10th November 2000 Archive

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  • Visa to ‘monitor’ e-commerce security

    Get it right, or else....

    Media 10 00:15

  • Dell hits revised estimates

    Europe is thorn in side

    Business 10 07:45

  • Roger Moore's Swiss bank account details plastered on Web

    Bond star shaken and stirred

    Media 10 07:45

  • Ingram Micro sues Yahoo! BB posters

    Channel smothers flannel

    Business 10 08:24

  • MS and Sagem unveil Stinger wireless Web PDA

    Ready for GPRS in Europe. Which is more than you can say for GPRS...

    Data Networking 10 09:18

  • Casio chooses Crusoe

    Transmeta win for sub-notebook Casiopeia Fiva

    Business 10 10:17

  • Palm pegs CeBit for next colour PDA launch

    High-end colour PDA coming with new OS release

    Business 10 10:19

  • Nvidia takes market lead from ATI

    Only in desktops, though...

    Business 10 10:37

  • Tiny sovereign state set to open for e-business

    Threatens to undermine RIP and the British Govt

    Media 10 10:39

  • MS goes gold with DirectX 8.0

    Massively realistic multiplayer capability - who needs a life?

    Software 10 11:53

  • Lycos Europe gets excited about Q1 results

    Well, someone has to

    Business 10 12:41

  • Visa trial judge assumes authority over time and space

    How to make the legal illegal

    Media 10 12:46

  • Athlon sales outpace fabs, as AMD plans desktop Hammer

    Can't make 'em fast enough, says Jerry

    Channel 10 12:59

  • IBM rolls out display 4.5 times sharper than HDTV

    200 pixels per inch

    Business 10 12:59

  • Red Hat still on course for Linux profits

    But not for another year says new CFO

    Business 10 13:49

  • AOL/Time Warner agree to next set of concessions

    They want this merger real bad. The FTC knows it

    Media 10 14:37

  • BMG attempting to merge with EMI

    Team-up would reinforce Napster alliance

    Business 10 15:02

  • Linux works its way into business

    Servers becoming increasingly Linux-based, but desktops aren't

    Software 10 15:07

  • Management buys CHS Europe for peanuts

    ...and a lot of hard work

    Business 10 15:07

  • BT makes concessions on LLU

    Yeah right, no more foot-dragging please, you're making the carpet threadbare

    Data Networking 10 15:30

  • Palm erodes Handspring marketshare

    Continues to retake consumer PDA market

    Business 10 15:54

  • Fixed wireless auction is go! go! go!

    About bloody time

    Data Networking 10 16:17

  • Gateway shows off shiny silver AOL Net appliance

    It's bitchin' for kitchens

    Business 10 16:25

  • Legal action is scaring Web content copiers

    Where does this leave The Reg, and our parasites

    Media 10 16:40

  • NTL announces double losses in Q3

    And check out those debt interest payments

    Business 10 16:46

  • Boo.com could face legal action

    The charge? Trying to be trendy

    Media 10 16:48

  • Flame of the Week excreta consumption

    Welcome back mad people. We've missed you

    Letters 10 17:10

  • Maxtor's 60GB drive ships in volume

    7,200rpm is comin at ya

    Business 10 17:16

  • Why mobiles may fade but cigarettes are here forever

    Academics make up silly cart-before-horse assumptions

    Letters 10 17:19

  • Poll-rigging: we get in on the Yankee action

    Bush? Gore? Who gives a shit anymore?

    Letters 10 17:57

  • HWRoundup Wired for sound

    I like tall speakers, I like small speakers

    Hardware Roundup 10 18:03

  • Best of the Rest fines, text messages and a happy clappy Bill Gates

    The mad bad world of IT

    Letters 10 18:11

  • Nazi auctions, the French, the Law and some blinkered people

    Whoever told you people were rational?

    Letters 10 18:13

  • Readers' Letters Call it feedback, call it interactivity

    Ooh, we've some got some prissy ones this week

    Letters 10 18:14

  • Intel victim of pesky pre-Chrimbo computer virus

    Chip giant's staff 'give in to temptation'

    Media 10 21:31

  • Germany powerless to investigate hate emails

    American(?) Nazis bombard German Jews

    Media 10 21:36