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VIA ups profit predictions – again

VIA has said it will make even more money this year than it originally expected - or than it reckoned when it raised its pre-tax profit predictions earlier this year.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2000

P4: Tom's Hardware has another rethink

A week ago, renowned hardware site Tom's Hardware Guide reported that they really quite liked Intel's new flagchip Pentium 4. But after trying some MPEG 4 encoding, took the view that P4 was pretty horrible compared with the opposition, being outperformed by both Athlon and PIII.
Andrew Thomas, 27 Nov 2000

Smut to drive m-commerce

Porn will power the mobile e-conomy, according to PK Entertainment, a Baltimore-based peddler of erotic scribblings.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2000

AMD roadmap revisited

With the hype and hot air surrounding last week's launch of the P4 cooling somewhat, we thought it was time to revisit our roadmap department and produce up to date listings of what's coming in the next few months from both AMD and Intel.
Andrew Thomas, 27 Nov 2000

PlayStation 2 launch marred by DVD, fan issues

After last Friday's European debut of the PlayStation 2, gamers have been frantically putting the new console through its paces over the weekend, and are beginning to uncover potential problems.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2000

Robo Spy – cuddlier than a Web cam

A Jetsons-style world has moved a little closer with the Spy Cye, a friendlier kind of robot.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Nov 2000

The joy of customer service

We published an article on customer service by Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry that was forwarded by a regular reader for our amusement. We mistook it for the reader's work and ran it in Readers Letters on Friday.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2000

No one ever got fired for buying Intel

AMD last week told the world it wanted 30 per cent of the processor market by 2003. Jim Doran, who runs AMD's German manufacturing operations, mapped out the company would produce the chips (see AMD builds two million Athlons).
Drew Cullen, 27 Nov 2000

Delinquent hackers target games site

Games developer Microprose - famous for such simulation titles as GrandPrix 3 - has had its Web site defaced
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2000

Intel roadmap leaks again

With the hype and hot air surround last weeks launch of the P4 cooling, we thought it was time to revisit our roadmap department and produce up to date listings of what's coming in the next few months from both AMD and Intel.
Andrew Thomas, 27 Nov 2000

BT and United want £400m for LineOne

Anyone who reackons Freeserve's £1billion-plus price tag is a bit out of their league might want to take a butchers at LineOne. Weekend reports suggest that its owners, United News & Media and BT, could be happy for just £400 million. Rumours about LineOne's sale have been around for donkeys, although neither side will confirm or deny the speculation. Well, not yet, anyhow. But with United clearly flogging anything that isn't nailed down and BT desperate for cash, it seems this one is a dead cert. Snag is, who'd want to buy it?
Team Register, 27 Nov 2000

Redstone chipper about local loop

Redstone Telecom is "confident" that it will be able to supply xDSL services via 1250 of BT's local exchanges by July 2001.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2000

Manufacturer grinds out email abusers

So you think you're safe sharing jokes around the office? Make sure you look at your contract of employment first.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2000

M$ now has bigbollocks.com

The BBC has nobbled Bigbollocks.com.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2000

DTI wades into software patent debate

The Department of Trade and Industry and an American law professor have jumped into the European software patent punch-up.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2000
Cat 5 cable

Cisco ex-worker in trade secret theft probe

A former Cisco engineer has being arrested for stealing the blueprints for an optical networking product.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2000

Mobile phones: Gov't health warning

Just like cigarettes, mobile phones are to carry health warnings according to reports today. The information leaflets were to be bundled with all phones sold in the run up to Christmas, but now reports suggest they will not be ready in time.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Nov 2000

New Intel, Motorola, AMD chips face off

The fur should be flying at this year's International Electron Device conference in San Francisco on 12 December as rivals AMD/Motorola and Intel climb atop the soapbox to present details of their rival 130nm processes in back to back presentations.
Andrew Thomas, 27 Nov 2000

Sharp updates Zaurus to take on Palm

Sharp has launched the latest version of its Zaurus PDA in Japan, in an attempt to take the fight for marketshare to Palm.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2000

Who is LineOne?

Monster PR outfit Hill & Knowlton is obviously doing well - but is it doing too well? Is it just too big for its own good? For it appears the global PR outfit is so big it doesn't even know its own clients.
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2000

The Sun wrestles back porn domain

News International has won assurances it will be handed the domain ukpage3.com after the monster media group claimed ths site's owners had walked all over its trademark, writes Andrew Smith.
Our correspondent, 27 Nov 2000

Yahoo! Japan in child porn police raid

Police have raided Yahoo!'s Tokyo office over the alleged sale of child porn videos through its Website.
Linda Harrison, 27 Nov 2000

Computers cripple kids

Children spending prolonged amounts of time on computers are putting their health at risk, according to researchers. They claim thousands of children have already developed medical problems associated with operating computers.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Nov 2000

Royal clampdown on Net ‘smut’

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme - a kind of Scouts organisation for young adults fearful of woggles, uniforms and over-friendly 'masters' - has ordered that 100,000 promotional booklets it produced be pulped.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2000

Semiconductors trip the plastic fantastic

Mega-boffins at Cambridge University have come up with a way of making mega-cheap microchips from plastic and they have the funding to prove it.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Nov 2000

Rich rock stars launch anti-Napster campaign

UK musicians trade organisation British Music Rights today launched a campaign that seeks to persuade fans not to download illicit MP3 files from the Internet. The scheme, called Respect the Value of Music, aims to show how trading music on the likes of Napster is hurting musicians, not faceless industry executives.
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2000

America spends $6.3 billion online in Q3

Net sales rose 15.3 per cent to top $6.3 billion between June and September, according to figures released by the American government today.
Linda Harrison, 27 Nov 2000

Oftel says ‘no dice’ to DSL crap shoot

Oftel has ditched plans to employ a lucky throw of the dice to decide who gets space in BT's local exchanges as part of local loop unbundling (LLU).
Tim Richardson, 27 Nov 2000

Net gives dead dad plastic self-abuse ideas

The Internet has been blamed for the tragic death of father-of-three Alastair Hunt from a kinky sex game-for-one.
Kieren McCarthy, 27 Nov 2000

ADSL killed the Video Store

British Sky Broadcasting is prepping asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) technology to expand video on demand services over telephone lines.
John Leyden, 27 Nov 2000

HWRoundup Anand gets the Mobos talking

Anand obviously got himself a crystal ball and did some serious future searching to produce this glimpse into the future of motherboards. We'd tell you what he said but that would kind of defeat the object of the exercise.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Nov 2000

MS appeal: judge ‘whopped us upside the head’

In its initial and chief filing with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Microsoft illustrates US District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's single-minded and malicious persecution of the company with a little exemplum:
Thomas C Greene, 27 Nov 2000

Germans probe Yahoo! over suspected Mein Kampf sales

Yahoo! execs are in trouble in Europe again - and this time the Germans have taken the Internet giant to task over suspected sales of Mein Kampf.
Linda Harrison, 27 Nov 2000

Tulip sues Dell over alleged $17bn patent infringement

Dutch PC maker Tulip Computers has decided to sue mighty Dell over an alleged $17 billion patent infringement.
Linda Harrison, 27 Nov 2000

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