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Original ICANN board members won't quit as promised

Four of ICANN's founding "interim" board members who were due to resign when their terms expired have been granted another extended period in office, the organization announced today.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2000

Transmeta talks benchmarks … and 10 hour charges

Transmeta didn't sound like it was on the warpath when we caught up with executives this week to talk benchmarks.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2000

Intel spin doctors have taken over the asylum

Craig 'Five Speeches' Barrett has been at it again. Speaking to hacks in Taipei on Friday, he claimed that Pentium 4 was launching ahead of schedule.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Oct 2000

MS hacking scandal: details of stolen items

FBI agents based in St Petersburg have identified the ten most critical items appropriated in last week's hack of Redmond.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Oct 2000

Hold the front page

A hack from that respected UK business daily, the Financial Times, had occasion to ask a Reg staffer for help this week.
Andrew Thomas, 28 Oct 2000

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