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UK software and services firms face gloom and doom

Richard Holway, Britain's best known computer industry pundit, has turned bearish on the UK software and services sector.
Drew Cullen, 08 Nov 2000

Register domains with Korean, Japanese or Chinese characters

From this week Net users can register domain names with Korean, Japanese and Chinese (both traditional and simplified) characters.
Linda Harrison, 08 Nov 2000

Software and services – who needs them?

It is a truth so obvious that no one says it any more because it is so obvious, that it is extraordinarily difficult to make big money building or selling PCs.
Drew Cullen, 08 Nov 2000

Compel short-term prospects ‘not normal’

Compel released this statement, to be uttered at the reseller's AGM today: "Although performance in the first quarter of the financial year was in linewith our budget, trading conditions, overall, continue to be difficult. We remain positive about our longer term prospects but see no early return to more normal market conditions."
Drew Cullen, 08 Nov 2000

Mothernature dies, Pets.com put down

Pets.com, supposedly the healthiest of the US dogfood e-tailers, is to be put down, but ever so gently. The company ceases trading tomorrow, 9 November, in an orderly wind-down of operations.
Drew Cullen, 08 Nov 2000

AOL UK extends unmetered service nationwide

AOL UK is to make its flat-rate unmetered Net access service available throughout the country following the successful roll-out of the product to its existing members.
Tim Richardson, 08 Nov 2000

Too close to call: Senator Microsoft's career hangs by a thread

The most Microsoft-friendly senator in the US is in deep trouble this morning, with the vote in the company's home state of Washington tied at 49 per cent apiece. Senator Slade Gorton and challenger Maria Cantwell jockeyed for a tiny lead in the early hours, and it could be a long, nail-biting process before either can be declared victor.
John Lettice, 08 Nov 2000

French flirt, Germans download

The French and the Spanish are much more likely to chat than do email. The Brits are more likely to be managing their buddy lists than chat. And the Germans can be found downloading files rather than manning their inbox.
Valerie Thompson, 08 Nov 2000

BSA deploys imaginary pirate software detector vans

The Business Software Alliance aka The Pirate Busters is growing so frustrated in its hopeless efforts to cut down on software piracy that it has decided propaganda and misinformation is the way forward.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Nov 2000

UK Patent Office opens software patent consultation

The UK patent office has opened a consultation exercise on patenting of software and business methods, and has posted a pretty detailed and lucid questionnaire on its Web site. It's also kicked off a discussion group on the subject, and is asking for responses from all concerned - business, software authors, users and consumers - before December 15th.
John Lettice, 08 Nov 2000

AOL chiefs are super smug

AOL UK is displaying all the smugness of a US president elect who was told he was going to lose the election by the all-knowing TV networks but, when the time came, overturned the opinions of pundits and delivered victory right on the button.
Tim Richardson, 08 Nov 2000

Compaq cools on Transmeta Crusoe

Compaq appears to have canned plans to launch a notebook based on Transmeta's power-efficient x86-compatible processor, at least in the US. Like IBM and Toshiba, the PC vendor has concluded that Crusoe doesn't light the candle.
Tony Smith, 08 Nov 2000

Intel moves to 0.13 micron, copper

Intel has built its first semiconductors using a 0.13 micron (130nm) process. The chip behemoth has working static RAM and microprocessors using transistors approximately one thousandth the width of a human hair.
Andrew Thomas, 08 Nov 2000

Fabric keyboard materialises

Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000

MS hacked by Dimitri again. Perhaps

The hacker that gained access to several Microsoft servers through a known security hole on Friday claims he did it again yesterday (Tuesday). Dimitri says he uploaded a file called oopsididitagain which mocked MS' security policy.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Nov 2000

Gartner jumps on ‘RDRAM dead’ bandwagon

Analyst group Gartner says that RDRAM will be dead in six to eight months. At the Gartner Symposium/ITXpo in Cannes yesterday, senior analyst Kevin Knox told delegates:
Andrew Thomas, 08 Nov 2000

Vodafone pays £1.8 billion for Swisscom Mobile

Vodafone is to acquire a 25 per cent equity stake in Swisscom Mobile in exchange for £1.8 billion. Vodafone can pay for the stake in cash, shares or a combination of the two as it sees fit. In return Swisscom will get access to Vodafone products and services and will take part in its supply chain management.
Team Register, 08 Nov 2000

