26th October 2000 Archive

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  • Motorola takes wraps off ‘Odin’ Symbian PDA

    Quarter VGA ARM gizmo to ship a year ahead of Palm-based version

    Data Networking 26 06:49

  • Small firms don't get this Internet thing


    Business 26 07:20

  • Mires of delay close around MS appeal trial

    The company has just a few teensie concerns...

    Software 26 09:11

  • Ellison: The ego has landed

    Bill Clinton 'more important than keynote speech' shocker

    Bootnotes 26 09:22

  • Europe votes on LLU today

    Can't you just feel the excitement? Nah, me neither

    Data Networking 26 09:43

  • Oversexed chipset strikes again

    Second baby for 815E due in new year

    Channel 26 10:59

  • AOL-MSN hype war starts

    A suspicious absence of two-way satellite, m'lud...

    Media 26 11:01

  • System on a chip sales boom

    The more you squeeze on, the better it gets

    Business 26 11:21

  • PlayStation plunders Sony profits

    57 per cent drop due to PS 2 development, marketing

    Business 26 11:22

  • Motorola set to ship 600MHz G4?

    So says the rumour-mill, and only a year late...

    Mac Channel 26 11:43

  • Spice Girls tune in to Napster

    Album sneaks onto MP3 service ahead to worldwide release date

    Media 26 11:58

  • Big CRT flat screens do the biz for Samsung

    TFT to take over in 2005

    Business 26 12:17

  • Korean DRAM makers ‘want to force down prices’

    Yeah, right

    Business 26 12:50

  • iMac-style Sony PDA debuts on Web

    It's a Clié - but what kind of Clié?

    Business 26 13:47

  • RSA encryption could have been British

    GCHQ didn't think it would make any money

    Software 26 14:01

  • Disties, no – agents, yes

    Fees please

    Business 26 14:05

  • HWRoundup Creative's Annihilator2 Ultra clocked

    And more mobo mosh pit mashing

    Hardware Roundup 26 14:11

  • Transmeta board makes room for Cisco CFO

    Get Carter

    Channel 26 14:17

  • Dr Spinola's TV preview

    Your guide to the best of the week's viewing

    Bootnotes 26 14:22

  • WinME sales surged in first week – then crashed horribly

    The Grand Old Duke of Redmond...

    Software 26 14:25

  • eMachines slashes PC production

    Once bitten?

    Business 26 14:38

  • Europe votes in favour of LLU

    Hurrah! Now what?

    Data Networking 26 15:06

  • Buy a Russian space capsule for $2.2m

    Get it gift wrapped for $3.75

    Media 26 16:10

  • Get to smell Britney Spears online

    Fall Internet World stinks!

    Media 26 21:50

  • French help impulse e-shoppers spend their dosh

    Find any image on Net and we'll show you where to buy it, service pledges

    Media 26 21:56