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Micron to pump $287m into new Singapore plant

US chipmaker Micron Technology is to pump around $287 million into a flash new plant in Singapore.
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Netnames whois Wednesday humour

Netnames' whois server is doing funny things to your favourite computer companies. Run a search on its site for, say, AOL.com, and you'll find a list of interesting abuse where server names should be.
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Where's the IT angle?

The Register has had an enormous response to Thomas Greene's pieces on the US election. Indeed, we are so encouraged that we've decided to take up political reporting full-time. Expect to see RegNN.com RSN. Thanks once again for all your kind words. We never wanted to be computer journalists, anyway.
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Datrontech receivers sell Portable Add Ons

Datrontech co-founder Ian Boyle has teamed up with two former directors of the company to buy Portable Add Ons from the receivers for £400,000.
Cat 5 cable

Beam me up, Intel

Fibre optic networks - they ain't cheap, especially for that last mile into people's homes. Microwave? Too bloody slow for broadband applications. So what about using lightwaves to squirt data?
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Linus on open source, free software and the personality thing

Torvalds interview part 2 You're very focussed on the kernel - does your role in the kernel kind of stop anyone else, any one company say, claiming "ownership" of Linux? I don't see myself that way. I'm this figurehead and I'm the technical lead for the kernel. So it's not about arbitration - I don't care what the fight is: I keep myself fairly neutral there. It's actually not that hard: I basically work with engineers, talk technical detail with them and the politics never comes into this. But I'm happy I didn't go to work for a Linux company because - oh gosh - I thought I was being clever back then - now I think I was a genius!
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Linus on robots, fame and getting to ‘yes’ with 2.4

Torvalds interview part 1 To his millions of fans he's known simply as "Linus". From Southport to Santiago he's celebrated as the man who kick-started a computer revolution. But enough about The Register's publisher Linus Birtles. The only slightly less-famous Linus, Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds, kindly gave us the best part of an hour of his time for what these days is a very rare interview, at Comdex. Particuarly as he's expecting his third daughter this very week.
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Garden.com turfed onto dot.compost heap

Question: Who buys compost over the Web? Not enough of you for Garden.com which is to begin an orderly shut-down, while it flogs off its assets. We guess the URL is worth a few million bucks. The rest may just be so much well-rotted manure.
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Where's the IT angle? Part Two

Yesterday, we published the Revocation of US Independence, doing the email rounds in Blighty, and asked if anyone knew the author? We've had plenty of spottings on alt.humour and alt.english newsgroups, but no name yet (although we do have an email address -arcadianrising@aol.com - for maybe the first poster).
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3dfx clarifies graphics card strategy

3dfx yesterday denied it is pulling out of the 3D graphics card business, although it is ending production at its Juarez, Mexico plant, which will indeed be sold off.
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Losses triple at Net finance site

Losses have almost tripled at Interactive International Investor. The site provides online financial information and services, has 1.1 million registered account holders, but they're mainly checking out the free stuff.
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Rambus goes into networking hardware

As the exclusivity of its future at Intel is brought into question, Rambus has announced its intentions to move into networking hardware and expand its presence in consumer electronics.
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Rambus ‘dropped Hyundai case to avoid tough judge’

Rambus, everyone's favourite litigant, has had its corporate wrists slapped for 'blatant judge shopping' by the US International Trade Commission. The trade body has also imposed restrictions on the company should it ever file another SDRAM patent complaint with the ITC. [That's not very likely to happen, is it? - Ed]
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Name and shame paedophile Web site man faces court

The Aberdeen anti-child abuse campaigner planning to name and shame paedophiles on the Net is to appear in court charged with conspiring to abduct a child.
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Monkey brain signals used to work robots

Researchers have moved a step closer to creating workable neural prostheses, following the identification, in monkeys, of the brain signals the lead to motion. They have also been able to use those signals to trigger the same movement in a robot in real time.
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Blighty goes teetotal

