30th October 2000 Archive

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  • Redmond strives to cram Great MS Hack back in box

    It was possible to hack in and steal source but, er, they didn't...

    Software 30 05:04

  • Boo!

    Shock as dead dotcom comes back to life

    Business 30 10:02

  • HP broker gets 11 years for illegal server upgrades

    Made big money while it lasted

    Business 30 11:15

  • UK e-biz minister shamed in report

    Definitely a laughing matter

    Media 30 11:19

  • Snook to quit Orange?

    Yes he is - Sunday Telegraph. No he isn't - Orange

    Data Networking 30 12:07

  • C&W invests a billion in Japan

    Big bucks for big business

    Data Networking 30 12:14

  • Carrera assets bought by Digital

    It's not total salvation

    Business 30 12:15

  • True luv – Sega 4 Nintendo

    Well, the erstwhile enemies are planning a JV at least...

    Business 30 12:35

  • Linux growth rate slows in Japan

    But still being taken up faster than the market as a whole

    Software 30 12:56

  • Fear drives Net-security spend

    Can Europe afford it?

    Media 30 13:04

  • HWRoundup Athlon 760 DDR danceathon

    And not much else

    Hardware Roundup 30 13:07

  • Tesco to use Linux checkouts for ‘thin store’ system

    Covering 20,000 checkout lanes in eight countries

    Software 30 14:13

  • Datrontech sells loss maker ICP

    Tough times

    Business 30 14:26

  • AMD's DDR D-Day

    An end to the memory bus bottleneck?

    Channel 30 14:42

  • Wanted: strategic partner for Letsbuyit.com

    Christmas is coming, the goose is getting lean

    Business 30 14:43

  • S3, VIA clear final chip business takeover hurdle

    Taiwanese gov't terms and conditions met

    Business 30 14:55

  • Register Crucial Memory pricewatch

    What you should be paying

    Channel 30 15:15

  • Receivers pore over Callnet accounts

    'Possible irregularities'

    Business 30 15:33

  • AltaVista shames cybersquatter

    Forced to hand over 43 domains

    Media 30 16:04

  • British business flocks online

    Nine out of ten capitalists can't be wrong

    Media 30 16:11

  • 1500 caught in child porn swoop

    Massive legal Italian job

    Media 30 16:14

  • Sony behind PlayStation production problems

    O.25 to 0.18 micron shift zapped yield of graphics chips

    Channel 30 16:16

  • MS blocks staff dial-in access after ‘minor’ hack

    If you're safe now, why cut off 39,000 employees for the weekend?

    Software 30 16:27

  • Reading from Warwick moves to Szechwan

    He's from Warwick, he's a crazy guy, and he's joining The Reg

    Bootnotes 30 16:30

  • Intel patents IA-64 instruction set

    Expands the legal ways it thwarts cloning

    Channel 30 17:12

  • Christopher Biggins leads celebrity A-list at HP charity bash

    All in a good cause

    Bootnotes 30 17:13

  • Ellison looks back on the horrors of the Sydney/Hobart yacht race

    More bad weather on telly tonight

    Business 30 17:32

  • MS apps for rent at NY EasyEverything cybercafe

    All the favourites at $1.50 a pop

    Media 30 17:45