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Broken CD with wrench

Orange boss Snook moots transaction ‘tax’ and bossy fridges

Orange boss Hans Snook remains his old ebullient, semi-crazed self despite the recent sideays shuffles masterminded by his new taskmasters at France Telecom. Speaking at Symbian's Developer Expo in London yesterday, the great visionary outlined a nightmare future, OrangeWorld (like Westworld but wired) of wired fridges, self-diagnosing cars and real-time biometric monitoring of joggers.*
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Learnfree.co.uk shuts up shop

Learnfree.co.uk, the Times Education Supplement's Web site that offered educational resources to students, parents and teachers, has been closed down because of "the present conditions in the online education market."
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Le French are stingy and Germans uppity

French e-shoppers are the stingiest, while Germans get the most annoyed at malfunctioning sites, a report claims.
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Microsoft IE 6 to cut off some more air supplies

Microsoft is going into testing of Internet Explorer 6, a product that'll be integrated in Whistler, and which is clearly intended to take IE further down the integration trail. Both Windows Media Player and the MSN Instant Messenger client will be hard-wired further into the browser, and Microsoft also seems to be considering adding antivirus capabilities to Outlook Express - which itself is integrated into the browser these days.
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Swap your spare computer power for very little

Do you fancy trading your unused computing power for the chance to be entered into a $4,000 prize draw.
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Transmeta IPO raises $273 Million

Despite IBM's snubbing of the Crusoe processor for its ThinkPads, someone, somewhere still loves Transmeta, handing over the readies for 13 million shares - ten per cent of the company. The IPO raised $273 million and values Transmeta at around $2.7 billion.
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Mad geeks rush to buy unusable P4

First kid on the block syndrome has hit new depths - crazed technophiles are buying Pentium 4 chips at sky-high prices, regardless of the fact that mobos to support it can't be had for love nor money, making the chips useless.
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Freeserve's mouse mat gets wired

Freeswerve's launched a new gadget just in time for Christmas that it claims offers a revolutionary way to access the Net.
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Transmeta helping out AMD, MS with Sledgehammer coding?

Updated An extremely low-key triple alliance of Microsoft, Transmeta and AMD has been working quietly to ensure Microsoft software will support AMD's 64-bit Sledgehammer chip from the word go. This despite public claims by Microsoft execs that Sledgehammer will be playing decidedly second fiddle to Intel's Itanium.
Cat 5 cable

BT to lose £1.2 billion for Italian 3G auction pull-out

The Italian government has decided it will keep the £1.2 billion deposit put forward by BT-backed consortium Blu for its 3G mobile phone auction. It claims that irregularities and inconsistencies in the auction process mean that the consortium hasn't fulfilled its obligations and so is not entitled to the return of the deposit.
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Itanium set for March launch

Proving that life at Intel goes on despite the imminent birth of Pentium 4, Chipzilla is flaunting Itanium - the chip that time forgot - at the Systems show in Munich this week.
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AOL 6.0 gets user flak

AOL's 6.0 version software upgrade is getting flack from punters who claim it is wrecking their machines.
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Wetnose.com catches cold

Wetnose.com, one of a flock of online pet retailers, has gone titsup.com after making losses of £1.6 million. The company blamed large start-up expenses and poor market conditions for its collapse. Accountancy firm Mazars Neville Russell has been appointed as liquidators.

Sony to sell music via cellphones

Sony is to begin distributing music to mobile phones thanks to a new partnership with Japan's largest cellphone network company, NTT DoCoMo.
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Napster told to say 'Sorry, Metallica'

Updated Napster must apologise to rock band Metallica, if it's to convince the music industry that it's serious about becoming a 'legitimate' - in the recording companies' eyes - operation.
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Sony adds Basic to PlayStation to sidestep EC import tax

Sony's attempts to get European tax officials to classify the PlayStation 2 as a computer and not a video game player aren't being restricted to court action.
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Infineon to announce record revenues

