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Half-price Quantum HDDs not for sale here

US e-tailer CDW has become the latest in a string of dotcoms to cock-up its online pricing.
Linda Harrison, 15 Nov 2000

AOL philanderers beware!

An American woman has devised a useful sideline in talking dirty in AOL chatrooms to suspected - and unsuspecting - errant husbands.
Drew Cullen, 15 Nov 2000

Ericsson Red Hat Bluetooth web pad heads for Europe

Although the giant halls at Las Vegas are supposed to be individually themed, every one lists "Information Appliances" on its menu. The term is becoming as ubiquitous as "uses electricity"... and is probably about as redundant. Well... if they aren't information appliances what are they supposed to be doing, heating the room? In which case what are they doing at Comdex? We'll give you the full rundown of webpads later but first honours should go to the Ericsson device, which will be the first to reach the UK.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Nov 2000

MP3 players go little and large

ComdexIs there no beginning to this convergence innovation? LG Electronics again showed its small, dinky MP3 player with a built-in camera, called the Digital Music Eye, that looked tiny and stylish. However with 32Mb of storage it's more of a camera than an audio player.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Nov 2000

Brits like online shopping more than our Euro cousins

UK net usage patterns are something of an anomaly among our European cousins.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Nov 2000

Click here for the winner of HP Brio computer

You may remember a while ago we ran a competition to win a top-of-the-range Hewlett-Packard Brio computer (well it was when we ran the comp). We were inundated with entrants - yeah, we know, everyone says that, but really, we had bags full of little, annoying bits of paper.
Team Register, 15 Nov 2000

ICANN releases TLD shortlist

ICANN has release the shortlist of new domain suffixes. The ICANN board will vote on which will be adopted on Thursday.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Nov 2000

ALi DDR chipsets hit full swing in December

ALi is to pump up out volume production of DDR SDRAM chipsets for both Athlon and Pentium III platforms in December.
Drew Cullen, 15 Nov 2000

ATI unwraps mobile Radeon

Notebook graphics market leader ATI yesterday unveiled its response to Nvidia's attack upon its marketshare: an upcoming mobile graphics chip based on its Radeon technology.
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2000

Intel cranks up mobile CPU to 1GHz

Intel is working up a release of a 1GHz mobile CPU in the first half of next year, or in other words, sometime in the next seven months.
Drew Cullen, 15 Nov 2000

Cube Clones Continue

Now this is a machine that's really going to get Apple's legal department rubbing their hands in glee. Taiwan-based DA Computing launched its Komodo Server at Comdex this week, and if it's not a Power Mac G4 Cube rip-off, we're Steve Jobs uncle.
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2000

DRAM slump: now it's Europe's turn

Memory prices on the spot market and for forward contracts showed a ten per cent decline in ICIS-LOR's latest world DRAM price survey.
Drew Cullen, 15 Nov 2000

Apple in a fix over switch

Apple has confirmed the existence of a hardware hiccough that cause Power Mac G4 power switches to fail - but as yet has not issued a fix for the problem.
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2000

Compaq gets fashion conscious

In what can only be interpreted as an attempt to grab a slice of the "computer-as-fashion-accessory" market space so ably occupied by the iBook, Compaq has launched a special edition Presario 1400, in a co-branding exercise with US clothing retailer Eddie Bauer.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Nov 2000

Letsbuyit wants £48m to help it into the black

Letsbuyit.com is looking for E80 million (£48 million) from investors to tide it over until it can get back into the black.
Robert Blincoe, 15 Nov 2000

IBM cutting the cord by June 2001

IBM has said it will integrate wireless LAN technology into all its commercial notebooks by the end of the first half of next year.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Nov 2000

Virgin whines about cybersquatting

Richard Branson's commercial empire has sent lawyers' letters to people who have registered domain names similar to its online off-licence, virginwines.com.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Nov 2000

Casualty mobile phone callers jailed

Two blokes have been jailed for using a mobile phone in an accident and emergency department.
Robert Blincoe, 15 Nov 2000

Sony cuts UK PlayStation bit allocation from 128 to 28

Sony is punishing UK PlayStation 2 buyers for the European Commission's decision to classify the console as a video game by withholding 100 of the machine's 128 bits of processing power.
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2000

Vodafone a big fat hypocrite

Yesterday we ran a story detailing Vodafone's attempts to shut down a mobile spamming company. The company concerned, Webcom International, sends out text messages to millions of phones every week. It is breaking the law says Vodafone; no we're not, says Webcom.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Nov 2000

KDE League formed to promote Linux UI

Linux user interface development operation KDE today launched an attempt to promote its K Desktop Environment GUI as the industry shifts ever Gnome-ward, particularly in the light of Eazel's development of Gnome's next-generation UI.
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2000

Intel confirms P4 license talks

Intel veep Paul Otellini, boss of Chipzilla's Architecture group, confirmed at Comdex that the company is in talks to license the P4 system bus to other chipset vendors.
Andrew Thomas, 15 Nov 2000

MP3.com preps MyMP3.com mk. 2

MP3.com will relaunch its MyMP3.com 'virtual Walkman' service by the end of the month, now it's able to put the legal turmoil of the past year behind it.
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2000

HWRoundup There is hardware outside Las Vegas

Other than Comdex it is kind of quiet at the moment, isn't it? Obviously we at El Reg are out there doing the Vulture thang in Las Vegas. Or at least, our Andrew Orlowski is out there. He's managed to score an interview with Mr. Penguin Head himself, Linus Torvalds. More on that at it arrives.
Lucy Sherriff, 15 Nov 2000

Freeserve: it gets worse

Freeserve had sent us a copy of its statement regarding the appalling mass mail of customers demanding money or the boys will come round. In it, it claims it didn't know the email was being sent out and apologises for any distress. However it then goes on to say that the email still stands and all those receiving it will have to contact Energis and tell it their bank details. What a cock-up.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Nov 2000

SMS messages cause Reebok riots

A mobile marketing firm caused mayhem in the Lakeside shoping centre, Thurrock, when it sent out a text message offering a free pair of Reebok trainers to whoever turned up at a new shop with their phone.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Nov 2000

ZDNet journalist goes mad

It can be hard having to write a regular opinion piece. First off, it's easy - you get all your pet hates out - but then as the weeks go by, it gets harder and harder to come up with original ideas. At some point every columnist has found himself writing a load of nonsense by mistake in the vain hope of having an interesting viewpoint (No I haven't - Ed).
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Nov 2000

Mobile phones are penis extensions

Mobile phones are penis extensions, with men more interested in using the devices to snare a shag than for business purposes.
Linda Harrison, 15 Nov 2000

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