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Hospital records hacked hard

Kevin Poulsen, 07 Dec 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

UK telecoms some of the cheapest in Europe

Consumers should stop whinging about the cost of phone services in the UK and be grateful for what's been achieved, according to the latest report from the telecoms regulator.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2000

Lucent's Inferno does a Java

The Inferno OS has parked a heavily-armoured tricycle on Sun's lawn. Lucent spin-off Vita Nuova, which also markets the Plan 9 system, has made an Inferno plug-in for Microsoft's Internet Explorer to run downloadable code.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Dec 2000

Time sues IBM for £3m

Time Computers is suing IBM for £3 million in the New York State Supreme Court.
Robert Blincoe, 07 Dec 2000

HP confident of double-digit growth in 2001

Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina yesterday ruled out bonuses for senior executives - including herself - for the second half of the company's just-completed fiscal year.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2000
DVD it in many colours

Telewest's blueyonder under strain

UK cable operator Telewest has admitted that networking issues and insufficient capacity are behind the poor performance of some aspects of its broadband service, blueyonder.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2000
Cat 5 cable

US Govt backs Iridium relaunch

Iridium Satellite, the company that last month bought the remains of failed cellphone company Iridium's satellite and groundstation network for a piffling $25 million, has won the backing of the US Defense Department.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2000

Encryption tears holes in RIP

A group of cryptographers think they have found a way to defeat the RIP Act, by making it impossible to hand over the keys to encrypted information.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Dec 2000

MacOS X 1.0 to launch 24 February

Apple has set 24 February as the official launch date for its next-generation operating system, MacOS X, according to company sources speaking to ZDNet US.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2000

Infogrames buys Hasbro

Infogrames has bought a chunk of legendary games company Hasbro for $100 million and gets exclusive rights to all its games in all formats for the next 20 years. A cracking deal because we are talking about all Microprose games, all Atari games and all the board games.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2000

AltaVista Inc loses another CEO

AltaVista Inc is looking for yet another CEO after Ken Barber announced he will retire at the end of the year, according to AFX News.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2000

UK's randiest rodent pops up on Net

Sooty the superstud guinea pig has been given his own Web page to keep up with public interest. You may not know what the hell we're talking about, so read on.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2000

Global PC sales to grow 20% in Q4

Europe and the US might be suffering, but the global PC market is looking very healthy indeed. New research from IDC suggests that worldwide shipments will reach 40.15 million units in Q4 - growth of nearly 20 per cent on last year.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Dec 2000
Profits down, image via Shutterstock

Freeserve deal provokes little enthusiasm

Despite the significance of yesterday's announcement concerning the sale of Freeserve to French outfit, Wanadoo, the deal has received a lukewarm reception from commentators and investors alike.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2000

ISP builds own power plant

Leading disaster recovery specialist turned ISP Guardian iT has announced it will build its own power plant in London to bypass the city's power problems. The 24MW plant will be built next to the group's planned data storage centre near Heathrow airport, reports the FT.
Kieren McCarthy, 07 Dec 2000

Missing laptop causes US State Dept shake-up

The US State Department's Assistant Secretary for Intelligence, Stapleton Roy, resigned his post this week after US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright suspended three staffers over a lost-laptop fiasco in which sensitive information went missing from Department Headquarters in Washington nearly a year ago.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Dec 2000

Bull scores Itanium server architecture from NEC

NEC has signed a deal with Bull to provide it with a high-end platform based on Intel's Itanium architecture.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2000

VIA up, Creative down

Chip designer VIA Technologies had net sales for November 2000 of US$89 million, up almost 32 per cent on the same period in 1999. Sales from January to November 2000 of $938 million were 193 per cent up over the same period last year.
Andrew Thomas, 07 Dec 2000

Fujitsu pumps out lower power app specific memory

Fujitsu has introduced its latest application specific memory (ASM) - a second generation 16Mb RAM.
Lucy Sherriff, 07 Dec 2000

IBM resurrects 1970s memory technology

IBM and Infineon are jointly to develop a memory technology dating from the 1970s that could significantly increase the battery life of portable computing devices and help the spread of 'instant-on' PCs.
Andrew Thomas, 07 Dec 2000

AOL 6.0 security questioned

The annoyingly buggy AOL 6.0, carefully engineered to redeem its hopelessly buggy 5.0 predecessor, brings up a few spyware-esque security issues, according to WinMag.com columnist Fred Langa who actually went so far as to install it (talk about journalistic sacrifice).
Thomas C Greene, 07 Dec 2000

Napster steals the brains of Senate Committee chief counsel

Napster has stolen the brains of a chief counsel to the US Senate Judiciary Committee to help with its policy strategy.
Linda Harrison, 07 Dec 2000

Internet neighbourhood watch set up

A site has been created that will allow network administrators or tech-savvy users to exchange information on crackers who are trying to break into other people's computers.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2000

SyncML open sources universal data sync system

Industry-sponsored standards development body SyncML unveiled version 1.0 of its platform-independent data synchronisation spec today.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2000
Cat 5 cable

BT Bonfield's head to go on MP platter this month

BT head honcho Peter Bonfield faces a grilling by MPs later this month over charges of delaying Britain's high speed Web access.
Linda Harrison, 07 Dec 2000

Cybercrime laws are super weak

Cybercriminals are getting away with virtual murder because criminal laws in most countries have not been extended into cyberspace.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2000

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