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Apple slashes two-way G4 prices

Apple announced steep discounts on its dual processor G4 Macs today in the US and Europe.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2000

MCI Worldcom is ‘random billing’ specialist – official

Plagiarism CornerRegular readers will know that The Register employs some cunning booby-traps to foil the most obvious plagiarists.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2000

It's like the Love Bug, only less romantic

Virus writers are slushy at heart - naming the latest computer masher "Romeo & Juliet".
Linda Harrison, 21 Nov 2000

Easier.co.uk on life support machine

A British dotcom that helps people buy and sell property on the Web is about to slip into a coma.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2000

Where next for Corel?

AnalysisLast week, Corel's former Linux project lead, and now CEO, Derek Burney gave an equivocal backing to the company's Quixotic free software initiative.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2000

BT sacks domain grab contractor

BT is to launch a technology incubator business that will exploit the thousands of ideas its boffins come up with at the company's labs in Suffolk.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2000

The Euro Software Patent Chamber of Horrors

The idiocies of the European Patent Office are to be highlighted in a unique exhibition opening today. Between 11am and 12:30 in Munich, the European Software Patent Horror Gallery will open to the public, hosted by FSF founder Richard M Stallman, only this time wearing his League of Programming Freedom hat.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2000

Guninski finds another IE 5.5 security hole

We have a problem with IE security bugs - they all look the same to us. So thank goodness for George Guninski, who's found yet another security hole in Microsoft's IE5.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Nov 2000

Compaq $60m lawsuit centres on DVD violation

More details have emerged concerning Compaq's legal tussle over alleged video compression patent violations - action that could see the PC vendor being forced to cough up at least $60 million in damages.
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2000

Ozzy Osbourne to bite head off Net media co.

Bat biter Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera and seven other metal bands are together suing a trio of media companies, including online video company MCY, for broadcasting bootlegged concert footage.
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2000

Hello, Australia, are you there?

It was connection chaos for millions of Internet users yesterday - and to think we never noticed. Millions of people in Australia, Asia, America and Europe found it difficult, no impossible, to get onto the Net, after a 39,000km-long undersea cable was severed, possibly by a trawler, in the wee hours of yesterday morning (Brit time), somewhere near Singapore.
Drew Cullen, 21 Nov 2000

E-minister puts brave face on auction farce

The collapse and utter failure of the auction for Broadband Fixed Wireless Access yesterday put e-minister, Patricia Hewitt, in a difficult spot. How to explain that the expected £1 billion windfall from the licences had, in fact, turned into a measly £38.2 million. How to pass over the fact that only 16 licences of the 42 up for sale even received a bid. Why the large number of companies that registered their interest were reduced to just ten (officially twelve at the time - what happened to the other two?) before the auction kicked off - and of them, two pulled out within days.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Nov 2000

Intel AGP 8x spec published

Intel has published the draft spec of the AGP 8x standard - an extension of the existing AGP 4x bus - including an outline of a 64-bit version supporting Itanic and its successors.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Nov 2000

The Reg – a reader's guide

Based on the number of emails we receive from irate readers (many of them written in green crayon - not an easy thing to do in Outlook Express), it would appear many people consider The Reg to be variously opinionated, biased, racist, too tough, too weak, political, apolitical, too technical, not technical enough, pro AMD, anti AMD, pro Intel, anti Intel, pro Rambus and anti Rambus.
Dr Spinola, 21 Nov 2000

Cardiff Prison official faces child porn allegations

A senior member of staff at Cardiff prison has been arrested by police after kiddie porn was allegedly found on his laptop computer.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2000

Nokia unveils first Symbian Crystal Communicator

Nokia has taken the wraps off its first Communicator based on Symbian's Crystal reference design - at its mobile Internet show in Prague, as indeed we said the company would several weeks ago. The 9210 Communicator is intended as a 'do-everything' high speed mobile device, and is intended to ship in the first half of next year.
John Lettice, 21 Nov 2000

