9th November 2000 Archive

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  • Capitol Hill re-shuffle promises entertainment

    Get ready for 'Senator Cheney'

    Media 09 01:18

  • George Dubya will lose if he wins

    Buchanan spoiling things now....

    Media 09 01:24

  • Sony on the scrounge for silicon chips

    Spare the price of a wee DRAM, guv?

    Channel 09 10:52

  • BT's profits plummet

    Holds car boot sale to raise extra cash

    Data Networking 09 11:05

  • ViA (no relation) to use Crusoe in next gen wrist watch PC

    US Army cops to get FUDded by benchmarks...

    Channel 09 11:07

  • Pro-Web filter politician changes track after his site is blocked

    US Republican congressional candidate censored

    Media 09 11:08

  • Gateway adds two notebooks to Solo range

    Thinner and cheaper models

    Business 09 11:10

  • Taiwan DRAM gang ditches Rambus

    Three vendors team up to announce and end to RDRAM production

    Channel 09 11:15

  • Patent granted for PC eyestrain glasses

    We can see clearly now the strain has gone...

    Business 09 12:09

  • Data density duel at dawn

    Samsung, Tosh and IBM fight it out

    Business 09 12:44

  • Virgin wants its free computers back

    Have angry customers launched a DoS attack?

    Media 09 12:48

  • Lastminute shares drop below £1 for first time

    Now worth less than 25 per cent of float price

    Business 09 12:53

  • Hacker research team disputes ‘hack SDMI’ results

    Not going quietly back into box

    Media 09 13:31

  • MS hacker gets in touch with The Reg

    But Dimitri's not giving too much away though

    Media 09 13:31

  • MS asked to disclose political contributions

    And not use child labour or union-bust in China

    Software 09 14:07

  • Hitachi gets flash with 128MB memory card

    Can store two hours of video

    Business 09 16:07

  • Viking DDR SDRAM engineering samples ship

    Choice of 128MB or 256MB

    Channel 09 16:28

  • Pfizer loses wood

    Judge strips lead from pencil

    Bootnotes 09 16:29

  • Fraud at the polls!

    Register votes itself into top spot in Web poll

    Bootnotes 09 16:30

  • Japanese buy PCs like they're hot cakes

    Sales up 28 per cent

    Business 09 16:59

  • The Easy way to beat the URL bully

    Peasants revolt against cheeky budget company

    Media 09 17:04

  • BT's strategic announcements

    That restructure in full

    Data Networking 09 17:05

  • Gateway to unveil Linux-based AOL box Friday

    Net appliance to support HomePNA home networking system

    Business 09 17:14

  • HWRoundup Mega long named mobo in testing shocker

    Plus cooling and case cranking

    Hardware Roundup 09 17:17

  • Siemens calls on new family of IP telephony products

    You take the Hi Path and I'll, er, call my friend while still surfing the Net. Yowza

    Data Networking 09 17:37

  • Gore wins!

    Well, in Website performance, at least

    Media 09 17:42

  • World Internet Forum cancelled

    Damn, we were going to go

    Media 09 17:44