13th November 2000 Archive

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  • Intel 'Going for AMD's balls'

    Chipzilla brings forward 2GHz P4

    Channel 13 10:03

  • Gates doesn't quite name Whistler Windows 2001

    Puts lips together, doesn't blow

    Software 13 10:07

  • Look out Yahoo!, here comes Lavazza!

    Espresso Bongo

    Media 13 10:30

  • AMD's Mustang is dog food

    Server chip heads for the knackers yard

    Channel 13 10:36

  • Economist pilfers Reg ‘trademark’

    Whose 'chipzilla' is it anyway?

    Bootnotes 13 10:56

  • Rambus to take 40 per cent of DRAM biz – president

    Promises cheaper RDRAM too

    Channel 13 11:44

  • Fastest-ever Celerons ship today

    They'll be entry-level within six months

    Channel 13 12:04

  • Kenwood licenses Symbian

    Wants it for smartphones

    Software 13 12:09

  • Netpliance pulls I-opener Web access device

    Low sales and bad results

    Business 13 12:22

  • CIA men censured over high-security smut

    Saucy secrets within sick secretive organisation

    Software 13 12:39

  • Apple embarks on MacOS X for Intel project

    It's pinch of salt time, but it's not as daft a rumour as you might think

    Mac Channel 13 13:07

  • BOFH: Lights out for Contractors

    A bastard's got to do...

    BOFH 13 13:25

  • Nvidia selects Sensaura for upcoming audio chip

    Will also materialise in Xbox?

    Channel 13 13:55

  • HP grows sales but misses earnings targets

    Full year sales up 15% to $48.8bn

    Business 13 14:13

  • Look out! Here come the cybercops

    Jack Straw stumps up £25 million for Net crime detectives

    Media 13 14:14

  • Pub Net business raises £20m

    Beer, pork scratchings and porn

    Business 13 14:15

  • Codebreakers concours crypto climax

    By George, I think he's cracked it!

    Site News 13 15:16

  • Nvidia unveils mobile GeForce 2 GO

    Slower than a GeForce 2 MX, but eats fewer watts

    Channel 13 15:18

  • MS to intro ‘annual sub’ price structure with Office 10

    It's like Office.NET. Except it's not Office.NET...

    Software 13 15:59

  • Queen in mobe clampdown

    Peace reigns at Buck House

    Bootnotes 13 16:30

  • Pioneer shows off combo CD/DVD recordable drive

    Capacity of 4.7GB per DVD side

    Business 13 16:33

  • Fujitsu punts out 30GB 2.5in drives for mobiles

    Data transfer rate of 28.7MBps

    Business 13 16:46

  • Oftel laughs at BT unmetered access timetable

    Heard the one about the boy who cried wolf?

    Data Networking 13 16:54

  • Tesco to start selling cars online

    Gerald Ratner back in the 'quality' jewellery business

    Business 13 16:55

  • HWRoundup Celeriac 766MHz attack

    Plus Quake election fragathon

    Hardware Roundup 13 18:07

  • Amazon.com lets you test Florida butterfly ballot

    Would Gran get it right?

    Media 13 18:35

  • Unmetered access is here! No thanks to BT

    Oftel extends FRIACO - whether BT likes it or not

    Data Networking 13 18:37

  • Straw in line for Lifetime Menace Big Brother award

    Fierce rivalry from BT and Anne Widdecombe

    Media 13 18:42

  • Freeserve to cut off hundreds more customers

    Whaddaya mean you want to actually use our service?

    Media 13 18:45

  • Bush hand-count hypocrisy shot down

    Florida's rule of really bad law

    Media 13 20:45

  • Streamline.com turns into Thanksgiving Turkey

    Titsup.com for online grocer

    Business 13 23:16

  • US Presidency up for grabs on eBay

    Bid for your perfect job

    Media 13 23:18

  • A TiVO for radio.. and Palms become WebPads


    Business 13 23:35