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US Supremes stop Florida re-counts

The smart money was on George "Dubya" Bush all last week, and that bit of conventional wisdom crystallised Friday after two Florida judges shot down two separate Democrat requests to throw out absentee ballot applications which were said to have been altered by Republican zealots. By entering voter registration numbers after the forms had been mailed, the Democrats contended, state election officials were guilty of something approaching fraud.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Dec 2000

Distie sacks ‘rollercoaster’ Nintendo

John Menzies is ditching Nintendo, after six "rollercoaster" years as its exclusive British wholesaler. The Edinburgh-based firm said it was exiting "before three or four untested products come on to the market and the in a situation where the volatility will be even greater".
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2000

breathe gasps for survival

breathe.com, Britain's ISP for trendy people, is seeking a rescue buyer, in a 'last ditch effort to find fresh funds'. And if it fails, it could be in receivership within two weeks, the Sunday Telegraph reports.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2000

Jobserve ‘abuses market dominance’ – Silicon.com

Silicon.com won an injunction last week against Jobserve.com, the UK's dominant IT jobs board, after claiming that it was abusing its market position, The Sunday Telegraph reports.
Drew Cullen, 10 Dec 2000

BOFH: Who Put the Mug in Smug?

Episode 41BOFH 2000: Episode 41
Simon Travaglia, 10 Dec 2000

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