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FBI's Carnivore review is mixed

A technical review of the FBI's 'Carnivore' e-mail sniffer conducted by the Fed-friendly IIT Research Institute and Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law (IITRI) under contract to the US Department of Justice (DoJ), finds that the gizmo generally does not pose a threat to civil liberties as feared by its detractors, so long as the Feds to stick to their legal script.
Thomas C Greene, 23 Nov 2000

Fibernet wants £77m for expansion

Fibernet Group plc is looking to raise £77 million to create a network in France and bolster its xDSL service in the UK. Some £62 million of the money will be used in France - the rest will be used to extend the company's co-location facilities and DSL trial services within the UK.
Team Register, 23 Nov 2000

Comdex roundup PDAs, mobiles, wireless and gizmos

Part Two
Luis Escalante, 23 Nov 2000

Comdex roundup What's hot in the mobo dept

Part OneIt's not difficult to hear about the big news from Comdex, but after the keynoting crowd has made its big presentations and headed off - frequently by the end of day one - there's still a big, big show jam-packed with great stuff, cool stuff or just plain weird stuff. And who notices? Well, The Register does, and here we present a roundup of the bits you could have missed, but might still find interesting - even if you've got a life.
Luis Escalante, 23 Nov 2000

Comdex roundup Graphics, video, MP3 and weird stuff

Part ThreeATI was showing its TV Wonder USB. It's just a cable jack at one end and a USB cable at the other. They're aiming it at TV for laptops, but desktops aren't out of the question.
Luis Escalante, 23 Nov 2000

ICL: 'that's not how a company should function'

Fujitsu is to cut more jobs at ICL, its UK computer services subsidiary, the FT reports.
Drew Cullen, 23 Nov 2000

Apple marketing chief quits

Apple's VP of Marketing Communication, Steve Wilhite, has quit the company.
Tony Smith, 23 Nov 2000

Napster challenges EMusic monitoring plan

Napster yesterday slammed music company EMusic's attempts to track downloads made across the MP3 sharing service as a violation of its users' privacy.
Tony Smith, 23 Nov 2000

Child porn prison governor hangs himself

The 54-year-old assistant governor of Cardiff prison facing charges of child pornography has been found hanged at his home.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000

Swedes sack 340 dotcommers…

Framfab - the Swedish-based e-company that yesterday culled 340 jobs - is to hold a jolly soiree tonight celebrating the opening of its second office in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2000

The gossip on BT domain grab fiasco

The Reg has received some interesting correspondence from a former BT employee shedding further light on the telco's failure to register the domain of its newly branded hi-tech campus, Adastral Park.
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2000

Dell punters hit by PC delivery scam

Dell customers are being warned to be on their guard after two men walked out with four PCs two hours after they had been delivered to a company in London.
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2000

MS: how PCs shipped without Windows will destroy your life

Once upon a time Microsoft was in the happy position of being able to charge PC companies a Windows licence fee for every PC they shipped, whether or not the PCs actually shipped with Windows preinstalled. It was nice money while it lasted, but regulatory concerns have subsequently eroded Microsoft's ability to collect a Windows licence fee on, say, a PC that ships with Linux preinstalled.
John Lettice, 23 Nov 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

Oftel mulls BT ‘192’ monopoly

Telecoms watchdog Oftel is financing a survey into BT's monopoly of directory enquiries. It is paying for a MORI poll on yer man in the street to see if he would be prepared to forget about the well-known 192 number and go for a five-digit number instead.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000

Web filters force Beaver College to change name

Clean living American academics have decided they can no longer go through life working at Beaver College.
Linda Harrison, 23 Nov 2000
Broken CD with wrench

The new hip SMS patois

"Mobile phone messaging is just a feature - it will never take off". That at least is what every mobile phone operator told us just two years ago. And it's something we occasionally remind them of when they get caught up slapping each other on the back for their tremendous insight.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000

eBay pulls Kevin Mitnick trinkets

Kevin Poulsen, 23 Nov 2000

Freeserve confirms sale talks

Freeserve has confirmed it is once again holding negotiations that could lead to the sale of Britain's biggest ISP.
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2000

EMusic to track Napster music swaps

Internet music company EMusic has developed what it claims is a solution to the 'Napster problem' - the availability of unauthorised copies of songs on the MP3 sharing software companies' service.
Tony Smith, 23 Nov 2000

Nvidia NV20 details leak out

Nvidia's next graphics chip, codename NV20, will be the best thing since sliced bread - what new 3D accelerator isn't? - according to specs leaked to ZDNet's German subsidiary.
Tony Smith, 23 Nov 2000

Ex-Nvidia man coughs to insider trading charge

Former Nvidia staffer Manu Shrivastava, who was fingered last August by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the San Francisco District Attorney's office for alleged insider trading, yesterday pleaded guilty to the crime.
Tony Smith, 23 Nov 2000

£100 PC business wound up by High Court

Smartalk Ltd - the company that offered £500 PCs in return for just £100 and access to personal information via a monthly questionnaire - has been wound up following a petition by the Secretary of State for Trade and industry.
Tim Richardson, 23 Nov 2000

BSA swoops on auction site pirate

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and Trading Standards launched a dawn raid on a software pirate last week and came up trumps.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000

Watchdog mauls rip-off UK porn site

Telephone services watchdog ICSTIS has begun an investigation into a British porn site after it was found to be ripping off punters with its premium rate phone service, writes Andrew Smith.
Our correspondent, 23 Nov 2000

Microconnectors hacked and down

Microconnectors.com has been hacked and displays only the following message:
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000

This year's Thanksgiving story

Well, even though two of our three main US correspondents are British to the core, they have failed miserably to send us any news today.* Why? Because hot-diggidy-darn, it's Thanksgiving.
Kieren McCarthy, 23 Nov 2000

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