1st November 2000 Archive

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  • Gateway pays $9m for not overcharging US Govt.

    Anything for a quiet life

    Business 01 00:14

  • Napster makes sweet music with Bertelsmann

    Music giant breaks ranks

    Media 01 00:15

  • IBM knifes Crusoe ThinkPad on eve of Transmeta IPO

    For sale: one demo Crusoe ThinkPad 240, one confused owner...

    Business 01 09:32

  • Accounting errors torpedo Lynx Group

    Restructure plans

    Business 01 10:03

  • Dell: any colour so long as it's midnight grey

    Pedestrians need not apply

    Business 01 10:16

  • Whistler beta 1 out, ‘phased’ rollout planned for H2 2001

    Beginnings of consumer-business version forkings?

    Software 01 10:33

  • HP walkout threat to PwC

    Too much money

    Business 01 10:34

  • Wrong software drivers issued to BTOpenwoe users

    Three quarters of USB customers affected

    Data Networking 01 10:41

  • Man fined for rude SMS

    No, you're not allowed to call someone a baldy pervert

    Data Networking 01 11:11

  • Telco prices hard to understand

    Businesses given runaround

    Data Networking 01 11:16

  • S3 to be reborn as SonicBlue

    Sounds like a porn channel

    Business 01 11:50

  • Cocaine props up German dotcommers


    Media 01 11:55

  • Seagate lands bigger Barracuda

    In volume by end of year

    Business 01 12:47

  • AMD 760 DDR chipset delayed

    Still looks like December at the earliest

    Channel 01 12:49

  • S3 buys UK Linux in-car MP3 player maker

    SonicBlue snaps up Empeg

    Business 01 12:54

  • Freeswerve considers jiggy-jiggy…

    With its share options

    Business 01 13:01

  • BT sends woman 467-page bill

    Bogged down in Surftime

    Data Networking 01 13:02

  • Sprint PCS to launch mobile MP3 scheme

    Play your favourite tracks on your cellphone

    Data Networking 01 13:05

  • Eidos CEO leaves, shares rise

    Is it takeover time again?

    Business 01 13:13

  • Samsung signs on Rambus DDR and SDRAM dotted line

    Good news at last for toll collector

    Channel 01 13:49

  • Insiders help Windows code leak to warez sites, claims ‘finder’

    Just a bit of fun, and nobody got hurt, right?

    Software 01 13:56

  • The Top Ten Net con tricks

    If you're not stupid or greedy you'll be fine

    Media 01 14:03

  • BTOpenwoe revises scale of USB driver error problem

    Still not good

    Data Networking 01 14:15

  • Ken Russell uses Web to find film-loving lover

    Must look like Alan Bates or Oliver Reed

    Media 01 14:17

  • Hampshire cops caught using counterfeit MS software

    MS and reseller use installation as case study

    Business 01 15:30

  • Edmonds to run Oftel for three more years

    Successful, stimulating

    Data Networking 01 16:20

  • Corporate skinflints upset PC projections


    Business 01 16:34

  • Napster nukes CD sales

    Through cdnow.com at least, claims survey

    Media 01 16:43

  • Japanese couple kill themselves after suicide website meet

    The game of life is hard to play

    Media 01 16:43

  • Is God an Intel stockholder?

    AMD launch hit by storms and plagues of frogs

    Bootnotes 01 16:43

  • Readers' Letters Bad ads, cheap gaming, lame braining

    The issues of the day. Discussed.

    Letters 01 16:43

  • MS to launch ‘free’ iPaq with Compaq

    Punters sell their soul for three years to get rebates

    Business 01 16:43

  • Lycos Europe buys Multimania for £130m

    The new number two Web site in France

    Business 01 16:43

  • Sega out to steal lead in console software biz

    Wants 25 per cent marketshare

    Software 01 16:43

  • SMS ovulation comp provokes flood of filth

    Her: Go to work on an egg. Him: Just slam in the lamb

    Bootnotes 01 16:59

  • Cyber Rights Hush up new RIP powers

    They can't read your emails, even if they want to. Sort of

    Media 01 17:04

  • HWRoundup: Crystal balls and pornography

    Unusual topics for hardwarelanders

    Hardware Roundup 01 17:20

  • Intel fleshes out server offerings

    New mobos, system units aimed at integrators

    Business 01 17:25

  • IBM touts skinny black desktop PC

    it's what you do with it

    Business 01 17:33

  • Vote-auction.com legal wrangles continue

    Lawsuits stack up but vote buying goes on regardless

    Media 01 17:40

  • Is there an end to waiting 3-10 days for a cheque to clear?

    IBM and US banks launch cheque imaging archive

    Media 01 18:18

  • Intel claimed to have squeezed IBM to dump Transmeta

    But Transmeta gains Compaq as consolation prize

    Business 01 18:29

  • Pro footballer hits on chat room teen

    From minor league to beleaguring minors

    Media 01 21:11

  • BOFH: Call in the Specialist

    The devil is in the e-tail

    BOFH 01 21:25