7th November 2000 Archive

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  • Orange boss Snook moots transaction ‘tax’ and bossy fridges

    The access could be free, but there'll be lots of goodies for you to pay for...

    Data Networking 07 10:21

  • Learnfree.co.uk shuts up shop

    Learns the first lesson of dotcom life

    Media 07 10:59

  • Le French are stingy and Germans uppity

    Survey 'reveals' e-shopper characteristics

    Media 07 11:07

  • Microsoft IE 6 to cut off some more air supplies

    Embraces and extends path blazed by MSN Explorer

    Software 07 11:10

  • Swap your spare computer power for very little

    It's like SETI@Home, but without the science

    Media 07 11:31

  • Transmeta IPO raises $273 Million

    Which is nice

    Business 07 11:40

  • Mad geeks rush to buy unusable P4

    Pentium 4 selling despite lack of mobos

    Channel 07 12:05

  • Freeserve's mouse mat gets wired

    Plug it in and watch it do things

    Media 07 12:16

  • Transmeta helping out AMD, MS with Sledgehammer coding?

    Don't you find pre-IPO quiet periods a bit noisy?

    Channel 07 12:19

  • BT to lose £1.2 billion for Italian 3G auction pull-out

    Lazy giant not too pleased, to go to appeal

    Data Networking 07 12:19

  • Itanium set for March launch

    Spotted running 64-bit Whistler in Munich

    Channel 07 12:31

  • AOL 6.0 gets user flak

    PC slowdowns and email walkabout

    Media 07 12:49

  • Wetnose.com catches cold

    And other fatal flu-like symptoms come to think of it

    Business 07 13:07

  • Sony to sell music via cellphones

    Partnering with NTT DoCoMo

    Data Networking 07 13:10

  • Napster told to say 'Sorry, Metallica'

    RIAA demands MP3 company soothes Lars Ulrich's hurt feelings

    Media 07 13:45

  • Sony adds Basic to PlayStation to sidestep EC import tax

    A Sinclair Spectrum for the 21st Century?

    Business 07 14:16

  • Infineon to announce record revenues

    Tomorrow's results today...

    Business 07 14:56

  • Thunderer blasts the Mac…

    ...and Mac users blast the Thunderer

    Mac Channel 07 15:23

  • Homework ‘more important than Web stardom’

    What's wrong with kids today?

    Bootnotes 07 15:30

  • Dobedo sacks 23 employees

    More sounds of flatulent bubble bursting in dotcomland

    Media 07 15:39

  • ONDigital signs up vill-o'-the-visp

    BT Openwoe spreads its wings

    Data Networking 07 15:57

  • Decent Dell honours PC offer after online price cock-up

    Changes mind after punters ditch orders

    Media 07 16:06

  • Inside Symbian's Crystal communicator

    Intel XScale, Nokia, Psion - it's all here

    Business 07 16:46

  • DoubleClick settles patent cases with both Sabela and L90

    No stomach for a double-doozie

    Media 07 16:52

  • TSMC to spend $500m on US subsidiary

    Ups stake in Washington chip factory

    Channel 07 16:53

  • Eazel to ship second GUI preview today

    Nautilus' Net services suite will debut

    Software 07 17:06

  • Japan reacts to Taiwan chip threat

    Japanese IP exchange opens for business

    Channel 07 17:11

  • How you hack into Microsoft: a step by step guide

    It's easy, watch....

    Software 07 17:24

  • Russian credit card scam hits Brit Web host customers

    Double rouble trouble

    Media 07 18:07

  • MS trial hell will never end: Bristol verdict turns to dust

    Screwing Unix back on the charge sheet?

    Software 07 18:22

  • Celebrity hacktivist joins the Mid-East cyber-war

    DoctorNuker talks politics to the Reg

    Media 07 18:43

  • PSINet caught red-handed with spam contract

    It'd have got away with it too if it weren't for you pesky kids

    Media 07 21:18

  • George Dubya ridiculed on hacked RNC page

    'Defy the White tyrant'

    Media 07 21:19

  • Wearable Java computer open doors

    Seen in Turkey

    Software 07 21:25

  • HWRoundup: Yo! Muthabordz!

    Election special

    Hardware Roundup 07 21:26