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Gateway pays $9m for not overcharging US Govt.

Gateway today agreed to stump up $9 million to settle an overcharging spat with the US government.
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Napster makes sweet music with Bertelsmann

Bertelsmann today beckoned others to follow its lead after ditching its part of a piracy lawsuit against Napster.
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IBM knifes Crusoe ThinkPad on eve of Transmeta IPO

A wheel has finally fallen off the Transmeta bandwagon, quite possibly taking some millions of dollars of next week's IPO price with it. IBM has spiked its plans to produce a Crusoe-based ThinkPad 240 this quarter, pleading mysteriously that the beast doesn't fit into its marketing plans.
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Accounting errors torpedo Lynx Group

The finance director of Lynx Group's IT distribution business has resigned after £5 million-worth of accounting errors - something to do with accruals - were discovered.
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Dell: any colour so long as it's midnight grey

Dell has spruced up its Optiplex PC line with a midnight-grey option for big-company fashion victims.
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Whistler beta 1 out, ‘phased’ rollout planned for H2 2001

Beta 1 of Whistler has finally been released. As the intended date has slipped back several weeks, presumably the day was largely accidental, but Halloween does have a certain resonance in the Microsoft canon. The beta, going out to partners, customers and over 200,000 developers via the Microsoft Developer Network, is available in both 32- and 64-bit versions, and there are a couple of interesting bits of additional news Microsoft slipped into the announcement.
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HP walkout threat to PwC

Hewlett-Packard will walk away from the planned takeover of Price-Waterhouse-Cooper's consultancy business, unless the price is reduced, CEO Carly Fiorina said yesterday.

Wrong software drivers issued to BTOpenwoe users

BTOpenwoe has been hit by more technical difficulties after the company issued punters with the wrong software drivers with for its single-user ADSL products.

Man fined for rude SMS

A Scottish man was convicted yesterday of sending obscene text messages on his mobile phone. The court heard how Callum Boyce, a farm worker, sent four foul messages inside half an hour to Peter Buller, a man he accuses of wrecking his marriage.

Telco prices hard to understand

A third of businesses believe they are not getting the best deals from telcos and many are confused about the different packages and technologies on offer.
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S3 to be reborn as SonicBlue

S3 has shed its last connection with its past by renaming itself SonicBlue.
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Cocaine props up German dotcommers

Cocaine abuse in Germany is soaring, and it's all because of the dotcom revolution, or so The Times claims.
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Seagate lands bigger Barracuda

Seagate has launched a new drive for entry-level server and high-end desktops, the Barracuda 36ES.
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AMD 760 DDR chipset delayed

Updated Gigabyte has confirmed there are problems with AMD's new 760 DDR chipset, launched just two days ago and has delayed shipping its new GA-7DX mobo as a result.
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S3 buys UK Linux in-car MP3 player maker

British in-car MP3 system builder Empeg has been bought by S3... sorry... SonicBlue for an undisclosed sum.
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Freeswerve considers jiggy-jiggy…

Freeserve is considering re-jigging its share options package for employees following an eight-month slump in the company's share price. Freeserve is reported to be considering this option in a bid to hang on to its key staff. A number of US companies have already reset options, including Amazon and Microsoft.
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BT sends woman 467-page bill

BT reduced a woman to tears after what she thought was present from her husband turned out to be 467-page phone bill.

Sprint PCS to launch mobile MP3 scheme

US mobile phone operation Sprint PCS will announce a trial music-by-cellphone service today.
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Eidos CEO leaves, shares rise

The head of games company Eidos Charles Cornwall has resigned, with immediate effect. He's to be replaced by current COO Michael McGarvey.
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Samsung signs on Rambus DDR and SDRAM dotted line

Samsung, the world's second biggest DRAM producer, has acknowledged Rambus patents for SDRAM & DDR SDRAM memory and controllers which interface with this type of memory. And it is to stump up royalty payments to Rambus when using these technologies.
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Insiders help Windows code leak to warez sites, claims ‘finder’

