28th November 2000 Archive

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  • MS: it's (nearly) illegal to buy PCs without Windows

    Two Naked PC docs vaped from site, but here's another brace. Tell us if the Chinese version's good...

    Software 28 10:22

  • Leningrad Penguin Goes America

    Murdoch to publish Torvalds auto-biog

    Software 28 10:47

  • BT still chasing cash for hyperlink patent

    Will they never give up?

    Media 28 10:50

  • AMD dips on mobo market slowdown fears

    Taiwan's motherboard makers rein in production expansion plans

    Channel 28 10:50

  • Email snooping row kicks off again

    Data Protection Commissioner puts the boot in

    Media 28 10:52

  • Germans lead Euro Xmas spending

    Ho bloody ho

    Business 28 10:53

  • Elpida to expand DRAM production…

    ...as Korean Dramurai cut back theirs

    Channel 28 11:39

  • Oftel investigates ‘anti-competitive’ BT

    Telco bemused

    Data Networking 28 12:07

  • MS denies everything in Trial II bid

    They'll get it right with 3.0 - but we did that gag already...

    Software 28 12:10

  • Install-less Linux distro to eliminate hard drives

    My CD-ROM is my computer

    Software 28 12:30

  • We can make Napster pay – Bertelsmann

    Touts subs service to major labels

    Media 28 13:06

  • Egg scrambles Internet-only focus

    Wants to become a traditional High Street bank

    Media 28 13:09

  • Compaq extends Linux on Alpha

    Red Hat 7 goes a bundle

    Business 28 13:32

  • Sony way off target on PS2 shipments

    What's 300K units among friends?

    Business 28 13:35

  • Landis buys Datrontech arm

    Channel Flannel

    Business 28 14:52

  • The curious case of Arthur C Clarke, MI5 and the runaway millionaire

    Just because you're paranoid

    Business 28 14:59

  • BT in Oftel snitch hunt

    Colonel Custard?

    Data Networking 28 15:03

  • Eidos losses up, shares down

    Board is happy

    Business 28 15:04

  • Reg has Bigbollocks.com

    Well, we didn't like to brag, but now you come to mention it...

    Bootnotes 28 15:15

  • Intel cuts P4 pricing on Dec 10

    While stocks last, apparently

    Channel 28 15:50

  • Snook is off

    But didn't Orange say a month ago...

    Data Networking 28 15:59

  • Kingston in amoeba-like division

    Concert gets new man

    Business 28 16:01

  • Oracle hires former Clinton spin doctor

    Ellison's reputation saved

    Software 28 16:02

  • HWRoundup Anand's got crystal balls

    Mobos and more reviewed

    Hardware Roundup 28 16:06

  • Sex.com changes hands

    Porn peddlar to loose control of domain after court fraud ruling

    Media 28 16:14

  • Duron finally gets integrated graphics chipset

    Set to fly off shelves?

    Channel 28 16:42

  • S3 takes a graphics holiday

    Not dead, just resting

    Channel 28 16:55

  • Dr Spinola's sad babe advice line

    Things not to do in Denver if you don't want to be dead

    Bootnotes 28 17:02

  • Topsoft: Top blokes.

    suffering from serious block with this one - quite understand if it doesn't make it up! There is probably more to say.

    Business 28 17:07

  • Yahoo! Nazi tech expert backtracks

    Decision is 'half-assed and trivially avoidable'

    Media 28 17:08

  • Stelios launches US cybercafé empire in New York

    HP's Fiorina drops in to cut ribbon

    Business 28 18:51

  • TiVo rival axes box, loses head

    ReplayTV plays it again

    Business 28 21:17