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Register story inspires FBI raid on student

FBI agents raided the dormitory room of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute computer science student Andres Salomon in Troy, New York on Saturday, after a Register story piqued his interest in the recent New York Yankees' Web site defacement. The agents searched his room and removed three computers, two books, and a collection of notes.
Thomas C Greene, 02 Nov 2000

Five Motorolans killed in Singapore Airlines crash

In BriefFive Motorola design engineers were among the 78 people killed in Tuesday's Singapore Airlines crash at Taipei Airport. They were four Singaporeans and one American.
Drew Cullen, 02 Nov 2000
DVD it in many colours

Telewest buys Eurobell

Telewest Communications is to fork out £250 million for Eurobell in a move that will increase its cable network reach in the UK
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2000

Sports4cast is AIMless

Sport4cast has delayed its admission onto the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) due to the current "market conditions".
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2000

24-7 Freecall does a Freeswerve

Flat-fee ISP, 24-7 Freecall, has sent termination notices to a number of subscribers it claims have breached the company's terms and conditions.
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2000

Chip plants shut in Taiwan Power blow up

Taiwan's top chip maker TSMC shut down its factory in the Hsinchu Science Park for 12 hours following a power outage caused by an explosion. The halt to production is likely to cost millions.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Nov 2000

BMG, Napster deal damned by Universal

Bertelsmann Music Group's attempt to resolve the Napster controversy to the music majors' advantage without killing the technology appears to have backfired.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2000

Q: Who will pay for 3G networks?

Last night we were enthralled to finally hear how 3G mobile phone companies intend to recoup their, quite frankly, ludicrous investment in an unknown technology. Well, that's not strictly true. For two hours a panel of guests representing BT Cellnet, Motorola, the GSM Association and other assorted companies skirted the question of making money, opting to hype up their products instead.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Nov 2000

Sharp sees 30% price drop for 13in flat panel displays

Sharp, Japan's largest manufacturer of LCDs, is saying prices of flat panels bigger than 13in will drop 30 per cent in price by March 2001.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Nov 2000

AltaVista scam man gets new job

The man responsible for the biggest Internet scandal of the year has got a new job - and it's not one that involves asking "do you want fries with that?".
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2000

Elpida licenses Rambus DDR SDRAM

Elpida Memory, the joint venture between NEC and Hitachi, has followed Samsung and signed up to license Rambus' SDRAM and DDR SDRAM patents.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2000

Desperate Dell begging Transmeta for a Crusoe deal?

Dell's cosy relationship with Intel, and a little carelessness with secret files, is causing the company serious grief with Transmeta, a usually reliable source alleges. "Dell has been calling Transmeta every week for the last two months," he says, but Transmeta won't return the calls.
John Lettice, 02 Nov 2000

Choppers to buzz Tux colonies in bid to make penguins keel

The Royal Navy is co-operating with British scientists in an exercise that looks odds-on favourite for a win in next year's Ig Nobel prizegiving ceremony. For five weeks this winter HMS Endurance and its two helicopters will be in South Georgia helping check to see how stressed penguins get when they fall over while watching aircraft.
John Lettice, 02 Nov 2000

Foodoo.com goes down the frying pan

Food and wine site Foodoo.com has ceased trading after failing to get the money it needed in its second-round of financing.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Nov 2000

IBM chiefs dampen ‘Intel inspired’ Napster P2P hysteria

IBM's software general and his top brass gathered at the company's Hawthorne Research Lab in New York State this week to give a state of the nation update.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Nov 2000

Internet gets Royal approval

Prince Andrew has professed his love for the Internet but like any old-skool Dad turns to his daughters if anything goes wrong.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Nov 2000

Flying fish fingers

Lester Haines, 02 Nov 2000

Athlon DDR systems still not available

When a company says 'available now', it's normally taken to mean 'today' rather than in a month's time. So when AMD reiterates its position that 760-based DDR systems are available now from NEC in Europe and that Gigabyte is shipping its GA7-DX 760 mobo now, it's only fair to check our sources again.
Andrew Thomas, 02 Nov 2000

Linux boffin pulls bird

There's hope for software developers yet with the shock news on BBspot that Linux programmer Todd Stanton managed to get his end away.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Nov 2000

Warner digital music service goes live

Warner has launched its digital music distribution service, offering a feeble 100 songs via third-party e-tailers - rather less than the thousands of tracks insiders had claimed would be made available.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2000

Intel ‘to dump Rambus completely’

A few days back we wrote that Intel looked certain to phase out Rambus support across the spectrum by the middle of next year, except for the high-end workstation segment.
Andrew Thomas, 02 Nov 2000

AMD 760 problem identified?

