2nd November 2000 Archive

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  • Register story inspires FBI raid on student

    Subversive literature, yikes

    Media 02 06:23

  • Five Motorolans killed in Singapore Airlines crash

    Channel 02 07:38

  • Telewest buys Eurobell

    It's a cableco-eat-cableco world out there

    Data Networking 02 10:24

  • Sports4cast is AIMless

    Nagging story that makes you think

    Media 02 10:25

  • 24-7 Freecall does a Freeswerve

    Unmetered accounts terminated at the drop of a hat

    Media 02 10:25

  • Chip plants shut in Taiwan Power blow up

    TSMC down for 12 hours

    Channel 02 11:08

  • BMG, Napster deal damned by Universal

    Music biz's united front split?

    Media 02 12:20

  • Q: Who will pay for 3G networks?

    A: Chinese gamblers

    Data Networking 02 12:44

  • Sharp sees 30% price drop for 13in flat panel displays

    Looks to big money smaller screens

    Business 02 12:44

  • AltaVista scam man gets new job

    You ain't gonna believe this but...

    Media 02 12:47

  • Elpida licenses Rambus DDR SDRAM

    Another one struck from Rambus' list

    Channel 02 13:08

  • Desperate Dell begging Transmeta for a Crusoe deal?

    Chipzilla doppelganger reaps the whirlwind...

    Business 02 13:27

  • Choppers to buzz Tux colonies in bid to make penguins keel

    Investigation of synchronised falling over a shoe-in for Ig Nobels

    Bootnotes 02 13:52

  • Foodoo.com goes down the frying pan

    It's titsup.com

    Media 02 14:04

  • IBM chiefs dampen ‘Intel inspired’ Napster P2P hysteria

    Napster model not cure for ailments of world+dog

    Software 02 14:13

  • Internet gets Royal approval

    Prince Andrew loves it but can't troubleshoot for toffee

    Media 02 14:39

  • Flying fish fingers

    Linus Birtles the new Branson?

    Bootnotes 02 14:40

  • Athlon DDR systems still not available

    AMD 'may have based press release on incorrect information'

    Channel 02 14:53

  • Linux boffin pulls bird

    And we're not talking about a penguin

    Bootnotes 02 14:56

  • Warner digital music service goes live

    Only 100 songs on offer

    Media 02 15:45

  • Intel ‘to dump Rambus completely’

    Relax, its a rumour

    Channel 02 15:57

  • AMD 760 problem identified?

    Gigabyte mobo doesn't work at 133MHz FSB

    Channel 02 16:33

  • Morse prospects ‘excellent’

    And other channel flannel

    Business 02 16:39

  • Reg will beat fuel blockade

    Roll out the barrel...

    Bootnotes 02 16:40

  • IBM clinches largest Linux system sale

    Japanese retail chain buys 15,000 seats

    Software 02 16:47

  • McAfee virus update freezes PCs

    Something to do with engines

    Software 02 17:27

  • BSA offers £10K bounty to catch software thieves

    People want more money to grass

    Business 02 17:31

  • The encryption algorithm demolition derby

    Contestant would do it again 'in a second'

    Software 02 17:31

  • BT phals down on samosa poser

    Samoans are the vindaloosers

    Bootnotes 02 17:42

  • BMG alliance may hinder Napster cloners

    But the P2P cat is out of the bag...

    Media 02 17:45

  • Consumer friendly FTC may demand software works to spec

    UCITA outflanked? Good grief, this is Communism...

    Software 02 17:46

  • Sony sees red as EC dubs PlayStation 2 a ‘game console’

    Will have to pay more import duty, that's why

    Business 02 17:57

  • Official: Hands-free kit will fry your brain

    Sorry, that was meant to say won't. Wasn't it?

    Data Networking 02 18:22

  • Saudi prince doubles AOL stake to $2bn

    'Anchor of the industry' gets more wonga

    Media 02 18:24

  • Directory sites doomed, says survey

    Need to take a leaf out of Yahoo's book

    Media 02 18:26

  • HWRoundup The kit to play Counterstrike at 120fps

    Plus a nuclear bomb style custom case

    Hardware Roundup 02 18:29

  • Microsoft's choice: Law or Order

    Secrets preserved & Feds hampered by MS response to hack

    Media 02 19:38