14th November 2000 Archive

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  • Azlan interims, Datrontech death throes, distie mergers

    Channel Flannel

    Business 14 08:23

  • Bertelsmann eyeing up Liquid Audio?

    Digital music biz to become merger central in any case

    Business 14 10:18

  • Crusoe a loser in wrong tree bark-a-thon

    Opinion Might be OK for DVD, MP3 players, though

    Channel 14 10:27

  • AMD demos 1.5GHz Athlon

    But Chimpzilla falling further behind in MegaHurtz ™ war

    Channel 14 10:51

  • BT messes with Swiss 3G auction

    Emap slashes Net investment

    Business 14 11:13

  • World Online raided in insider trading probe

    Justice department moves in

    Media 14 11:16

  • Seagate releases monster 180GB drive

    It's the Ba ba ra ra cu cu da da

    Business 14 11:34

  • Palm CTO rubbishes ‘3000 man years’ of Symbian OS work

    As its own wireless Internet storms into the mid-1990s

    Data Networking 14 11:59

  • Transmeta talks 256-bit Crusoe

    And a speed bump-up for today's morphers...

    Channel 14 12:06

  • New compilers for P4, Itanic

    Build 64-bit code on 32-bit systems

    Software 14 12:24

  • Fixed wireless auction a complete shambles

    No one wants huge sections of the UK

    Data Networking 14 12:37

  • DoCoMo's i-mode enjoys 20-fold sales leap

    That's $1.1bn in six months

    Business 14 12:37

  • Jerry Pournelle launches verbal tirade against disabled journalist

    'You've no class'

    Bootnotes 14 12:49

  • Freeserve: the worst customer service in the world?

    Pay up or the boys are coming round

    Media 14 13:01

  • Be takes new slant on Net appliance biz

    New software targets service providers rather than box makers and users

    Media 14 14:11

  • Palm finally offers PalmOS 3.5 upgrade

    At a price

    Software 14 15:00

  • Americans stuff $11.6bn into Xmas e-tail stocking

    Ain't no sanity clause

    Media 14 15:06

  • Playboy.com pulled back from IPO

    Heff likes a sure thing

    Business 14 15:22

  • Totally random: mobile phone spam

    Loophole, what loophole?

    Data Networking 14 15:23

  • AMD firms up roadmap details

    Hands high end to Intel on a plate

    Channel 14 15:39

  • IBM is a mean green recycling machine

    But it'll cost punters $30 to ditch their tin

    Business 14 16:54

  • Cheaper, faster Rambus on the way

    All thanks to those clever folks at Samsung

    Channel 14 17:04

  • RIP just got scarier

    Changes to Freedom of Information Act may withhold any RIP checking system

    Media 14 17:06

  • NSI dodges naughty domain name lawsuit

    Refuses to register "f***me.com"

    Media 14 17:17

  • Chipzilla, HP target Apple's Cube

    Deep Forest gateaux

    Mac Channel 14 17:22

  • ICANN: the Internet's answer to Stalin

    What's wrong with a bit of history rewriting?

    Media 14 17:32

  • UK Net population jumps 40% to 11 million

    More women, more kids, more over 35s

    Media 14 17:49

  • HWRoundup Peek at the P4

    Plus a 800MHz Duron v 766MHz Celeron showdown

    Hardware Roundup 14 17:56

  • eBay, QXL hit in piracy swoop

    BSA auction lawsuit frenzy

    Business 14 23:55

  • Semiconductor sales to slump in 2002

    Gartner polishes its crystal ball

    Channel 14 23:57

  • MP3.com squares Universal with $53.4m payout

    Anything for a quiet life

    Media 14 23:59