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With friends like these… MS amici file their briefs

MS on TrialMicrosoft has few firm friends, and the Amici Microsoftae who form a rather small pro-Microsoft faction have either a financial relationship with Microsoft or some rather offbeat ideological kink that compels them to side with Microsoft. This strange conglomeration is the source of the 'friends of court' briefs filed this week on the company's behalf.
Graham Lea, 29 Nov 2000

IBM exec accused of insider trading

An IBM exec was today accused of insider trading after his broker allegedly taped him bragging about his exploits.
Linda Harrison, 29 Nov 2000

Mr wembleystadium .net loses domain case

A Brit forced to give up www.wemblystadium.net today argued he was entitled to the domain as it was his nickname.
Linda Harrison, 29 Nov 2000

Where have all the Web sites gone?

A botched upgrade by ISP Freedom To Surf (f2s) is to blame for deletion of all the Web sites on one server.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2000

600 jobs go at BT call centre

BT is to close a telemarketing call centre in Bristol with the loss of 600 hundred jobs.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2000

1.7GHz Athlon – too hot to trot?

AMD was quietly confident earlier today in London when the company confirmed its plans for a 1.7GHz Athlon sometime in the second half of 2001.
Andrew Thomas, 29 Nov 2000

CyberPatrol censor-ware gives up credit details

Web filtering and spyware outfit SurfControl has hit a PR snag since it bought the CyberPatrol child-salvation censorware from toy maker Mattel this Summer, following a recent BugTraq submission detailing laughable credit card protections for its customers.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Nov 2000

China jumps on human organ craze

China has cottoned on to the craze of selling human organs on the Net, with one man prepared to sell everything - as long as the price is right.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2000

PocketPC takes marketshare from Palm

Microsoft's PocketPC platform is catching up with Palm - at least in the corporate arena - according to market research company IDC. PocketPC's marketshare has grown from ten per cent in April - when it was simply Windows CE - to 18 per cent.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2000

Amazon hit by analyst fears

A senior analyst at Banc of America Securities has questioned the current valuation of Amazon.com in light of his prediction that the etailer's growth rate would slow during next year.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2000

HP racks up 9000 L-Class

Hewlett-Packard has updated its mid-range L-Class 9000 servers, the first revamp since the range was launched 14 months ago. These rack-mounts take up where Wintel boxes leave off, with starting prices around $15k-20k, and they've been as important to HP - accounting for as much as a fifth of its revenue growth - as they have been to Risc mavens.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Nov 2000

Think tank rolls over e-biz standards

Does the world need another e-biz consortium? Circling their wagons this time are IBM, HP, Microsoft and Intel, CA and SAP, and a clutch of backoffice partners, under the name of the Business Internet Consortium. Only this time the catch is that it's not a standards body at all. It's a "think tank" (their words) for coming up with best practices for e-implementing e-commerce. Got that?
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Nov 2000

Xbox to tempt parents with online banking option

Microsoft's Xbox software development team is apparently fiddling around with a version of Microsoft Money for the machine that started out as a games console but is increasingly mutating into a home PC.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2000

Just when you though BOFH has disappeared…

Episode 39BOFH 2000: Episode 40
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2000

Just when you thought BOFH had disappeared…

Episode 40BOFH 2000: Episode 40
Simon Travaglia, 29 Nov 2000

Pocket lie detector spots phone phoneys

UpdatedRegister staff - and quite a few other hacks we know - were provoked to panic this morning by news that Korean electronics company 911 Computing will be bringing a deviously efficient portable lie detector to the UK.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2000

AMD, Intel chips get DDR mobos

SOYO has a brace of double data rate (DDR) memory motherboards for both AMD Socket A Durons and Athlons as well as Intel's Socket 370 chips.
Andrew Thomas, 29 Nov 2000

IBM appoints first Chief Privacy Officer

IBM has named Harriet Pearson as its first Chief Privacy Officer, with the job of co-ordinating the development of IBM products to account for privacy and raising the company's image over consumer protection.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2000

