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Tiny Computers – ‘acquisition target for Dixons’

Tiny Computers, the PC system builder/retailer, is being lined up as an acquisition target for Dixons, the UK's biggest electricals retailer, according to MicroScope, which cites 'industry rumours'. Tiny's UK sales manager, Steve Precious, left the company last week, as part of what the newspaper describes as 'a high-level shake-up'.
Drew Cullen, 05 Dec 2000

Compaq no turkey, hungry for Asian markets

An article in local New York rag The Wall Street Journal said yesterday that Compaq's CEO, Mike Capellas, is giving thanks that US consumers don't think its PCs are turkeys.
Mike Magee, 05 Dec 2000

UMC fingers SIS

Two Taiwanese chip makers are squaring up for a fight over intellectual property rights.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Dec 2000

Voters turn to St Chad for election solace

The farce that is the US election has benefited at least one group. Traffic to the web site of the church of St Chad's in Lichfield has rocketed from four to over 300 hits a day since the start of the recount.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Dec 2000

Big Brother awards rock the LSE

The great and the good when it comes to privacy invasion were honoured last night at the London School of Economics in the third annual Big Brother Awards.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Dec 2000

AMD gets business boost in Germany

Germany's third largest computer manufacturer, Maxdata, is to use both AMD Athlon and Duron processors in systems aimed at enterprise and small business users in Germany. A number of other European manufacturers including Vobis and Tiny have also recently moved away from an Intel-only product line.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Dec 2000
Broken CD with wrench

Cisco looks rosy, 3Com peaky

Cisco chief executive John Chambers has told financial analysts it the networking behemoth is on track to match its aggressive growth targets for next year in sharp contrast to the grim outlook forecast by other networking firms.
John Leyden, 05 Dec 2000

Excite cans Chello deal

Excite@Home has canned its plans to merge its international operations with Chello.
Team Register, 05 Dec 2000

Compaq plans $1bn purchase of own stock

Compaq wants to buy back $1 billion worth of shares, taking advantage of the dip in tech stocks and bolstering the company against expectations of poor PC sales during the current financial quarter.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2000

Micron, Microsoft partner on Xbox RAM

US Dramurai Micron has been contracted by Microsoft to supply DDR SDRAM for the upcoming Xbox console.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2000

Thin and flexi disc to battle CDs/DVDs

A US start-up has developed a digital disc five times thinner than a standard CD and flexible enough to wrap around a beer can or slot into a magazine without breaking.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Dec 2000

Amazon's privacy policy under attack again

UpdatePrivacy groups have attacked online bookseller Amazon in both the UK and US over its privacy policy and trade practices. Junkbusters, along with Privacy International in the UK and the Electronic Privacy Information Centre in the US, has requested a government investigation into the company.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Dec 2000

Oftel chivvies up BT over DSL

Oftel has intervened between BT and two rival telcos in a bid to break the deadlock concerning ongoing negotiations regarding the provision of broadband services.
Tim Richardson, 05 Dec 2000

Football fansites get sweet FA

Ordinary football fans who run Web sites dedicated to supporting their clubs are facing legal action from the game's governing body in England.
Tim Richardson, 05 Dec 2000

Bigger tits for Lara Croft

UpdateLara Croft's breasts are to get a boost for the new version of Tomb Raider. According to the game's designers, her 38D assets [see Technical Briefing below] will be given "more definition". They won't necessarily be bigger but will have added detail - so, presumably they will look bigger. We're also waiting on an answer as to whether this extra "detail" will include nipples.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Dec 2000

Vendors, users team to create secure XML

A group of 45 IT companies and enterprises has formed a group that aims to create a standard way to secure internet-based transactions that use XML (eXtensible Markup Language).
John Leyden, 05 Dec 2000

LSI Logic warns on Q4 revenue

More gloom and doom for US tech stocks came today in the shape of a profit warning from chip maker LSI Logic.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Dec 2000

Win prizes galore in our Xmas draw

Lester Haines, 05 Dec 2000

Alert! Quantum computer on horizon

The day when the quantum computer finally appears is edging closer.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Dec 2000

1.2GHz Mac maker preps launch

Xtrem has provisionally set January 2001 as the ship date for its much-anticipated - and scepticism-inducing - 1.2GHz Macintosh, XtremMac
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2000

Govt ministers distance themselves from email spy plan

Government ministers are distancing themselves from the Draconian surveillance measures proposed by NCIS deputy Roger Gaspar in a report to the Home Office.
Kieren McCarthy, 05 Dec 2000

Anand twiddles with GeForce2 Pro

Anand gets his teeth into Nvidia's GeForce2 Pro. Faster than a GTS and cheaper than an Ultra, but is it any good? Well, the conclusion isn't snappy, but can best be summed up in the sentence: yes, but we probably won't buy it. Go here for the rest.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Dec 2000

Cisco 600 routers offer cracker fun

Cisco has advised users to update the software used in its 600 family of routers following the identification of what it admits are multiple security vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 05 Dec 2000

No Olympic Web-coverage for ten years

Sports fans will have to wait at least ten years to view the Olympics on the Net, thanks to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Linda Harrison, 05 Dec 2000

‘Super silicon’ outfit confirms AMD link

Last week, The Reg reported that, for over 12 months, AMD had been producing test chips using a new, pure version of silicon with greatly enhanced thermal properties, making a 1.7GHz Palomino a more practical proposition.
Andrew Thomas, 05 Dec 2000

My.MP3.com back up and running

MP3.com relaunched its virtual CD collection, My.MP3.com, today after an seven-month hiatus.
Tony Smith, 05 Dec 2000

Intel to cut P4 prices by 19 per cent

Intel is cutting prices on Pentium 4 as well as selected Pentium III and Celeron parts next Sunday (December 10).
Andrew Thomas, 05 Dec 2000

Sun goes shoplifting for Christmas Clusters

Sun seems to have been overcome with selective amnesia at the launch of its Sun Cluster 3.0 and Sun Management Center [sic] 3.0 today.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Dec 2000

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