Stalwart DDR supporter Tom's Hardware Guide, couldn't make its sample Gigabyte GA-7DX mobo run reliably at 133MHz FSB. Could this point to the reason DDR Athlons aren't quite with us yet?
Andrew Thomas, 02 Nov 2000

Morse prospects ‘excellent’

Drew Cullen, 02 Nov 2000

Reg will beat fuel blockade

Vulture Central today revealed plans to ensure a continuous supply of precious liquid during the impending fuel crisis.
Lester Haines, 02 Nov 2000

IBM clinches largest Linux system sale

A Japanese convenience store chain is installing 15,000 IBM eServer xSeries boxes running Linux into its outlets - this will give it the largest commercial Linux system in the world.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Nov 2000

McAfee virus update freezes PCs

Anti-virus company McAfee has sent out a dodgy .dat automatic update file that has been causing some PCs to freeze. Details are a little sketchy at the moment, but we eventually managed to find a Network Associates techy (McAfee parent company) that confirmed a file had been sent out and customers' PCs had been seizing up.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Nov 2000

BSA offers £10K bounty to catch software thieves

The BSA has doubled its reward for reporting businesses using unlicensed software to £10,000. This is because, big surprise, research suggested more people would turn supergrass if they got more money to do it.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Nov 2000

The encryption algorithm demolition derby

Last month we reported the triumph of two Belgian academics in the US encryption standard contest. But how was the contest organised? If you're not interested, stop reading now.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Nov 2000

BT phals down on samosa poser

The opening Rugby World Cup 2000 match must have been a lively affair. Ireland, who were expecting to play Samoa, were confronted not by the sons of the Pacific but rather a small triangular pastry snack. Let's face it, the samosa is great for parties, but not much use in the ruck.
Lester Haines, 02 Nov 2000

BMG alliance may hinder Napster cloners

CommentThe BMG-Napster deal won't only annoy some of the music business' biggest companies, it's also going to irk many of the Napster wannabes out there.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2000

Consumer friendly FTC may demand software works to spec

AnalysisConsumers may soon get a better deal for packaged software, and be able to buy it instead of licensing it under onerous terms. Despite the strong lobbying efforts of US packaged software publishers, the US Federal Trading Commission (FTC) could well come out on the side of the consumer.
Graham Lea, 02 Nov 2000

Sony sees red as EC dubs PlayStation 2 a ‘game console’

Sony is set to sue to European Commission if the organisation's taxation officials refuse to budge on their classification of the PlayStation 2 as a video game player.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2000

Official: Hands-free kit will fry your brain

Here we go again. The Consumers Association, annoyed at having its findings dismissed last time by the government, has done another series of tests on mobile hands-free kit and found again that it actually increases the radiation to your brain.
Kieren McCarthy, 02 Nov 2000

Saudi prince doubles AOL stake to $2bn

Royal dotcom stock splurger Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is at it again - this time he's doubling his stake in AOL to $2 billion.
Linda Harrison, 02 Nov 2000

Directory sites doomed, says survey

As New York publisher Primedia agrees to a $5 million deal to buy About.com, a report out this week warns pure online directory sites may be a dying breed
Linda Harrison, 02 Nov 2000

HWRoundup The kit to play Counterstrike at 120fps

PCReview have whipped up a review on the Antec SX830 Case. They like its snap-in fan headers. No screws needed. Read it here.
Robert Blincoe, 02 Nov 2000

Microsoft's choice: Law or Order

Kevin Poulsen, 02 Nov 2000

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