A record 18 per cent of Brits now eschew a drop of the hard stuff, according to The Drink Pocket Book 2001.
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Intel power tech catches Transmeta. In, er, 6 months – IBM

Somewhere within the Las Vegas Convention Centre there is a large, well-appointed room staffed by more IBM marketing people than you'd previously thought could possibly exist, clad in identical IBM shirts of a quality far higher than they've ever given you. Unlike the operatives of various other companies you might care to name, their role is not to spin, but to schedule - because Big Blue's execs are in town, dispensing wisdom in 15 minute bites to the handily cab-ranked press.
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Bush and Gore exchange personalities

A refreshingly relaxed and confident Al Gore hit the airwaves Wednesday evening, mid-way through the network news broadcasts, touting a proposal which he claimed would resolve the election madness in Florida swiftly and amicably.
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Web site names and shames paedophiles

An Aberdeen anti-child abuse campaigner is to name and shame paedophiles on the Net.
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3dfx pulls plug on graphics card production

3dfx is bailing out of the 3D graphics card market, just two years after spending millions to buy STB Systems to bring board production in house.

Oftel head flambéed by angry MPs

Sparks were flying at the Houses of Parliament yesterday. Head of Oftel David Edmonds faced the trade and industry select committee and they were not in good temper.

Iridium back from the dead

Iridium, the ill-fated cellphone-by-satellite service that collapsed earlier this year, is to be saved from destruction.
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HWRoundup Full guide to FSB overclocking Intel goodies

Tweaktown - always happy to provide a service to the community - has written a guide to FSB overclocking Intel's stuff. This is not just for old hands, written, as it is in terms simple enough for overclocking newbies to grasp fairly rapidly. Click here to find out what the fuss is all about.
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BBC beaten in bid for first Brit ebook

BBC Worldwide appears to have been pipped to the post as the first company to launch a mainstream British ebook before Christmas. Harper Collins got there first, writes Tony Dennis.
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Scour to stop Napster-style movie sharing service

Bankrupt Scour is to scuttle its 'Napster for movies' Scour Exchange service in a desperate bid to end all legal action against it and so smooth its sale to listen.com.
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Apple's switch glitch: Cube affected too

Apple continues to have problems with the switches that turn on its latest line of desktop Macs.
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MP3.com hit with another lawsuit

There's no rest for the wicked - MP3.com is facing yet more legal action.
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Saudi Prince laughs off $80m Priceline losses

Chipper Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal has laughed off his $80 million loss in Priceline.com.
server room

Martine McCutcheon new single on your mobile!

Ex-Eastenders barmaid and drinking man's crumpet Martine McCutcheon has released a new single (yippee!). And if that wasn't bad exciting enough, you'll be able to download a basic, annoying synthesised version of it onto your mobile phone so it plays relentlessly every time your phone rings. Can life get any better?
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Freeserve not going bust: official

Freeserve's investor relations manager Paul Barker has contacted us to categorically deny that the ISP is running out of money. We pondered the question after the recent mass billing fiasco and a number of other customer complaints revolving around getting money out of Freeserve.
DVD it in many colours

Buy your own satellite

Christmas madness has begun in earnest and the silliest thing we've come across so far is the CubeSat. At four inches across and weighing in at about a kilo, this personal mini satellite has to be the ultimate present for the geek who has everything.

CIA-backed wireless networking start-up gets new CEO

CIA-backed start-up La Graviton has spotted its future leader in the form of ex-US West exec Sol Trujillo.
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TheStreet.co.uk goes titsup.com

Financial Web site TheStreet.co.uk has gone titsup.com after investors decided that £500,000 a month was a bit too much of a loss for just four million page impressions a month.
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Noose tightening for dotcoms – 21 deaths in last fortnight

The noose is tightening around dotcoms' scrawny necks, with 21 Internet companies shutting up shop so far this month.