16th November 2000 Archive

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  • Micron to pump $287m into new Singapore plant

    CEO gets to ring opening bell at NYSE

    Channel 16 00:06

  • Netnames whois Wednesday humour

    It's a bit of fun

    Bootnotes 16 01:27

  • Where's the IT angle?

    We never were any good at geometry...

    Bootnotes 16 01:28

  • Datrontech receivers sell Portable Add Ons

    Channel Flannel

    Business 16 08:19

  • Beam me up, Intel

    Broadband over light

    Data Networking 16 10:15

  • Linus on open source, free software and the personality thing

    RMS versus Raymond, why 'free' is a bad word...

    Register Full Coverage 16 10:40

  • Linus on robots, fame and getting to ‘yes’ with 2.4

    Bill versus Linus was helpful then, but this is now...

    Register Full Coverage 16 10:40

  • Garden.com turfed onto dot.compost heap

    Titsup.com special!

    Business 16 10:42

  • Where's the IT angle? Part Two

    George III's management analyst speaks etc.

    Bootnotes 16 11:24

  • 3dfx clarifies graphics card strategy

    Quitting production, yes - quitting retail, no

    Channel 16 11:28

  • Losses triple at Net finance site

    And other online cash trash

    Business 16 11:45

  • Rambus goes into networking hardware

    First products early next year

    Channel 16 11:48

  • Rambus ‘dropped Hyundai case to avoid tough judge’

    Legal shenanigans backfire big time

    Channel 16 11:59

  • Name and shame paedophile Web site man faces court

    Charged with conspiring to abduct child

    Media 16 12:42

  • Monkey brain signals used to work robots

    Monkey magic, monkey magic

    Business 16 13:25

  • Blighty goes teetotal

    The end is nigh

    Bootnotes 16 13:26

  • Intel power tech catches Transmeta. In, er, 6 months – IBM

    ThinkPad exec lays it on, over and in the vicinity of the line

    Channel 16 13:44

  • Bush and Gore exchange personalities

    We might all have to switch our votes

    Media 16 14:35

  • Web site names and shames paedophiles

    Lynch Rule

    Media 16 15:01

  • 3dfx pulls plug on graphics card production

    For whom the bell tolls...

    Channel 16 15:01

  • Oftel head flambéed by angry MPs

    We wish we'd gone now

    Data Networking 16 15:01

  • Iridium back from the dead

    Satellite comms network saved!

    Data Networking 16 15:17

  • HWRoundup Full guide to FSB overclocking Intel goodies

    And Visiontek GeForce2 GTS Ultra test drive

    Hardware Roundup 16 15:26

  • BBC beaten in bid for first Brit ebook

    Attachments spin off comes second

    Media 16 15:32

  • Scour to stop Napster-style movie sharing service

    Move makes a sale of the bankrupt company more likely

    Media 16 15:53

  • Apple's switch glitch: Cube affected too

    According to a Reg reader...

    Mac Channel 16 16:16

  • MP3.com hit with another lawsuit

    Lawyers rub hands in glee

    Media 16 16:56

  • Saudi Prince laughs off $80m Priceline losses

    But curbs dotcom investments

    Business 16 16:58

  • Martine McCutcheon new single on your mobile!

    Keep away from those razor blades

    Data Networking 16 17:42

  • Freeserve not going bust: official

    We've £100m to spend says investor relations manager

    Media 16 17:43

  • Buy your own satellite

    At $45,000 it's an Xmas must-have

    Data Networking 16 18:15

  • CIA-backed wireless networking start-up gets new CEO

    Ex-US West exec Trujillo comes on board

    Data Networking 16 18:18

  • TheStreet.co.uk goes titsup.com

    We don't wanna say we told you so, but...

    Business 16 18:20

  • Noose tightening for dotcoms – 21 deaths in last fortnight

    130 so far this year

    Media 16 22:20