30th November 2000 Archive

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  • Transmeta to exchange dodgy Crusoes

    300 castaways cast away

    Business 30 Nov 08:22

  • L&H files for Chapter 11

    'Very significant cash shortfall'

    Software 30 Nov 08:25

  • Gateway in PC price war gloom

    Thanksgiving was a turkey

    Business 30 Nov 10:23

  • Oftel backs down in BT Cellnet case

    Wrong end of stick

    Data Networking 30 Nov 10:24

  • Intel invests in Zayante – sign of support for 1394?


    Business 30 Nov 10:27

  • Apple ponders further PowerPC partners

    Processor supply solution no. 473

    Mac Channel 30 Nov 11:11

  • Tech Data pumps out the profits

    Channel Flannel

    Business 30 Nov 11:13

  • Banned Mitnick trinket on Dutchbid.com

    Two bids so far - 'Thanks, Ma'

    Media 30 Nov 11:49

  • 3dfx Voodoo 5 incompatible with P4 mobos

    Chipzilla boards don't do that 3.3V AGP thang

    Channel 30 Nov 12:02

  • Retail chain pulls HP P4s from the shelves

    Faulty BIOS escapes into wild

    Channel 30 Nov 12:29

  • Palm calms down to work with MyPalm.com owner

    He gets the email address, Palm gets custody of Web URL

    Media 30 Nov 12:33

  • AMD tests ‘super silicon’ to beat heat problems

    Pretty cool solution

    Channel 30 Nov 13:32

  • Athlon Palomino to include Screaming Sindy?

    Next Athlon should be a real belter

    Channel 30 Nov 13:32

  • Guns disguised as mobile phones

    Swiss police seize shipment

    Business 30 Nov 14:00

  • UK school gags ‘IT-minded’ pupils

    We don't need no education

    Media 30 Nov 14:01

  • VIA unpacks 650, 667MHz Cyrix III CPUs

    Targeting Duron, Celeron

    Channel 30 Nov 15:34

  • UK cars site aims for death of a salesman

    Quotes promised within four hours

    Media 30 Nov 15:48

  • Stephen King e-book runs out of steam

    May come back later

    Media 30 Nov 16:14

  • Reg hack caught accepting Intel bribe

    Time for a trip to the billiard room with a service revolver

    Bootnotes 30 Nov 16:38

  • Computer engineer commits phone suicide

    All over an unleashed virus apparently

    Software 30 Nov 17:01

  • LineOne definitely for sale

    This time it's for real

    Business 30 Nov 17:05

  • BT's chief boffin resigns

    Free spirit?

    Business 30 Nov 17:06

  • Conductivity? that's super!


    Hardware Roundup 30 Nov 17:13

  • Intel gags on Reg condom deal

    Chipzilla pulls out at last minute

    Bootnotes 30 Nov 17:40

  • Smut Napster caught on the wrong side of the law

    Leechnet fails to restrict child porn pics

    Media 30 Nov 17:42

  • Ralph Lauren threatens village saddlery

    Horsey, Horsey don't you trot

    Media 30 Nov 17:49

  • Buying a Linux ThinkPad: IBM's mission impossible

    Available, but only sort of?

    Business 30 Nov 17:57

  • Boston man forgets $4m of EMC stock

    Picked shares up at 'a buck-fifty'

    Business 30 Nov 21:00

  • Viruses prey on porn lovers

    Think with that organ above the shoulders

    Media 30 Nov 22:15

  • Web anonymity affirmed by NJ judge

    John Does keep their shirts

    Media 30 Nov 22:15

  • PC Association slams firm for logo misuse

    What's in a name?

    Business 30 Nov 22:16

  • HP says US PC sales worse than expected

    While 36 per cent wiped off Gateway share price

    Business 30 Nov 22:16