22nd November 2000 Archive

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  • Linux in, Redmond out of Serial ATA party

    Spec 1.0 finished, public by year-end?

    Business 22 02:16

  • Eagle-eyed hack uncovers eBay gun sales probe

    Grand Jury haul head honchos in to testify

    Media 22 02:34

  • C2000 scoops Channel Awards

    A walk in Battersea Park

    Business 22 10:38

  • Microsoft honours Linux programmer with patent gong

    You can't make this stuff up

    Software 22 10:52

  • Chicago to host fourth Apple retail outlet

    Gap-style strategy coming together at last

    Mac Channel 22 11:19

  • Buy.com flees Australia

    The Unlucky Country

    Business 22 11:28

  • Workers open back doors for hackers

    And they don't even know it

    Media 22 11:28

  • Acer cuts annual sales estimate by $620m

    Will make NT$100bn target next year instead. So that's all right then...

    Business 22 11:50

  • News sites panic over P4 glitch

    Storm in tea cup

    Channel 22 11:54

  • HWRoundup The P4 stragglers

    And a little bit of MHz action

    Hardware Roundup 22 12:15

  • Turn your Palm into a GameBoy

    Game on...

    Business 22 12:21

  • Tom Greene is Satan

    Democrat asshole in Gore campaign pay

    Flame of the Week 22 13:26

  • Tom Greene is a god

    Pure genius covering US politics

    Letters 22 13:32

  • Novell still a sick puppy

    A bad year, a very poor fourth quarter

    Business 22 13:34

  • AOL UK predicts bumper e-Xmas

    That's unmetered Net access for you, they say

    Business 22 13:35

  • Register total scorched-earth election coverage

    Tom hates everyone, but Dubya more than most

    Register Full Coverage 22 13:40

  • P4: first Sandra 2001 benchmarks

    Screaming Sindy's extensions make a big difference

    Channel 22 13:53

  • Mobile portal forces us to have fun

    Very serious French people

    Data Networking 22 14:18

  • Tadpole cycles into SPARC rackmounts

    Raises some money, too

    Business 22 14:21

  • VNU goes to scatological lengths for Net research

    Is this really necessary?

    Bootnotes 22 14:52

  • Republican coup d'etat looms as Fla. Supremes affirm Gore

    State legislature plotting a 'special session'

    Register Full Coverage 22 15:00

  • Framfab sheds 340 jobs

    Unfortunate turnip for the books

    Business 22 15:29

  • Distie blames Y2K for selling too much

    Panic buying over, no surge

    Business 22 15:39

  • E-bunsen burners for e-boffins

    Gov't splashes out on 'e-science'

    Media 22 15:44

  • Software patents stay banned in Europe – for now

    Resistance is feasible...

    Software 22 16:17

  • Irish directory service takes on BT

    Creates 1400 jobs

    Business 22 17:10

  • Nintendo64 sales sag

    Punters hold out for GameCube

    Business 22 17:47

  • RIP Mike Muuss, PING author

    Killed in car crash

    Software 22 18:21

  • Palm leans on ‘cybersquatter’ who predicts future

    Not a case of first-come first-served

    Media 22 22:16

  • Priceline founder cuts 100 staff at other venture

    Not a good month for Jay Walker

    Media 22 23:22