Rambus-Infineon legal spat delayed

    Judge moves on to higher things

    Channel 11 Dec 09:31

  • Intel fouls up two years in a row

    Hunting of Snark begins

    Channel 11 Dec 09:41

  • Intel plans $1500 10GHz PC

    But not until 2005

    Channel 11 Dec 10:27

  • AMD chops chip costs

    Anything Intel can do...

    Channel 11 Dec 10:57

  • Telewest ditches £1bn net plans

    Says DSL not viable for consumers

    Data Networking 11 Dec 11:33

  • Gateway hit with shareholder lawsuit

    Claims it put out misleading results

    Business 11 Dec 12:22

  • Guilty! Four go down for insider trading

    Profited from IBM Lotus takeover

    Business 11 Dec 12:35

  • RIAA wins royalties from radio Netcasts

    US broadcast licences don't cover online streams

    Media 11 Dec 13:05

  • Rambus growls at Nvidia

    Rottweiler off the leash again

    Channel 11 Dec 13:36

  • i-Mode to roam into US, Europe Q3 2001


    Data Networking 11 Dec 13:57

  • Outbreak of viruses disguised as vaccines

    Dangerous V3 update

    Software 11 Dec 14:34

  • Sorry tales of Advertising Standards and tech firms

    BT, Network Associates, and Sega shamed

    Business 11 Dec 14:38

  • Kevin Warwick: a life in pictures

    Our visual guide to Captain Cyborg

    Bootnotes 11 Dec 14:39

  • Future cans Computeractive clone

    PC market downturn scares publisher

    Bootnotes 11 Dec 14:52

  • Xmas draw cheats shown red card

    We name and shame

    Bootnotes 11 Dec 14:53

  • IBM reveals 10GHz, .13µ PowerPC chip tech

    Big Blur vs. Chipzilla

    Mac Channel 11 Dec 15:28

  • Iridium threatened rain of terror

    One in 250 chance of hitting someone on Earth

    Data Networking 11 Dec 15:59

  • 1.3GHz P4 priced at around $300

    Intel still denies baby P4 on the way

    Channel 11 Dec 16:38

  • Dr Tom's cooler droolathon

    HWRoundup There just isn't one to handle every job

    Hardware Roundup 11 Dec 17:28

  • Communists, Blofeld et al plan cyber Pearl Harbor for US

    Head White House spook swatter makes lurid budget pitch

    Media 11 Dec 19:01

  • Dr bags $675k in Net libel case

    First judgement based on anonymous message

    Media 11 Dec 22:21

  • AMD sales flatter than a flat pancake

    Where have all the customers gone?

    Channel 11 Dec 23:07

  • E-mail ‘bug’ danger overstated?

    Not that it's harmless, mind you

    Media 11 Dec 23:16