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Motorola takes wraps off ‘Odin’ Symbian PDA

As Motorola showcased a mini-blizzard of new gadgets at a Developer Seminar in London this week, the company also detailed its first (inaudible) Symbian Quartz phone.
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Small firms don't get this Internet thing

UK small businesses are losing money because of their failure to grasp the importance of the Internet as a communication and business tool, according to a KPMG and Microsoft study.
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Mires of delay close around MS appeal trial

Is it our imagination, or are the mires closing around the Microsoft appeal? Both Microsoft and the DoJ seem to have agreed that the Appeals Court judges should get a technical briefing next month so that they can understand the issues better, but "a few concerns" raised by Microsoft serve to illustrate how an apparently innocuous matter could turn into a huge wrangle with - oh yes - added delays.
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Ellison: The ego has landed

Lord Ellison of Barking kept crowds at the Internet World show in New York waiting for 30 minutes yesterday while he chewed the fat with outgoing US President Bill Clinton, reports TechWeb. What advice on affairs of state Ellison gave the Pres is not reported.
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Europe votes on LLU today

The European Parliament is set to vote through a new EU Regulation today that could cut the cost of phone calls and Net access by as much as a 25 per cent.
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Oversexed chipset strikes again

Chipzilla must have been forcing Viagra tablets down the throat of its 815E chipset, for no sooner do we learn it has spawned a mobile offspring (Story: Son of Intel 815E arrives), than do we discover a second ankle-biter is on the way.
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AOL-MSN hype war starts

By a bizarre coincidence Microsoft mounted a "$1 billion" marketing campaign for the new MSN yesterday, while AOL retaliated with the launch of AOL 6.0. Microsoft will be blitzing the US retail channel with free MSN CDs, while AOL will be giving away CDs in about 50 retail chains.
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System on a chip sales boom

Sales of systems on a chip are booming, a trend which shows every sign of continuing according to a report from market researchers at Cahners In-Stat.
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PlayStation plunders Sony profits

Sony's profits continue to slide, dragged down by the titanic forces of the PlayStation 2 development and marketing budget.
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Motorola set to ship 600MHz G4?

Motorola reckons it will be able to ship a 600MHz PowerPC G4 processor by early 2001, if alleged leaks from Apple-Motorola negotiations are to be believed.
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Spice Girls tune in to Napster

The Spice Girls - remember them? - saw their new album released two weeks early this week, when its eleven tracks made an unauthorised appearance on controversial MP3 sharing service Napster, we hear.
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Big CRT flat screens do the biz for Samsung

Sales of larger-sized flat-screen monitors has helped Samsung SDI boost its profits by 59 per cent.
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Korean DRAM makers ‘want to force down prices’

Samsung and Hyundai, the world's two biggest DRAM makers, are trying to persuade Taiwanese competitors to work with them in cutting DRAM spot prices, according to a peculiar story in the Commercial Times, of Taiwan.
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iMac-style Sony PDA debuts on Web

We don't read Japanese, so we're not entirely sure what Sony's clear Clié actually is - a next-generation system, a low-end version or merely an internal concept design?
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RSA encryption could have been British

The British government missed out on the billions generated by the sales of public key cryptography, because it didn't realise an algorithm could be patented.
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Disties, no – agents, yes

Ingram Micro and Computer 2000, the world's two biggest disties, want to move from a wholesale to a fee-based model of doing business. And they in turn want to impose a similar model on their customers, Microscope editor Billy McInnes reveals.
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HWRoundup Creative's Annihilator2 Ultra clocked

So, Creative got hold of a video chipset, and they made a new card. The called it the Annihilator2 Ultra, and then they handed one over to Anandtech to review. Click here to see the resulting outpouring of verbiage.
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Transmeta board makes room for Cisco CFO

Transmeta has elected Cisco CFO Larry Carter to its board of directors, the low-power x86 chip maker told world+dog today.
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Dr Spinola's TV preview

Saturday Carly's Angels Check out the new series of action adventures as the feisty female scraps products, shrinks cubicle sizes and goes on a shopping spree for executive jets. Watch out for the hilarious cameo appearance by a lone Windows 2000 driver writer. Sunday Tom's Midnight Hardware Page A new dramatisation of the …
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WinME sales surged in first week – then crashed horribly

The strong sales performance for Windows Me cited by Microsoft in its last quarterly report was apparently confined to just one week, according to Onechannel.net Channelmetrics data. Onechannel reports that online sales jumped over nineteenfold, to more than $1,000,000, in the first week, but promptly fell back to almost pre-launch levels.
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eMachines slashes PC production

eMachines, the Korean-owned, American-operated cheap PC maker, is cutting fourth quarter production by 20 per cent in anticipation of a tough time for PC sales in the US retail channel.

Europe votes in favour of LLU

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of introducing legislation to speed up the process of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) in Europe.
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Buy a Russian space capsule for $2.2m

If you've got $2.2 million to spare, treat yourself to a Russian space capsule.
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Get to smell Britney Spears online

It may look like a futuristic sex toy, but the iSmell aims to show surfers just how much the Internet stinks.
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French help impulse e-shoppers spend their dosh

A French company has come up with a nifty idea for impulse e-shoppers.