Samsung prices 24in TFT LCD monitor at £3525

Samsung has released its 24in TFT LCD monitor and priced it at £3525 ex VAT. The 21in model is £2,975 ex VAT.
Robert Blincoe, 08 Nov 2000

Hitachi plans Web enabled PDA

Hitachi has revealed plans to start selling web enabled PDAs followed immediately by provision of content services in an effort to bolster its handheld computer business.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000

AA buys inflammable site

Petrolbusters.com, the Web site set up to provide information about where to find the cheapest fuel, has been bought by Britain's largest motoring organisation.
Tim Richardson, 08 Nov 2000

Ryanair says Web will save it £15m a year

Budget airline Ryanair has confirmed its status as one of the world's most profitable airlines with Q2 pre-tax profits rising 54 per cent to £33.7 million. Its net profit margin has grown from 25.7 to 30 per cent in the three months to 30 September.
Robert Blincoe, 08 Nov 2000

Codebreaker crybabies call for clues

Our Codebreaker competition has certainly got most of you stumped.
Lester Haines, 08 Nov 2000

What do you give the man who has everything?

What better present for Christmas than a personalised domain name? Well, a case of decent malt whisky, a box of Cuban cigars or a Jaguar XKR do spring to mind.
Dr Spinola, 08 Nov 2000

Baltimore results going in the right direction

Baltimore Technologies, the security specialists, announced losses of £7 million for the third quarter ending September 30. Revenues were up 24 per cent on last quarter and 215 per cent on the same quarter last year to £20.1 million.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000

AltaVista pimps for pornmonger

Private Media Group Inc - the NASDAQ-listed peddler of porn - has signed an advertising and directory deal with AltaVista in a bid to grow its business.
Tim Richardson, 08 Nov 2000

China goes Net censorship crazy

Not a country renowned for freedom of speech, China has nevertheless outdone itself with a new set of Net censorship laws that would make Draco proud.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Nov 2000

Sony backtracks on PlayStation 2 allocation pledge

Sony has admitted it won't be able to supply UK retailers with enough pre-Christmas PlayStation 2 consoles.
Tony Smith, 08 Nov 2000

NEC puts a brave face on DRAM debacle

NEC expects to weather the DRAM storm, despite last month's plunging memory prices.
Linda Harrison, 08 Nov 2000

Russian credit card scam looks bigger than we thought

Yesterday The Register reported that some customers of Web host Fasthosts, were unlawfuly having small amounts of Russian roubles charged to their credit cards. All the money was apparently going to a Moscow-based company called Incomtel.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000

Free! GAP phone with every jumper

"This jumper comes with a free GAP mobile phone. While stocks last."
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Nov 2000

HWRoundup The Nvidia GeForce2 MX graphic cards duke it out

Sharky has posted the weekly CPU prices roundup. The general feeling is of levelling out - this is never bad news if you are buying. Click here for a little more detail than that.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000
image by Alexander_P http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-493324p1.html

Net is a fraud haven

Despite every netizen and their dog trying to expand their corner of cyberspace, 62 per cent of organisations on the Web use no anti-fraud measures.
Linda Harrison, 08 Nov 2000

Europe to ban spam?

An influential body of data protection experts could be about to recommend that Europe bans spam.
Tim Richardson, 08 Nov 2000

IBM SP used to model heart beats

Researchers at Duke University's looking into heart disease are using simulations running on an IBM SP supercomputer, based on the same technology as ASCI White. The machine has 720 processors and is currently ranked as the 16th most powerful computer in the world.
Lucy Sherriff, 08 Nov 2000

Asus hacked and down

Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Asus has seen its dotcom site hacked and down for the whole of today. Instead of the usual colourful layout, we are instead treated to a message from the charming and eloquent young man that hacked the site. It reads:
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Nov 2000

Dell and Dixons give dire e-service

Dell, Dixons and WHSmith have been slammed for shabby customer service on the Net.
Linda Harrison, 08 Nov 2000

Whistler to include ‘block all unsigned apps’ security mode

Microsoft is to incorporate a "signed application" system in Whistler, the intention being to furnish users with a super-secure mode of operation that just plain stops code executing on the machine. Unsigned code, that is. Speaking about Whistler in London today Microsoft VP for IT infrastructure and hosting Jim Ewel described this as being one of several security modes that can be implemented.
John Lettice, 08 Nov 2000

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