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Visa to ‘monitor’ e-commerce security

Kevin Poulsen, 10 Nov 2000

Dell hits revised estimates

Dell Computer hit its lowered Q3 targets with a 22 per cent rise in revenues. The company warned that the weak euro continued to hamper sales growth.
Linda Harrison, 10 Nov 2000
Face Palm D'oh from Shutterstock

Roger Moore's Swiss bank account details plastered on Web

Showbiz stars are fuming at Credit Suisse after a technical glitch revealed their secret Swiss bank account details on the Net for a week.
Linda Harrison, 10 Nov 2000

Ingram Micro sues Yahoo! BB posters

Ingram Micro has filed a lawsuit against people who dissed the distie on a Yahoo! message board. The company wants the posters to stop publishing sensitive information and allegedly libellous comments about the company, Ingram Micro has subpoenaed the Yahoo! to supply the names of the posters, one of whom goes under the moniker "ingramsucks".
Drew Cullen, 10 Nov 2000

MS and Sagem unveil Stinger wireless Web PDA

Microsoft and French manufacturer Sagem have finally unveiled their joint venture PDA/mobile phone combo. The device is the first product of an alliance that was announced somewhat tersely in May 1999, since when Microsoft's 'Stinger' CE-based mobile phone platform has been largely demoware, but Sagem intends to start shipping the WA3050 from early next year.
John Lettice, 10 Nov 2000

Casio chooses Crusoe

Japanese consumer electronics company Casio has confirmed it will next week unveil a new member of its Casiopeia PDA family, this time based on Transmeta's Crusoe CPU.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

Palm pegs CeBit for next colour PDA launch

Palm has confirmed that it will launch a high-end colour PDA next year, along with the next major release of the Palm OS.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

Nvidia takes market lead from ATI

Nvidia's run of record financials continued yesterday when it reported its third quarter results for fiscal 2001.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

Tiny sovereign state set to open for e-business

The British Government could be about to be embroiled in a diplomatic farce that could have all the makings of a classic Ealing comedy.
Tim Richardson, 10 Nov 2000

MS goes gold with DirectX 8.0

Microsoft has gone gold with DirectX 8.0, the next version of its multimedia API. It'll be officially available for download from MSDN "before 12.01am" Pacific Time on Saturday, but we're informed that it has escaped to other download sites already, we know not how.
John Lettice, 10 Nov 2000

Lycos Europe gets excited about Q1 results

Lycos Europe reckons its well on the way to being Europe's leading portal after Q1 revenues to Sept 30 rose 226 per cent to E15.8 (£9.58) million (before acquisitions), compared to the same period last year, and losses fell 42 per cent on the previous quarter.
Team Register, 10 Nov 2000

Visa trial judge assumes authority over time and space

Judge Jones, the federal judge presiding over the government's antitrust trial against Visa and Mastercard, has attempted to push the boundaries of law by insisting anyone who downloaded confidential trial documents accidentally posted to the Justice Department either destroy or return them.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Athlon sales outpace fabs, as AMD plans desktop Hammer

AMD will sell out Athlon production this quarter, Jerry Sanders told analysts yesterday. This could be taken as a good or bad thing. On one hand, having people clamouring to buy your flagchip ™ product is always nice, but what it actually means is that Chimpzilla simply doesn't have enough production capacity.
Andrew Thomas, 10 Nov 2000

IBM rolls out display 4.5 times sharper than HDTV

IBM is rolling out what it describes as the world's clearest computer display. The company claims the display is 12 times sharper than current technology or 4.5 times clearer than HDTV.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Nov 2000

Red Hat still on course for Linux profits

Red Hat is still on track for 100 per cent year-on-year revenue growth by the end of next fiscal year, the Linux company's newly appointed CFO said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

AOL/Time Warner agree to next set of concessions

AOL and Time Warner have narrowly avoided an FTC court case by agreeing to a new set of concessions before their $150 billion merger is allowed to go through. The game of bluff this time revolves around competition for Internet access.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

BMG attempting to merge with EMI

Germany media giant Bertelsmann, which wants to buy Napster, also has its eye on EMI, the British music company said today.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

Linux works its way into business

Linux is spreading further into the business computing world, but Microsoft need not worry about its effect on Windows just yet. That's one conclusion from market researcher Zona Research's latest study of US IT professionals.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

Management buys CHS Europe for peanuts

A new distributor is born in Europe - and it starts on day one as Europe's fourth biggest. Called Europa.IT, it has sprung into life with the takeover of the former subsidiaries of CHS in Europe.
Drew Cullen, 10 Nov 2000
DVD it in many colours

BT makes concessions on LLU

BT has published a new plan to aid what it calls the "rapid progress in local loop unbundling" (LLU).
Tim Richardson, 10 Nov 2000

Palm erodes Handspring marketshare

Palm continued to eat into the marketshare of PalmOS-licensee Handspring during September thanks to its increased focus on the mainstream consumer market.
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2000

Fixed wireless auction is go! go! go!

The auction for fixed wireless broadband connection finally kicked off today, having been delayed twice: once in the summer and then again before the October start date.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Gateway shows off shiny silver AOL Net appliance

Gateway today unveils a shiny silver Net appliance along the lines of 3Com's Audrey or Amstrad's em@iler.
Linda Harrison, 10 Nov 2000

Legal action is scaring Web content copiers

Dotcoms who routinely collate and display information from other sites could find themselves on the wrong side of the law.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Nov 2000

NTL announces double losses in Q3

Cable company NTL has released its third-quarter results and lost nearly two per cent of its share price as the extent of its losses became clear.
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Boo.com could face legal action

Boo.com could face legal action after an urban ad campaign backfired on the trendy fashion house.
Tim Richardson, 10 Nov 2000

Flame of the Week excreta consumption

[We've been bemoaning the fact that by running Flame of the Week, we've prevented the crazed among you from sending in abusive emails. We can pretend we are affected by your rantings if that makes you happier. Anyway, we've got one at last after a long period of drought. The great thing is that the article had nothing to do with the rant]
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Maxtor's 60GB drive ships in volume

Maxtor's DiamondMax Plus 60 hard-drive is now shipping in volume worldwide. Samples of the new drive are with Maxtor's OEM partners and testing is underway.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Nov 2000

Why mobiles may fade but cigarettes are here forever

Kids give up fags for mobiles
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Poll-rigging: we get in on the Yankee action

Fraud at the polls!
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

HWRoundup Wired for sound

Calling all gadget fans...get yourselves over to Tom's Hardware page ASAP. He's taken a look at the Nomad Jukebox from Creative. [Take note: it is possible to name a product without millions of funny letters] A move into the consumer arena for MP3 has left us with a rather groovy looking bit of kit that you can store loads of music from CDs on. Go here to find out more good stuff.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Nov 2000

Best of the Rest fines, text messages and a happy clappy Bill Gates

McAfee virus update freezes PCs McAfee frozen PC lowdown
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Nazi auctions, the French, the Law and some blinkered people

Yahoo! legally obliged to ban the French?
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Readers' Letters Call it feedback, call it interactivity

[We've some fine fine letters to share with you this week. Dip in. Kick back. Enjoy yourself.]
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Nov 2000

Intel victim of pesky pre-Chrimbo computer virus

Intel has fallen victim to a pesky new computer virus believed to be from South America.
Linda Harrison, 10 Nov 2000

Germany powerless to investigate hate emails

German police say they are powerless to investigate a barrage of anti-Semitic emails sent via the US.
Linda Harrison, 10 Nov 2000

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