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Capitol Hill re-shuffle promises entertainment

In this most bizarre presidential election one thing is certain: when a race is as close as this, neither candidate can claim an overwhelming mandate, and as a result Capitol Hill can become a bigger player in Washington politics than the White House.
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George Dubya will lose if he wins

Updated Democratic Party candidate Al Gore could very well make history with a rare aberration, winning the popular vote but losing the electoral vote, an absurdity which has occurred only three times in US history.
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Sony on the scrounge for silicon chips

Sony executives are rifling through the rubbish bins of chip factories in a desperate bid to score sufficient parts to keep PlayStation 2s dribbling out of the company's factories.
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BT's profits plummet

Update BT's plans to sell off part of the family silver in a bid to reduce its debt burden and turn around the ailing giant does not appear to have found favour with the market.
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ViA (no relation) to use Crusoe in next gen wrist watch PC

Today's news in the Transmeta sign-up/cancellation stakes is that ViA (no relation to the Taiwanese chip company) will be using Crusoe in its next generation of wearable computers. ViA is already involved in a DARPA-funded wearable computer project, and apparently the US Army Military Police has been testing its devices.
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Pro-Web filter politician changes track after his site is blocked

A US Republican congressional candidate became the victim of his own campaigning after Web filters blocked traffic to his site.
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Gateway adds two notebooks to Solo range

Gateway has added two models to its Solo range of notebooks.
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Taiwan DRAM gang ditches Rambus

A trio of Taiwanese memory manufacturers have dumped Rambus production, Taiwan newspaper the Commercial Times has reported.
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Patent granted for PC eyestrain glasses

A US patent has been granted to Eyecity for glasses designed to reduce eyestrain from staring at a computer screen all day long.
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Data density duel at dawn

There is a pitched battle underway to be the company with the highest areal recording density in the industry. Competing claims are coming in faster than the rivers in the UK are bursting their banks.
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Virgin wants its free computers back

The entertainment arm of Virgin in the US is insisting over 10,000 customers return computer equipment given to them free because its partner in the venture, Internet Appliance Network, "is no longer continuing in the business of delivering Internet appliances and services direct to consumers".
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Lastminute shares drop below £1 for first time

Lastminute.com shares dropped below £1 for the first time yesterday. They are now worth less than a quarter of the £3.80 float price.
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Hacker research team disputes ‘hack SDMI’ results

The SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) group has announced, despite earlier claims to the contrary, that practically all of the 447 entries to the 'Hack SDMI' challenge bounced off. This would mean all in the garden was lovely, if it weren't for the pesky Princeton University researchers led by Edward Felten, who stoutly maintains that SDMI is toast, and says the Princeton team will be publishing its results by the end of the week.
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MS hacker gets in touch with The Reg

The hacker that worked his way into Microsoft's servers through a known security hole has contacted The Reg to refute a claim we made yesterday that he was lying about hacking into M$' servers for a second time.
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MS asked to disclose political contributions

Microsoft will face its first two shareholder resolutions ever at its annual meeting later today. One calls for greater disclosure of the company's political contributions, while the other calls for Microsoft to behave in accordance with the China Labor and Human Rights Principles.
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Hitachi gets flash with 128MB memory card

Hitachi has announced a 128MB flash memory card, based on new chip stacking technologies, that can store about two hours of video, enough space for at least some of the Hollywood recent blockbusters, although Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet is a wee bit too long still.
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Viking DDR SDRAM engineering samples ship

Engineering samples of Viking Components' 184-pin unbuffered DDR SDRAM modules are now shipping. The modules, which support the AMD-760 chipset, are available in either 128MB or 256MB.
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Pfizer loses wood

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been deprived of its European patent for the active ingredient of Viagra.
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Fraud at the polls!

We always knew we were tops and now an independent Web poll has proved it.
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Japanese buy PCs like they're hot cakes

Japan saw a solid 28 per cent rise in PC sales from April to September, pushing domestic PC shipments to record levels.
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The Easy way to beat the URL bully

Cybersquatting, real or otherwise, has entered a new era where so-called offenders have started huddling together to collectively beat off predatory big companies. You can't blame them either considering the way WIPO has decided to resolve domain name challenges.

BT's strategic announcements

A new holding company BT is going to create a new holding company, which will be "lean, focused and light touch". The company will seek approval for it at the company's AGM in July 2001. Sir Peter Bonfield reckons the look and feel of the company will be very different in a year or two. A new network company BT plans to …
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Gateway to unveil Linux-based AOL box Friday

Gateway will take the wraps off its Transmeta-based, AOL-oriented Net appliance tomorrow, company sources have claimed.
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HWRoundup Mega long named mobo in testing shocker

The Super Orb. We don't know whether it can leap over buildings in a single bound or anything like that but it'll cool stuff down for you a treat. Click here to get the rest of the story from Hexus.

Siemens calls on new family of IP telephony products

Siemens has unveiled seven IP-based comms products for the UK market. Siemens' unique selling point, we were told, was that it can run old-skool kit and the new IP kit simultaneously on the same network.
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Gore wins!

George W. Bush's Website took a hammering along with a heap of newswires as presidential election fever gripped surfers on Tuesday night.
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World Internet Forum cancelled

Update The World Internet Forum - an inaugural event bringing senior politicians and business leaders together from around the world to explore how the Net can be used to improve life for all of us - has been cancelled due lack of interest.