3rd November 2000 Archive

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  • Six charged in $3m New York school computer bid-rigging scam


    Business 03 07:14

  • Ellison not dead and not leaving Oracle

    Software giant victim of rumour mill

    Software 03 08:36

  • For Sale: LineOne

    Well worn ISP that's failed to live up to promise. £340 million ONO. Will P/X for an old Cortina

    Media 03 10:14

  • CIX bought by Norwegian outfit

    A real bundle of laughs

    Media 03 11:19

  • Net dad Vint Cerf slams RIP

    You're mad if you think encryption will solve everything

    Media 03 11:39

  • Send digital snaps to mobile devices

    Ericsson and Canon give birth to the e-polaroid

    Media 03 12:33

  • NTL cuts 1,300 staff in restructure

    And it's middle management that gets the bullet

    Data Networking 03 12:35

  • Priceline.com CFO quits and staff face axe

    Auction site boldly goes where many dotcoms have gone before

    Media 03 13:01

  • 400 Freecall users out on their ear

    Sorry end to a sorry story

    Media 03 13:46

  • (inaudible) unveils new chiefs for IPO

    Symbian to show first Crystal phones on Monday

    Software 03 13:49

  • McAfee frozen PC lowdown

    Everything you wanted to know about how to get that PC working again

    Software 03 14:31

  • Chipsetzilla wins back market share

    Or so they say

    Channel 03 15:15

  • Mitchell: I was the ‘fall guy’

    Mitchell claims he took the hit for AltaVista cock-up

    Media 03 15:58

  • Net blasts off for outer space

    To boldly set up a web where no man has set up a web before

    Media 03 16:04

  • Microsoft Hack: Warned of weakness three months earlier

    Some people just won't be told

    Media 03 16:14

  • BT may be investigated for 3G auction-rigging

    Typical arrogance or government frustration? The latter most likely

    Data Networking 03 16:50

  • Car companies offer AOL for $3 staff perk

    Web-savvy workforce a must

    Media 03 16:56

  • Kids give up fags for mobiles

    The youth of today, huh?

    Bootnotes 03 17:31

  • UK Web site to lift lid on ‘police corruption’

    It's a (un)fair cop, gov

    Media 03 17:56

  • Intel wants to have DDR cake and eat it

    Plays Rambus off against VIA over P4 support

    Channel 03 18:01

  • Single South African surfers search for sex

    Like cybersex and rolling in cash, says MSN

    Media 03 18:46

  • Readers' Letters Storm in a TEMPEST?

    And why would we want to look at your PC, anyway?

    Letters 03 19:12

  • Sun's Oz super computer goes horribly pear shaped

    Teraflop aim achieves giga flop, Q lurks to strip flesh off bones?

    Business 03 19:18

  • Flame of the Week AMD gets it right, and we don't

    Short and sour

    Business 03 19:22

  • Flame of the WeekAMD get it DDRrright. But we don't.

    Short but sour

    Business 03 19:26

  • Readers' letters the best of the rest

    Taking the piss

    Letters 03 19:46

  • MS helps you hack Scientology out of Win2k registry

    In German. But hey, sometimes it's not integrated after all, OK?

    Software 03 20:17