RIAA bids for control of online royalty payments

The Recording Industry Association of America yesterday launched its controversial online royalties collection operation SoundExchange - the RIAA's bid to dominate the finances of the emerging digital music market.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2000

Intel ships 6000 Itaniums

By the time Intel's Itanic finally ships in March, almost everyone that was in the market for the 64-bit chip will already have one.
Andrew Thomas, 29 Nov 2000

Deutsche Telekom threatens to withdrawn flat-rate Net access

Deutsche Telekom has surpassed its already impressive level of arrogance by threatening to withdraw all flat-rate Internet access in response to criticism from Germany's telecoms watchdog, RegTP (no relation).
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2000
Broken CD with wrench

Bullies taunt victims with SMS

SMS messaging has become another weapon in the bully's armoury, and has even been implicated in a teen suicide.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2000

InterX signs new customers, new dealers

InterX has posted its first quarterly results since the sale of its distribution arm Ideal Hardware which reveal an increase in turnover - but also a move further into the red.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2000

365 Corp sales jump

365 Corporation plc, Internet site operator/telco/ contract publisher which deals in everything from soccer to the gay scene, increased sales 131 per cent for the half year to September 2000. Group revenue stands at £22 million for the period, compared with £9.5 million for the same period last year. Gross profit doubled to £8.8 million for H1. Operating loss ran in at £6.4 million - up from £233,000 for the same period last year.
Team Register, 29 Nov 2000

Euro Netheads check out books, CDs, travel, PCs

The online market in Europe is maturing, as penetration rates increase and the numbers of men and women online begin to even out. Research in France Germany and the UK found that the UK is the most advanced in its uptake of the Net.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2000

HWRoundup The great P4 benchmark debate rages

Oh dear. The great P4 benchmarking debate at Tom's Hardware continues to rage. Tom has been inundated with opinions about his reviews and has posted this piece to try and pour oil over troubled water.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2000

Freequotes gets TheStreet.co.uk for a snip

British financial Web site Freequotes.co.uk has shelled out £226,000 for the database of deceased financial outfit TheStreet.co.uk.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2000
hands waving dollar bills in the air

$50 million for genetherapies .net?

Surfers seem to have lost the plot when it comes to trying to cash in on the domain name scramble.
Linda Harrison, 29 Nov 2000

Leechnet: the porn Napster

Well, it had to happen. Following on from Napster's infamy and enormous popularity, welcome to the porn equivalent: Leechnet.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2000

C&W fires six for email abuse

Telco Cable & Wireless has become the latest company to sack staff for abuse of its email system.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2000

Yet more PIII DDR mobos arrive

Chaintech has two new DDR mobos for PIII and Celeron II based on VIA's Pro266 chipset. One is a purely DDR board, while the other offers the option of using either SDR or DDR memory.
Andrew Thomas, 29 Nov 2000

Intel poaches Apple ad guru

Intel loves Apple's advertising - true. It must do, or it wouldn't have hired the creator of Apple's 'Think Different' campaign to devise an advertising programme for the Pentium 4.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2000

Portable Sun servers get dual screen capability

Hardware manufacturer Tadpole has added what it described as "on-board" video to its range of portable Unix servers.
John Leyden, 29 Nov 2000

Dial P for Public toilets

Americans need never worry about taking a leak again - thanks to the Internet.
Linda Harrison, 29 Nov 2000

Microsoft urges people not to use the Internet

UpdatedFinding out what exactly Microsoft is thinking is harder than getting blood out of a stone or a coherent sentence out your grandma, but work hard enough...
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2000

Yahoo! – encryption for the masses

Yahoo! is the first Web portal to introduce an email encryption service.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2000

Car site aims to shut up annoying salespeople

A British Website has launched a service that claims to speed up the process of contract hiring company or fleet cars.
Our correspondent, 29 Nov 2000

AOL Instant Msgr accounts easily hijacked

Kevin Poulsen, 29 Nov 2000

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