24th November 2000 Archive

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  • M$ Senator Gorton loses, won't concede till re-count

    Please, not again...

    Business 24 01:07

  • VNU in porn sack shock

    Had to be on of the sales boys, didn't it?

    Bootnotes 24 01:07

  • Rivals to peek at BT exchanges

    Oftel proposes, supposes erroneously

    Data Networking 24 01:26

  • HP sells out of P4 systems

    But won't say how many that was

    Channel 24 09:24

  • WinME can't handle more than 512 megs of memory

    Pointless discoveries R US...

    Software 24 09:51

  • AMD Dresden ships two million Athlons

    Aiming for 30 per cent of market

    Channel 24 10:04

  • Sony pulls Santa-slapping advert

    US cable network complains as Father Christmas drugged and tormented

    Business 24 10:08

  • PR bunny bites back

    Dangerous when wet

    Bootnotes 24 10:19

  • Sega full-year loss to widen

    Dreamcast price cuts nuke profits

    Business 24 10:33

  • Software tycoon ‘flees Tamil Tigers’

    So why did he run away to Sri Lanka?

    Business 24 10:58

  • Hyundai seeks $3bn to split from parent

    May change name too

    Channel 24 11:09

  • Poptastic Jonathan King charged over child sex offences

    PC and videos seized from London home

    Media 24 12:14

  • PCs R Evil

    It's official

    Business 24 12:15

  • Mediaplayer 7 security flaw

    Get your filters out

    Software 24 12:23

  • Tesco is Cock of the e-Walk

    Brits flock to ecommerce sites

    Business 24 12:26

  • C&W buys another networking reseller

    How much? won't say

    Business 24 13:45

  • When the wind blows, the mobiles will stop

    Disrupt your sleep

    Business 24 14:39

  • Letsbuyit no longer illegal in Germany?

    More it sells, more it loses

    Business 24 14:39

  • Web professionals site hacked by cartoon character

    Rug Rat makes self-aggrandising association look silly

    Media 24 14:41

  • We are slaves to technology – official

    More speed, less haste

    Media 24 15:08

  • Germans hit HP with anti-piracy fine

    It's official - your PC is a hi-fi...

    Business 24 15:25

  • Desperate Brits bid online for PlayStation 2s

    But aren't willing to pay much for it...

    Business 24 15:45

  • Euro PC sales – Gartner cheers up

    Replacement cycle

    Business 24 15:57

  • BBC's got bigbollocks.com

    Auntie Beeb never fails to shock

    Bootnotes 24 15:58

  • P4: total dog or really cooking?

    Reg reader puts Willamette on trial

    Channel 24 16:29

  • HWRoundup Turkeys galore

    And that's just the reviewers

    Hardware Roundup 24 16:51

  • Best of the Rest: barbie porn, whistleblowing and drunk journalists

    Another week in the frankly mental world of IT

    Letters 24 17:44

  • More of that Bush/Gore nonsense

    Can you believe it's still not sorted?

    Letters 24 17:46

  • The dark world of directory enquiries

    Hello what power-abusing monopoly would you like?

    Letters 24 17:48

  • The Friday gag

    An old, irregular feature

    Letters 24 17:51

  • Flame of the Week The site's going down the toilet

    And it's all Thomas C. Greene's fault

    Flame of the Week 24 17:51

  • Readers' Letters Everyone's got a bloody opinion

    Politics, phone calls, customer service, and a joke

    Letters 24 17:52

  • Oftel hurries FRIACO timetable

    BT ain't chuffed

    Media 24 17:54