8th December 2000 Archive

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  • Intel to miss Q4 targets

    Cancelled orders and sluggish demand

    Business 08 09:21

  • Europeans text sex obsessed

    Less messy than the real thing

    Data Networking 08 09:23

  • MS lures Palm coders with free drink

    Desperate for PocketPC apps

    Software 08 09:26

  • Apple ‘screwed up in education’ – Jobs

    New products will solve problems, staffers told

    Business 08 09:56

  • Seagate slashes drive returns

    It's given users fault-checking software

    Business 08 12:00

  • No one wants chips or PCs

    Microsoft down, Motorola down, Intel, NatSemi, Apple, BATM...

    Business 08 12:06

  • Le Freeserve keeps l'Unlimited Time product

    C'est la plume de ma tante

    Media 08 12:14

  • Amazon.com drops link to Real IRA fund raiser

    It was after commissions

    Media 08 12:27

  • Baby Pentium 4 materialises

    1.3GHz part appears on secure Intel Web site

    Channel 08 13:00

  • Gates talks big on small IE6 cookie move

    Stressing the importance of privacy is so much easier than coding...

    Software 08 13:08

  • Ask Jeeves when it will make a profit

    Answer: Q4 2001, meanwhile greater losses for this Q4

    Business 08 13:12

  • Bluetooth range boosted to 50m

    And IBM has loads of ideas - some of them sensible

    Data Networking 08 13:31

  • Quantum Corp lowers sights on HDD shortage

    Now back on ramp

    Business 08 13:50

  • Warner Brothers bullies girl over Harry Potter site

    Huge conglomerate behaves disgracefully

    Media 08 13:55

  • Chipmongers vie for chip of the year crown

    It's a meat market, I tell you

    Channel 08 13:58

  • Major outage hits Cable & Wireless INS

    Cisco routers to blame

    Data Networking 08 13:58

  • Universal sued for alleged copyright infringement

    Sauce for the goose...

    Media 08 14:06

  • Microsoft's Y2K security holes – 93 and counting

    A 30 per cent productivity increase year on year...

    Software 08 14:43

  • Pirates, conmen target PlayStation 2 buyers

    Even as buyers' bots bring vendor Web sites to their knees

    Business 08 14:48

  • BT sent ADSL enquiries to council helpline

    Probably just as useful

    Data Networking 08 15:36

  • MS and DoCoMo launch wireless system you can't switch off

    Once it's got your credit cards too, you're expendable...

    Data Networking 08 15:50

  • L&H told where to stick its bankruptcy protection request

    Belgian court demands more financial info

    Software 08 16:58

  • Flame of the week Reg pays for sex

    Perfectly reasoned argument against reporter

    Flame of the Week 08 17:00

  • MS claims copyright on Windows bugs

    Stops BugTraq republishing security notices

    Software 08 17:08

  • Time installs revolving job doors

    Cuts employees, takes on staff

    Business 08 17:09

  • Gateway untethers 1.4GHz P4 desktop

    Nice stocking filler

    Business 08 17:13

  • The ongoing saga of Lara and her breasts

    This story seemed to spark some interest. Funny that...

    Letters 08 17:28

  • Australian Web surfers sapped by con-man

    Tricked into paying for free Net access

    Media 08 17:37

  • Rock ‘n’ roller RAID controllers

    HWRoundup Plank spankingly splendid

    Hardware Roundup 08 17:38

  • Intel preps digital-audio player

    First glimpse due in Las Vegas next month

    Business 08 17:55

  • Catholic nostalgia goes hi-tech

    Latin liturgy on the Web

    Media 08 17:59

  • Some anti-Warner humour from Groucho Marx

    Very funny this - have a read

    Letters 08 18:13

  • FTSE gets hacked

    Easy peasy apparently

    Media 08 18:22

  • Best of the Rest: AMD, Palestinians and aliens

    All of them with a unique perspective on life

    Letters 08 18:28

  • Readers' Letters Guns, shitty gifts and breasts

    Combine the three and you've got the Christmas experience

    Letters 08 18:30

  • Techie staff work longer but produce less

    Hours up, productivity down, spending down, wages up!

    Business 08 18:34

  • Default logins posted on porn-defaced security site

    Dripping with irony and other substances

    Media 08 19:09