Semiconductor maker Infineon today unveiled record annual revenues and fourth quarter revenues up 82 per cent a day early.
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Thunderer blasts the Mac…

British daily newspaper the Times has pissed off the nation's Mac users be screening a TV ad in which a would-be computer buyer states: "I know I want a PC, not a Mac."
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Homework ‘more important than Web stardom’

After checking out Martin Sawyer's site yesterday (see Ever killed a PC?), we noticed it also contained a pretty well put together review of an ATI Rage Fury Maxx graphics card.
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Dobedo sacks 23 employees

Updated Dobedo - the Swedish cartoon-based chat outfit aimed at the under 25s - has sacked a third of its workforce.

ONDigital signs up vill-o'-the-visp

BTOpenworld is to provide a Net access service via TV for UK broadcaster ONDigital.
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Decent Dell honours PC offer after online price cock-up

Dell is do the decent thing and honour a cheap PC offer made after an online price cock-up.
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Inside Symbian's Crystal communicator

Symbian's Crystal platform made its public debut at the Symbian Developer Forum in London this week. As it's the basis for Nokia's successor to its 9000 range, to be unveiled later this month, and the likely successor to both of Psion's Series 5 and Series 7 ranges we thought it worth reporting what we saw in some detail.
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DoubleClick settles patent cases with both Sabela and L90

The leading provider of ad delivery software DoubleClick has settled two separate court cases regarding infringement of its patents.
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TSMC to spend $500m on US subsidiary

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is to spend up to $500 million on a US subsidiary.
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Eazel to ship second GUI preview today

Eazel will later today give Linux users a "sneak preview" of the Internet services technology to be built into its upcoming GUI for the open source operating system.
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Japan reacts to Taiwan chip threat

IPTC Planning, originally set up earlier this year to study the feasibility of creating a business out of the trading of semiconductor design assets (intellectual property, or IP), has evolved into a business enterprise called IPTC Corporation.
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How you hack into Microsoft: a step by step guide

Microsoft's recent sacking at the hands of unskilled malicious crackers has engendered a vast cloud of false scent from company flacks, who in past days have progressively shrunk their damage assessments. According to company sources, the intruders had access for only 12 days, not six weeks as first reported, and did not corrupt any software in development.
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Russian credit card scam hits Brit Web host customers

Fifteen customers of a small British Web hosting company have had small amounts of money unlawfully charged to their credit card accounts. The money has nominally been paid to a Russian company called Incomtel.
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MS trial hell will never end: Bristol verdict turns to dust

Microsoft's sole antitrust trial 'victory' (if you don't count the class action dismissals) has crumbled to dust. US district court judge Janet Hall, who earlier this year awarded Bristol Technology $1 million, has now whacked Microsoft with $3.7 million in costs, and opened the way for a new trial.
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Celebrity hacktivist joins the Mid-East cyber-war

An attack by pro-Israeli hackers against the Hizbollah and Palestinian Authority Web sites over a week ago initiated the current Middle-East cyber-war, which has widened considerably, lately affecting sites in other countries and drawing talent from overseas.
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PSINet caught red-handed with spam contract

Stumbling ISP PSINet has owned up to a contract with a sender of bulk unsolicited commercial email - known to you and me as spam. It has long been a suspicion that some ISPs have had illicit contracts with spammers, despite a publicly stated policy against such practices.
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George Dubya ridiculed on hacked RNC page

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Web site was defaced on election day with a lengthy essay impugning George Dubya's fitness for the office he seeks.
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Wearable Java computer open doors

A US firm is flogging a wearable Java computer which can be used as a key in the real and virtual worlds.
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HWRoundup: Yo! Muthabordz!

BX Boards gets up close and personal with the new Socket A mainboard from Soltek. Featuring (fanfare please) multiplier adjust as well as other bits and bobs for you overclockers as well as the new VIA 696B Southbridge. Click here to find out how this one stands up against the Asus A7Pro and Abit KT7. And to contrast and compare reviewing styles, you can check out Hexus' take on the board here.