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Florida election returns blocked until Monday

The long-expected certification of a winner in Florida's presidential race will not be enacted this weekend, as the state's Supreme Court ruled unanimously late Friday that Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris may not announce a winner as she had been straining to do, "until further notice."
Thomas C Greene, 18 Nov 2000

The Bastard hits Cruise Control

Episode 38BOFH 2000: Episode 38
Simon Travaglia, 18 Nov 2000

ZDNet wakes up and smells P4 shocker

Intel's Pentium 4 will only be capable of running in single processor configurations, thunders eWeek's Ken 'Scoop' Popovich.
Andrew Thomas, 18 Nov 2000

Four triumph in Codebreaker comp

It's been a long, hard month for our would-be codebreakers. I dread to think how many potentially productive hours have been spent bashing our encrypted text into keyboards spattered with tears of frustration. It's a lovely image.
Lester Haines, 18 Nov 2000

Codebreaker crypto correspondence

The email traffic regarding our Codebreaker competition has kept all at Vulture Central amused during the dark days of winter.
Lester Haines, 18 Nov 2000

Benefit from blinding Bluetooth blag

Lester Haines, 18 Nov 2000

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