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Senator Gorton dares mention Net privacy

Washington RoundupAs of Saturday, the 106th Congress' legislative session remains hopelessly bogged down in after-hours wrangling, with no more than six of thirteen appropriations bills passed for FY 2001, which began on 1 October. Tuesday is now the target date for a final cleanup session, which will break a record by carrying legislative business further into the election season than any previous Congress has allowed.
Thomas C Greene, 29 Oct 2000

Is Groove the new Napster?

AnalysisAfter three years of monastic silence, Lotus Notes' creator Ray Ozzie unveiled his latest project Groove Networks in New York this week, and instantly became a kind of godhead for the peer-to-peer networking buzz.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Oct 2000

Why Java on DoCoMo could be very SlowCoMo

In a few weeks the giant Japanese telco DoCoMo will begin to ship its next generation of i-Mode Java-enabled phones. We mentioned this in passing recently, prompting an unexpectedly large postbag to The Register.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Oct 2000

Win2K hangs with VIA chipsets

Microsoft has put its hands up and admitted to providing incomplete support for VIA chip sets in Windows 2000's AGP drivers.
Andrew Thomas, 29 Oct 2000

Patent lobby get in early for EU consultation process

AnalysisThe European Commission has launched its consultation on software patents, but the accompanying "independent study" produced on behalf of the Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) in London is biased in favour of the patents establishment, as well as being ill-informed about the potential consequences for Europe.
Graham Lea, 29 Oct 2000

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