4th December 2000 Archive

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  • Real IRA gets into computer piracy

    The Armalite and the PlayStation

    Software 04 07:45

  • Time Computers in ‘urgent refinancing talks’

    Short-term blip?

    Business 04 08:27

  • GameBoy outsells PlayStation 2

    Japanese gamers turn to portable systems

    Business 04 10:03

  • MSN helps people lift your stuff, puts it on mugs, then sells it

    Communities move looks pervertedly Napsterish...

    Media 04 10:42

  • Motorola allies with ARM

    Licenses 32-bit ARM architecture for its own embedded efforts

    Channel 04 11:10

  • SOYO denies everything

    'All rumors are not true and without any basis at all'

    Business 04 11:55

  • UK gamers get 0800 Net access

    It's not cheap, but then again, it never is

    Media 04 11:56

  • Leechnet can't cope, won't cope

    Porn Napster disabled

    Media 04 12:00

  • Lastminute.com reports losses on cue

    Cash Register

    Business 04 12:01

  • Inside Sun's new clusters

    Eight-way, dynamic kernel patching

    Software 04 12:17

  • Fan-free Athlon Palomino 'runs at 1.5GHz'

    Sounds cool if it's true

    Channel 04 12:42

  • Palestinian crackers give out tools to attack Israelis

    To be used 'only against Jews'

    Media 04 13:22

  • ShittyGift.com points to online crap merchants

    Tis the season for giving

    Media 04 13:29

  • Politicians line up against Euro email snooping laws

    Can cyber-rights succeed where BSE failed?

    Media 04 13:33

  • Rambus CEO surprises world+dog

    Says he's not a lawyer

    Channel 04 14:31

  • Police request right to spy on every UK phone call and email

    Average Jo will be as closely monitored as a terrorist

    Media 04 14:39

  • Pro Linux virus rears its head

    Low, medium or high risk depending on who you ask

    Software 04 15:01

  • Council of Europe drops plans to ban hacking tools

    Human rights watchdog told proposals are unworkable

    Software 04 16:00

  • M$ to spend $100m giving poor kids PCs

    Donation amounts to one PC per 134 kids in the first year

    Business 04 16:24

  • AMD 760 needs mobo redesign

    Chimpzilla's first erratumnotbug

    Business 04 16:42

  • China tells capitalist scum to back off in domain name war

    Wants to run Chinese domains itself

    Media 04 16:48

  • Bleeding Itanium technology

    HWRoundup Plus butchers at KT7 series

    Hardware Roundup 04 17:02

  • Mobile meltdown: Merry Xmas

    Silent night, holy night, all is calm

    Data Networking 04 17:20

  • Net is passing fad

    Ex-surfers destroy Reg business plan

    Media 04 17:37

  • BMG to bring music downloads to Europe

    Napster-friend plays Santa

    Media 04 17:39

  • High time for Time Computers

    Poor pre-Xmas sales trigger major overhaul

    Business 04 18:07

  • Chip sales hit $18.66 billion in October

    But Asia Pacific sells less than in September

    Business 04 21:21

  • Researchers question Carnivore review

    'Show us the source code'

    Media 04 21:21

  • Was the Internet based on alien technology?

    Proof of NASA's attempt to communicate with aliens

    Bootnotes 04 21:43

  • Sun makes Solaris source available

    But not open or free

    Software 04 22:35

  • Hackers, Windows NT and the FBI

    Retail is detail

    Software 04 22:49