25th October 2000 Archive

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  • Inside the MS trial part 2: the Keystone Cops go into action

    Both Jobs and Grove eminences gris, apparently...

    Software 25 07:27

  • Inside the MS trial part 1: how they brought Gates to tears

    Much useful inside dope revealed in Wired special report

    Software 25 07:29

  • Evasive Envivid nukes site, goes silent

    Famous Five press-release a Transmeta appliance, then remove it

    Business 25 07:39

  • Transmeta speed debate – damned lies and benchmarks?

    Information in this story may be 30 per cent inaccurate...

    Business 25 09:27

  • Quantum HDD ops in the red


    Business 25 09:29

  • LetsBuyIt.com in double-billing slip-up

    But it's sorted now

    Media 25 09:31

  • Napster launches Mac MP3 app

    It's actually someone else's code

    Mac Channel 25 09:35

  • Citizen PDA-for-PDAs debuts on Web

    French site gets first sight of Handspring Visor module

    Business 25 10:01

  • Amazon losses ease up

    Sales grow 79 per cent

    Business 25 10:11

  • HWRoundup A mobo with an adjustable multiplier?

    And a super small Gigabyte mainboard

    Hardware Roundup 25 11:18

  • Compaq profit jump marks business u-turn

    Selling strong across all lines

    Business 25 11:19

  • DTI body seeks resellers for SME advice

    Technology Means Business

    Business 25 11:24

  • IBM touts price-per-seat PC

    For big companies only

    Business 25 11:24

  • Japanese nuke boffins buy $1m Compaq super'puter

    High N-R-G research

    Business 25 11:25

  • Intel cuts P4 pricing again

    And 'secret' price cuts firm up

    Channel 25 11:36

  • Mesh washes hands of Carrera

    'We're not going to talk again'

    Business 25 12:59

  • Sun sneaks into enemy UPnP camp

    Only joined for the free technical data, says exec

    Software 25 13:22

  • Logitech sales boost down to non-mice devices

    PC video cameras and joysticks do the biz

    Business 25 13:48

  • Intel relaxed over email security

    Simple denial of service method could clobber baby email servers

    Media 25 14:12

  • Computacenter founder has ‘Dallasty’ sense of style

    Expensive home is fit for JR

    Business 25 14:32

  • Intel: Bluetooth ‘too expensive’

    Updated Goes with cheaper alternative for wireless keyboards, mice

    Business 25 15:09

  • Sub £10 ZX Spectrum games console with N64 style controller

    This years' Xmas must have

    Business 25 15:16

  • Teleworkers dream village goes bust

    How green screen was my valley

    Media 25 17:12

  • Sniff me, I'm yours

    Fashion statements

    Media 25 21:41

  • Internet ‘bigger than Industrial Revolution’

    A million Spinning Jennys turn in their graves

    Media 25 21:41

  • Net ‘privacy’ bill rewards data marketers

    The large print giveth and the small print taketh away

    Media 25 22:24