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MS: it's (nearly) illegal to buy PCs without Windows

By a strange coincidence Microsoft's dire warnings against buying PCs without preinstalled operating systems (see MS: how PCs shipped without Windows will destroy your life) seem to have vanished from microsoft.com on the very day that Microsoft argued that it didn't have a monopoly of the OS market, and that "the market position of Windows was created by... consumer demand, not Microsoft's control of total output."
John Lettice, 28 Nov 2000

Leningrad Penguin Goes America

Cult Finnish movie director Aki Kaurismaki will direct a lavish bio-pic of the life of Linus Torvalds, it was announced yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2000

BT still chasing cash for hyperlink patent

BT is still trying to extract megabucks from US ISPs following the telco's patent claim to hypertext links - and it's prepared to taken legal action if those fingered don't cough up.
Tim Richardson, 28 Nov 2000

AMD dips on mobo market slowdown fears

Taiwanese mobo vendors have begun slimming down production expansion plans on fears of a major slow-down in the PC market - and that, in turn, is hitting chip makers' stock.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2000

Email snooping row kicks off again

The Data Protection Commissioner has come out the corner fighting in Round Two of the email snooping legal argument - caused by the introduction of the RIP Act.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2000

Germans lead Euro Xmas spending

Europe will spend E2.6 billion ($2.22 billion) online this Christmas - equal to all online retail sales in Europe for 1999.
Tim Richardson, 28 Nov 2000

Elpida to expand DRAM production…

Elpida, the chip maker formed from the merged semiconductor operations of NEC and Hitachi, has announced it will build a ¥180 billion fab to churn out 0.13 micron 256Mb DRAM chips.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2000

Oftel investigates ‘anti-competitive’ BT

BT will still launch its new unmetered voice and Net access tariffs on Friday as planned despite facing an investigation by winged watchdog Oftel.
Tim Richardson, 28 Nov 2000

MS denies everything in Trial II bid

MS on TrialMicrosoft's brief to the Court of Appeals yesterday has too many unconvincing dimples, and not enough real chad. Even if Microsoft were entirely innocent, it has not made a sufficient case in the light of the evidence, Judge Jackson's findings of fact, and his conclusions of law. The technical parts of Microsoft's brief will most likely be scanned by the appellate judges and largely ignored, but the legal part is likely to be examined more minutely as part of what many observers believe will be the court's desire not to break up Microsoft.
Graham Lea, 28 Nov 2000

Install-less Linux distro to eliminate hard drives

We've seen various attempts to widen Linux's appeal among mainstream users by getting rid of as much of the open source's complex installation procedure as possible. The latest idea comes from French start-up Linbox and it essentially eliminates installation altogether.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2000

We can make Napster pay – Bertelsmann

Bertelsmann has figured out how it's going to make Napster's MP3 sharing service not only legitimate but work to the benefit of the music industry, the company claimed yesterday.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2000

Egg scrambles Internet-only focus

Online bank Egg has ditched its Internet-only strategy and is looking into establishing a High Street presence.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Nov 2000

Compaq extends Linux on Alpha

Compaq has bolstered the availability of Linux on its Alpha platform with the launch of Red Hat Alpha Deluxe on its Unix servers.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2000

Sony way off target on PS2 shipments

Sony is failing to meet its own PlayStation 2 delivery targets in the US, investment analysts have claimed.
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2000

Landis buys Datrontech arm

Landis has bought Data Connectivity, the networking equipment arm of bust distie Datrontech from the receivers, Microscope reports.Quoting unnamed sources, it says Data Connectivity boss James Morgan and eight other employees will join Landis. This will form the basis of public networks division to target the telecommunications industry.
Drew Cullen, 28 Nov 2000

The curious case of Arthur C Clarke, MI5 and the runaway millionaire

The 27-year-old computer tycoon Joseph de Saram who reportedly fled to Sri Lanka after his computer business went bust has spoken to the Daily Mail at length over what has really happened.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2000

BT in Oftel snitch hunt

Register private dicks have been trying to find out who lodged an official complaint with Oftel about alleged anti-competitive behaviour by BT.
Tim Richardson, 28 Nov 2000

Eidos losses up, shares down

Eidos, the UK's biggest computer games company, lost £60.2 million in its second quarter - compared with a £12.8 million loss for the same period last year. Turnover also dropped to £20.6 million from £27.3 million last year. Shares fell 11 per cent this morning, having already fallen 82 per cent from its peak this year.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2000

Reg has Bigbollocks.com

It's clear that the BBC and Microsoft don't have bigbollocks.com.
Tim Richardson, 28 Nov 2000

Intel cuts P4 pricing on Dec 10

Intel plans price cuts across its range in two weeks' time. Celeron, Pentium III and P4 parts are all affected, according to a posting on a hitherto secure Intel website.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Nov 2000

Snook is off

Hans Snook, the unique, leather-jacketed, enema-loving CEO of Orange is to leave the company that he steered to success and through two of the world's most powerful telecoms companies. Hans announced this morning that he will stand down from the board after the France Telecom/Orange group is floated on the Paris stock exchange early next year.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2000

Kingston in amoeba-like division

Kingston Communications is to cuddle up to other companies to create two new companies to help reduce the cost of its DSL roll-out.
Team Register, 28 Nov 2000

Oracle hires former Clinton spin doctor

Oracle has enlisted the help of a former White House spin doctor to spruce up its press machine.
Linda Harrison, 28 Nov 2000

HWRoundup Anand's got crystal balls

Anand continues crystal ball gazing today. He's finished part two of the guide to 2001 where he looks at the plans of motherboard makers Gigabyte, Microstar, Shuttle and Transcend. Overall, Anand reckons it's going to be a good year for the buyer, with tough competition at both ends of the market.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Nov 2000

Sex.com changes hands

An internet businessman has been stripped of ownership of porn portal sex.com following a ruling by a Californian court.
John Leyden, 28 Nov 2000

Duron finally gets integrated graphics chipset

AMD shipped 1.5 million Durons in Q3, despite the cheapo chip being hamstrung by the lack of an integrated chipset enabling system builders to produce value systems without the need for a separate graphics card.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Nov 2000

S3 takes a graphics holiday

Former graphics behemoth S3 is taking a sabbatical from the high end graphics arena and concentrating on the integrated graphics market instead.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Nov 2000

Dr Spinola's sad babe advice line

Now how many times do I have to tell you - let's be careful out there?
Dr Spinola, 28 Nov 2000

Topsoft: Top blokes.

Topsoft, the token based security specialist, says that the general public is still scared of encryption, despite its ubiquity in the business world.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Nov 2000

Yahoo! Nazi tech expert backtracks

One of the three Internet experts that decided it was technically possible to prevent French users from accessing parts of Yahoo! US' auction site has posted an apology on his own Web site, saying that the solution is "half-assed and trivially avoidable".
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Nov 2000

Stelios launches US cybercafé empire in New York

London-based EasyEverything opened the doors to its first cybercafé outside Europe today.
Linda Harrison, 28 Nov 2000

TiVo rival axes box, loses head

TiVo rival ReplayTV is scrapping its digital video recorder and has axed its CEO and chairman Kim LeMasters along with over 100 staff.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Nov 2000

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