Reg reader finds hardcore Barbie porn

Last week we wrote a story debunking a hysterical article by the Daily Mail which claimed kids were at serious risk of viewing pornography while searching online for their favourite toys.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Nov 2000

Reg pops Brit net lit zit

Quite a week for comps down here at Vulture Central. On top of the excitement over our Codebreaker competition results and our latest Bluetooth give-away, we can now announce the ten unclogged pores who will be curling up with a copy of The New English Book of Internet Stories.
Lester Haines, 21 Nov 2000

BBC sacrifices virgin online

We were shocked, nay appalled, to find that that paragon of free speech, the BBC, prevented a loyal Reg reader from discussing sky-diving online.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Nov 2000

EMI falls into red on failed Warner tie-up

EMI, the world's third largest record company, said today its attempt to merge with Warner - itself soon to be bought by AOL - knocked an anticipated first-half profit into a loss.
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2000

Sony, Honda prep people-like robots

Sony has developed a 19 inch high robot, codenamed SDR-3X, capable of walking on two legs, kicking a ball and a few other nifty tricks. Meanwhile, Honda has unveiled a four foot tall bipedal robot that can even shake hands with people.
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Nov 2000

Solar Sunrise hacker joins Mid-East cyber-war

Kevin Poulsen, 21 Nov 2000

Intel and Broadcom best friends again

Intel and Broadcom are reported to have kissed and made up, and settled all claims and counter-claims against each other.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Nov 2000

Blunder cuts Lucent Q1 sales by $125m

Lucent admitted today it has made a mistake its Q1 fiscal predictions, a cock up that will effectively wipe two cents of its earnings and cuts its sales figures for the period by $125 million.
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2000

Another P4 mobo floods onto the market

Gigabyte's new GA-8TX mobo joins Aopen's AX4T, shown at last month's World PC Expo 2000 in Tokyo, and Intel's own D850GB Garibaldi and swells the number of boards available for Intel's new flagchip P4 to, er, three.
Andrew Thomas, 21 Nov 2000

Employees blush at AltaVista porn deal

Employees at AltaVista UK have expressed their concerns about the company's deal with a Nasdaq-listed porn company.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2000

Police fence stolen goods online

Ever wonder why the police have the best drugs and hi-fi systems? Sorry, that is a completely false and libellous allegation and completely without foundation. However, there is the question of what happens to all the kit that the police inevitably end up with - the lost, found and stolen goods that no one ever claims.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Nov 2000

MP3 to kill the CD by 2005 – MORI

The CD is dead, buried by MP3. Or at least it will be by 2005. That's the conclusion of punters in the UK, a recent survey by market researcher MORI reveals
Tony Smith, 21 Nov 2000

uTravel.co.uk goes titsup.com

Another one bites the dust. Yes, United News & Media-backed travel site uTravel.co.uk has gone titsup.com, joining a host of other Web sites that have folded in a pre-Xmas rush.
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Nov 2000

Essex girls to get free WebTV

The land of white stilettos is to receive free Internet connections as part of a government drive to get Brits wired.
Linda Harrison, 21 Nov 2000

Fujitsu Siemens de-emphasises desktop PC biz

Fujitsu-Siemens said today, in a London strategy briefing, that it will concentrate on its mobile computing business and services to back up its products for the next three years
Lucy Sherriff, 21 Nov 2000

Gameplay zaps 20 jobs

Gameplay is poised to axe as many as 20 people from its operation following a decision to downsize the games portal company.
Tim Richardson, 21 Nov 2000

Republicans peevishly await Bush coronation

As the manual re-count proceeds in several Florida counties carefully chosen by the Gore people to boost his chances, and its various parties square off in quest of vindication by the courts, Republicans have turned to their favourite tactic of alleging deliberate malfeasance and perfidious intent among their opponents.
Thomas C Greene, 21 Nov 2000

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