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Redmond strives to cram Great MS Hack back in box

So did they or didn't they? Through Friday Microsoft spokespeople, spinmeisters and execs seem to have been largely unsuccessful in damping down the fires started by the Wall Street Journal's 'Microsoft hacked' story, but by the end of the day some kind of corporate line seemed to be emerging - they didn't get anything, they didn't change anything, and anyway they weren't in there for long.
John Lettice, 30 Oct 2000


Boo.com is back in business. The failed fashion e-tailer opened its online bootique today after going titsup.com earlier this year having ploughed through £80 million of someone else's money. The European e-tailer is now owned by US-based Fashionmall.com, which bought the outfit for an undisclosed sum.
Team Register, 30 Oct 2000

HP broker gets 11 years for illegal server upgrades

A US computer broker has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding Hewlett-Packard.
Robert Blincoe, 30 Oct 2000

UK e-biz minister shamed in report

Britain's minister for e-commerce, Patricia Hewitt, needs to revamp her Web site after it was branded "mildly comic" by a parliamentary publication.
Tim Richardson, 30 Oct 2000

Snook to quit Orange?

Orange has denied that chairman Hans Snook will quit the company over France Telecom's decision to float the mobile phone network on the Paris stock exchange.
Tony Smith, 30 Oct 2000
server room

C&W invests a billion in Japan

Cable & Wireless is to blow $1.4 billion over the next five years to create a new optical fibre network in Japan.
Tim Richardson, 30 Oct 2000

Carrera assets bought by Digital

The seriously troubled PC builder Carrera Technology has had a few of its assets snapped up by Digital Networks. The deal doesn't mark total salvation for the company by any means.
Robert Blincoe, 30 Oct 2000

True luv – Sega 4 Nintendo

Sega and Nintendo are planning a joint venture, according to Japanese newspaper Asahi.
Tony Smith, 30 Oct 2000

Linux growth rate slows in Japan

Linux's explosive growth as a server operating system appears to be slowing, at least in Japan. However, it is still growing faster than the market as a whole.
Tony Smith, 30 Oct 2000

Fear drives Net-security spend

High profile Net-related security breaches - such as Microsoft getting ha-ha-ha-ha-hacked - will help educate people about the problems of online security.
Tim Richardson, 30 Oct 2000

HWRoundup Athlon 760 DDR danceathon

Well, it is DDR-tastic out there today so first off we wnted to bring you a sample of what the reaction has been in Hardwareland.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Oct 2000

Tesco to use Linux checkouts for ‘thin store’ system

Tesco tills are going Linux, following an agreement with Israel-headquartered retail food industry software specialist Point of Sale Limited. The deal, announced today, will cover up to 20,000 checkouts in eight countries.
John Lettice, 30 Oct 2000

Datrontech sells loss maker ICP

Datrontech has sold its loss making Dutch subsidiary ICP to JWP Valk Orthondontie BV for NG1 (£0.26).
Robert Blincoe, 30 Oct 2000


DDR for the Athlon is finally here. AMD has launched its new 760 chipset to a mostly positive response from the hardware hobbyists, and is promoting it as the end to the memory bus bottleneck.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Oct 2000

Wanted: strategic partner for Letsbuyit.com

Letsbuyit.com, the online buying club is seeking a tie-in with a "big retailer or a major mail-order company".
Drew Cullen, 30 Oct 2000

S3, VIA clear final chip business takeover hurdle

S3 and VIA have finally completed, signed and mailed off their new takeover application form to the Taiwanese Government.
Tony Smith, 30 Oct 2000

Register Crucial Memory pricewatch

Updated 30-1-2000Thanks to our chums at Crucial Memory, The Register will now carry a regular memory pricewatch aimed at keeping tabs on the kind of money you'll need for the most popular memory configurations.
Andrew Thomas, 30 Oct 2000

Receivers pore over Callnet accounts

The receivers of Callnet, the crash-and-burn free ISP, are to investigate the firm's accounts for 'possible irregularities,' today's Evening Standard reports.
Drew Cullen, 30 Oct 2000

AltaVista shames cybersquatter

A cybersquatter was today ordered to hand over 43 domain names containing variations of the AltaVista name.
Linda Harrison, 30 Oct 2000

British business flocks online

Oftel claims 93 per cent of medium businesses and 69 per cent of small businesses in Britain are either hooked up - or are about to be hooked up - to the Net.
Tim Richardson, 30 Oct 2000

1500 caught in child porn swoop

Some 1500 people face child pornography charges after the Italian authorities joined forces with Microsoft to set an online trap to paedophiles.
Tim Richardson, 30 Oct 2000

Sony behind PlayStation production problems

Sony has confessed that it itself is to blame for some of the "industry-wide component shortages" that it has in the claimed to have limited its ability to ship sufficient PlayStation 2 consoles to meet anticipated demand.
Tony Smith, 30 Oct 2000

MS blocks staff dial-in access after ‘minor’ hack

According to Microsoft it knew about the hacker's intrusion almost immediately, it tracked the hacker's movements through its network, and it shut down all of the accounts used by the hacker last week. So how come it blocked access to its corporate network for all of its employees, globally, over the weekend?
John Lettice, 30 Oct 2000

Reading from Warwick moves to Szechwan

Szechwan Publishing is proud to announce that Kevin Reading, Professor of Cybernetics and Self-Publicity at Warwick University, has joined the Register's elite team of writers as resident futurologist.
Dr Spinola, 30 Oct 2000

Intel patents IA-64 instruction set

A stack of new patents filed by Intel has provoked speculation that the company is in effect trying to patent the IA-64 instruction set.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Oct 2000

Christopher Biggins leads celebrity A-list at HP charity bash

It is not everyday you see people paying £8,000 for a pen, £46,000 for a two week holiday in Barbados or £15,500 for a day on a 30ft yacht.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Oct 2000

Ellison looks back on the horrors of the Sydney/Hobart yacht race

Channel 4 is showing a report tonight of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race which claimed the lives of at least five sailors and caused Oracle boss, Larry Ellison to swear off sailing.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Oct 2000

MS apps for rent at NY EasyEverything cybercafe

Microsoft is to rent software by the hour for the first time via EasyEverything cybercafes.
Linda Harrison, 30 Oct 2000

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