5th December 2000 Archive

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  • Tiny Computers – ‘acquisition target for Dixons’

    Channel Flannel

    Business 05 08:18

  • Compaq no turkey, hungry for Asian markets

    Sexy Siemens excites Indian sensibilities

    Business 05 10:03

  • UMC fingers SIS

    'Systematic abuse of patents'

    Channel 05 11:32

  • Voters turn to St Chad for election solace

    More Bore and Gush

    Media 05 12:17

  • Big Brother awards rock the LSE

    And leave Reg reporter with headache

    Bootnotes 05 12:34

  • AMD gets business boost in Germany

    Maxdata backs Chimpzilla for large corporates

    Channel 05 12:34

  • Cisco looks rosy, 3Com peaky

    Cisco to carry on Borg-like acquisition spree

    Data Networking 05 12:40

  • Excite cans Chello deal

    Got a bit complicated

    Business 05 12:43

  • Compaq plans $1bn purchase of own stock

    Taking advantage of depressed share price

    Business 05 13:23

  • Micron, Microsoft partner on Xbox RAM

    DDR SDRAM chosen instead of Rambus

    Channel 05 13:37

  • Thin and flexi disc to battle CDs/DVDs

    You can wrap it round a beer can

    Business 05 13:55

  • Amazon's privacy policy under attack again

    'Illegal, illegal, illegal' is the rallying cry

    Media 05 14:04

  • Oftel chivvies up BT over DSL

    Well, someone has to...

    Data Networking 05 14:21

  • Football fansites get sweet FA

    Fees demanded for fixture lists

    Media 05 14:25

  • Bigger tits for Lara Croft

    It's a miracle she can even stand up

    Software 05 14:30

  • Vendors, users team to create secure XML

    Spectre of proprietary MS rival casts shadow

    Software 05 14:59

  • LSI Logic warns on Q4 revenue

    Less than half previous estimates

    Channel 05 15:25

  • Win prizes galore in our Xmas draw

    Reg plays Santa to lucky readers

    Bootnotes 05 15:26

  • Mac Rumor Roundup Superfast G3s and ‘CubeBooks’

    Our take on what the Mac rumour sites sources are claiming

    Mac Channel 05 15:27

  • Windows Woundup The latest news from around the sites

    Where it's at, what it is, where to stick it...

    Software 05 15:30

  • Alert! Quantum computer on horizon

    Boffins patent improved quantum dot process

    Business 05 15:52

  • 1.2GHz Mac maker preps launch

    Shipping late January 2001 - maybe

    Mac Channel 05 16:16

  • Govt ministers distance themselves from email spy plan

    David Shayler, Lord Cope tell The Reg what they think

    Media 05 16:47

  • Seville honours Reg PR maestro

    Street named after Spinola

    Bootnotes 05 16:50

  • Anand twiddles with GeForce2 Pro

    HWRoundup Up Up and away

    Hardware Roundup 05 16:52

  • Cisco 600 routers offer cracker fun

    Is it trying to force software upgrades?

    Data Networking 05 17:01

  • No Olympic Web-coverage for ten years

    That's two million years in Internet time

    Media 05 17:28

  • ‘Super silicon’ outfit confirms AMD link

    Isonics in talks with other chip makers

    Channel 05 17:43

  • My.MP3.com back up and running

    For a $49.95 annual fee, though

    Media 05 17:46

  • Intel to cut P4 prices by 19 per cent

    Wants more systems under $1999

    Channel 05 18:17

  • Sun goes shoplifting for Christmas Clusters

    Picks a pocket or two

    Business 05 22:10