Microsoft's network security problems consist largely of two things - people, and the fact that there's demand for its software. Free, preferably. Practically all companies have the first problem, but Microsoft's problems with warez sites and piracy loom rather larger than, say, Sun's, IBM's or Oracle's.
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The Top Ten Net con tricks

The US Federal Trade Commission has launched a crackdown on Internet con merchants. This means it has posted a list of the top ten online rip-off tricks and suggestions on how to avoid being taken in.
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BTOpenwoe revises scale of USB driver error problem

BTOpenwoe has revised downwards the number of people it claims received the wrong software drivers for their Alcatel ADSL USB modems.
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Ken Russell uses Web to find film-loving lover

Red-faced film director Ken Russell has placed an online ad looking for a lady in his life.
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Hampshire cops caught using counterfeit MS software

Updated Microsoft has set the law on the coppers of Hampshire after it discovered the force was using counterfeit copies of Microsoft Office Pro 97.

Edmonds to run Oftel for three more years

Patricia Hewitt has re-appointed David Edmonds as Director General of Oftel.
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Corporate skinflints upset PC projections

European PC shipments grew 9.9 per cent for the third quarter - hampered by the weak Euro and Windows 2000.
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Napster nukes CD sales

Napster - like home taping in the 80s - is killing music. At least that's what the music industry is going to start hollering once it gets hold of market researcher PC Data's latest numbers.
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Japanese couple kill themselves after suicide website meet

A Japanese man and woman have killed themselves after meeting in the chat room of a suicide website.
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Is God an Intel stockholder?

The paranoid might well be wondering weather (sic) the biblically-proportioned storms that swept across Europe yesterday had anything to do with AMD's mega press bash to announce its plans for DDR memory.
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Readers' Letters Bad ads, cheap gaming, lame braining

Read all about it
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MS to launch ‘free’ iPaq with Compaq

Compaq and Microsoft are to flog "free" Internet appliances.
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Lycos Europe buys Multimania for £130m

Lycos Europe has coughed up E222 million (£129 million) for French portal Multimania, making the combined entity the second largest Web site in France - according to Lycos.
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Sega out to steal lead in console software biz

Sega has confirmed hints that the company intends to recast itself as a software and services business and move away from its traditional game console focus.
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SMS ovulation comp provokes flood of filth

We recently reported that motherandbaby.co.uk were offering an SMS messaging service for would-be parents. Around the time of ovulation, men are advised "Tonight's the night", while ladies are directed : "It's time to get into bed."
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Cyber Rights Hush up new RIP powers

Cyber Rights.net has "formed an alliance" with Hush Communications to beat new RIP powers by offering super-encrypted email off its site.
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HWRoundup: Crystal balls and pornography

If you have had enough of cynical journalists and reviewers being nasty about everything they come across, then you may need a breath of fresh air. An enthusiastic review (to say the least) of a 24 inch widescreen monitor from Game PC should go some way to redress the balance.
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Intel fleshes out server offerings

Intel has beefed up its server offerings with new 2, 4 and 8 way server mobos for Pentium III and Xeon processors, along with (almost) ready to run system units.
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IBM touts skinny black desktop PC

IBM has launched a skinnier and cheaper desktop PC. In black.
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Vote-auction.com legal wrangles continue

The controversial site vote-auction.com is still buying and selling votes for the US presidential election despite a backlog of lawsuits against it.
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Is there an end to waiting 3-10 days for a cheque to clear?

IBM and two of the US' biggest banks have formed a company to create a digital archive of cheque images.
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Intel claimed to have squeezed IBM to dump Transmeta

IBM's decision to dump its planned Crusoe-based ThinkPad 240 had nothing to do with benchmarks, and everything to do with Intel, according to sources close to Transmeta. Quanta, which was to build the machines, was surprised when the project was abruptly cancelled; one Transmeta partner who declined to be named told The Register: "It was on schedule, fully functional, and IBM were very happy with it."
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Pro footballer hits on chat room teen

A US professional football player is in custody over allegedly making sexual advances to a teen he met over the Net.
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